The 8 Best Sound Effect Apps Android and iOS 2021

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Have you come across the best sound effect apps ever? Most sound effect apps do not serve the features you would require. Some provide only one music/ some do not work properly with beats, and some do not provide good sound quality. So, choosing the right one with the perfect specification can seem tough. 

In this article, you are going to come across eight different sound effect apps, which will be worth giving a try. There will be both sound effect apps for android and sound effect apps for iPhone segregated for you. Their extraordinary features are what made them stand in our eyes, and you will like them too. 

8 Best Sound Effect Apps Reviews 2021

The apps that we are going to review about, are not only extraordinary in their specifications but also they are free sound effect apps. Without any cost, you are going to make your life filled with your favorite sounds and beats with these sound effect apps. To pick one of your choices, keep on reading further!


1. DJ Sound Effects & Ringtones – Top Ringtones

If you have an android phone of 4.1 version or up, this one is for you then. The DJ Sound Effects & Ringtones will be a great addition to your sound and ringtone library. This app has hundreds of different sound collections for individual purposes. For example, it has separate ringtones for your apps, alarms and reminder, texts, and social media notification. So it will be easier for you to familiarize yourself with the notifications you get.

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1 DJ Sound Effects & Ringtones - Top Ringtones

This app constantly works on improvising their stability and adapts itself to the latest android version. Its demand can be seen from the number of installations it has, which is 1 million+.  

DJ Sound Effects Features:

  • Has several ringtones to match every user’s taste
  • Goes with android 4.1 version and up
  • Has separate ringtone for different kind of notifications

2. Cartoon Sound Effects

Do you still have the child inside you? If yes, then this sound effect app would be the best choice. This app creates jolly, child-like cartoon sound effects that can trigger laughter in anyone’s mind. The sounds will make you cheerful, and you’ll wait when you get a notification or call to hear the sounds. The sounds are unique and clear enough to make you happy from all extent. 

2 Cartoon Sound Effects

You can set your choice of sound/ ringtone in your alarm, text, notifications, call-log, etc. Plus, the interface of this app is colorful and user-friendly. The theme of the interface matches perfectly with the app. The amazing part of this app is that it gets installed in any android device irrespective of the version. 

Cartoon Sound Features:

  • Easy to download and install
  • Cheerful and crisp sounds
  • Has a user-friendly interface 

3. Halloween Soundboard

If you have a bit of gothic personality and love spooky sounds, then try the Halloween Soundboard. With the sounds of this app, you can make your neighbors frightened. The Halloween soundboard has its sounds and ringtones named spooky too. So if you do not want to freak yourself at night if someone calls, you might want to stay away! You are also able to make your own sound combination in this app.

3 Halloween Soundboard

Bring back your Halloween school memories with this sound app. Make sure your android version is 5.0 or up to install this app and enjoy ghosting yourself.   

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Halloween Soundboard Features:

  • Has high-quality sound effects
  • Brings new sounds with every update
  • The sound combination can be made

4. 100 Sound Buttons

In the world of social media, who is not familiar with emoji. If you are one of those crazy emoji fans, then you must also be liking this sound app. This app has 120+ sounds just at your fingertips. It makes setting ringtones fun and playful. You can try out different tones and sounds with the sound buttons of your choice of face emoji, vehicle emoji, and animal emojis. 

4 100 Sound Buttons

The best feature of this app is they continuously fix their app of any bugs and reduce the app size so that it takes as little space possible in your device. If your android version is 4.1 and up, you can undoubtedly try this sound app that too for FREE! 

100 Sound Buttons Features:

  • Has more than 120 sounds
  • Fun and easy to go with
  • Comes with new unique sounds with every update

5. Animal Sounds

For all those animal lovers out there, we have the perfect sound app for you. Choose your favorite animal’s sounds from 160 of them and set them as your preferred ringtones. If you need more specification, then let us tell you there are sounds of animal groups, birds, and reptiles too apart from mammals. 

5 Animal Sounds

Things do not end here, this app has more to offer. You can play animal games, learn the species, and history about any unknown animal, and learn the names of an animal in multiple languages in this app. What a resourceful app it is, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for android users? Download this and enjoy your time.

Animal Sounds Features:

  • Learn, and play with this app.
  • Has slideshow mode for easy use
  • Has 160+ animal sounds 

6. Annoying Sounds

Who would have thought that the sounds that are most irritating to any human would come back in a fun way? That is what this app got. Yes, all those mosquito buzz, fart sound, vacuum sound, and 150 other disturbing sounds will be found in this app. Even though the sounds come in unnatural from through the app, one would find it funny and interesting.  

6 Annoying Sounds

This app does not so much space consumption inside your device. And works great with the android version of 2.2 and up. So, if you don’t want to miss your office in the morning, set your alarm with an annoying sound that will force you to wake up.

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Annoying Sounds Features:

  • Has 150+ annoying sounds
  • Takes less space in your mobile
  • Easy to install and use

7. Scary Sound Effects

The spookiness did not end yet, there is more to go with this app. There are 45 super scary and high volume ringtones perfect fit for the lazy ones. Why lazy ones especially? Because if you hear a loud scary ringtone alarming to wake you up, your sleep will automatically vanish. This app is compatible with android mobile and tabs both. 

7 Scary Sound Effects

The sounds are long-lasting to scare anyone around you. This app can be installed in any android version. And a disclaimer, it is suitable for adults only!

Scary Sound Features:

  • Makes very scary sounds
  • Compatible with both mobile and tablet
  • Sounds are loud and long-lasting.

8. Fart Sounds Prank App – iFart®

Now the IOS users can give a sigh of relief because we are finally reviewing a sound effect app for iPhone. Even though this is one app for IOS, trust us, this is the best you will ever have. This app provides realistic funny sounds of fart! You can annoy your friends around with your ringtone, or alarm. You can create and record your customized fart sound with its ‘Record-A-Fart’ feature. Doesn’t this sound interesting? 

8 Fart Sounds Prank App - iFart®

We highly suggest you to install this app in your own iPhone and try this for making funny music. This is one good sound effect app though. You will get 31 free fart sounds here as default too. It can be installed in any IOS version without any hassle.

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Fart Sounds Features:

  • You can play around and make your own fart sound.
  • Has 31 default fart sounds
  • The sounds are hilarious and realistic

Button Lines

Well, these are some good sound effect apps to have on your phone. It is an advantage for android users since most of them are sound effect apps for android. From which they can choose their favorite sound.

But the iPhone users seldom need any artificial app for sounds as their device already has classy default sounds. Still, the one which we have shown can make anyone cheerful and happy. So, you should definitely try it out! 

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