The 8 Best Sound Effect Apps Android and iOS 2023

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In recent times, many people use funny sound effects to add to their audio files for a funnier experience. Recent comedy skits mostly look and sound empty without sound effects at specific points point. These and many more could be the reasons people need sound effect apps.

The best sound effect apps you can find online are 100 Sound Buttons, Hallowing Soundboard, and Cartoon Sound Effects. Also, you can consider DJ Sound Effects & and Ringtones, Animal Sound, and a few other apps. These and many make up the best sound effect apps for Android and iOS.

Continue reading this article to learn more about sound effects. Also, to know the best sound effects apps you can use on your smartphones.

8 Best Sound Effect Apps for Android and iOS

Best sound effect apps for Android and iOS devices have different sound effects in them. Some of them allow their users to create their preferred sounds and export them to wherever they want. Other sound effect apps might not have the above feature, but they surely have sound effects that will entice their users.

Best Sound Effect Apps

The following is the list of best sound effects apps.

1. 100 Sound Buttons

The 100 Sound Buttons is a sound effect app that has over 100 sounds in it. You can use this app on android devices and iOS devices as well. When you want to annoy your friends or make them laugh, this app can come in handy. It could serve as a handy prank pranking app.

100 Sound Buttons

On the app, there are over 100 buttons and each of them makes distinct sounds. U can use these sounds for funny skits to make others laugh. To some people, it is a game. If you are always around children, this app can help you make them laugh with its funny sounds.

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With all the App’s funny sound features, it is still free. Although the previous version glitched, the app has made updates and cleared of such faults. The updated version of the 100 Sound Buttons app runs smoothly on your device and delivers better.


  • It has over 100 sounds.
  • The app has funny sounds, memes sounds, animal sounds, and vehicle sounds.
  • Over time, it upgrades its sounds


Name 100 Sound Buttons
Size 44M
Requires android 4.1 and up
Version 1.2.0
Developer Brain Vault
Updated March 13, 2020

2. DJ Sound Effects & Ringtones–Top Ringtones

The DJ Sound Effects & Ringtones is an app with several sound effects for a large usage range. For people who would love to be a DJ, the app can offer them cool sounds and mix to make it easy for them. With this app on your Android device, you are just a click away from entertainment.

DJ Sound Effects

The app brings a collection of the best DJ ringtones, sound effects, and tones. You can attach a sound from the app to contact and its ringtone. So, when the particular contact calls you, you just know the contact by the tone. The app also allows you to set its beats as your device alarm tone, notification, and text message tones.

It reminds you of your events or activities in style. Aside from the ringtone settings, you can download DJ sounds to your device through the app.


  • You can set the app’s sound as mobile ringtones and attach sounds to contacts.
  • You can set sounds in the app as notifications and text message sounds.
  • You can make out the app’s sounds as a widget.
  • Set the app’s sounds for alarms and timers.
  • Sounds are free for you to share on email or social networks sounds.


App size 24M
Current version 66.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Developer GoodRingtones
Updated December 20, 2020

3. Halloween Soundboard

Halloween Soundboard is an app with a broad board of sounds. Each sound tab makes a scary sound, and it is perfect for a scary house feature and scary movies. For people who want to scare children or adults out of their farms or property, this app might come in handy.

Halloween Soundboard

To use the app, tap on the sound tab, and the sound on it will play. You can press and hold the button for more options on the tab.


  • One-click sound player.
  • It has several scary sounds.


App name Halloween Sound
Size 24M
Updated October 22, 2021
Current version 4.6.1
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Developer Ape Studios

4. Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds is a free android app that has over 160 sounds and pictures of animals. The app displays pictures of animals with their unique sounds. You can use the app for schools to educate children on animal sounds. Also, the Animal Sounds app has a segment for facts about animals.

Animal Sounds

For instance, if you don’t know about some fact on a particular animal, the app can serve as an educator to you. You can read and learn about evolution, species, and etymology.

Also, there is a language change option that pronounces the names of the animals in different languages. You can easily learn how to pronounce some animal names in other languages. Also, the language chance option provides you with a comfortable usage and understanding of the app. When you are using the app in your language, it gives a better feeling.

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The app also has an option where you can set the animal photos in it as your device wallpaper. It also allows you to set the voice of your favorite animal as your device’s ringtone and alarm tone. It has slide mode for easy presentations. The app also has a game.


  • The app is in 40 languages
  • It pronounces animal names
  • HD resolution full-screen image of real animals
  • Detailed facts about animals
  • A slideshow that gives an automatic play of the animals
  • Scratch and slide puzzle game
  • Allows users to set animal pictures as their device wallpaper.
  • High-quality Ringtones and sounds.


Name Animal Sounds
Size 40M
Version 10.0
Developer Premium Software
Update November 18, 2021
Requires Android 4.1 and up

5. Cartoon Sound Effects

Cartoon Sound Effects is an android app that has several sound effects on it. You can attach the app sound to contact as the contact’s ringtone. The app has funny and popular cartoon effects that can keep you entertained if you are a cartoon fan.

Cartoon Sound Effects

You can save any of the app’s sounds as notification tone, alarm tone, or ringtone on your device. It is a one-click operation app. when you press a tab, it shows more features.


  • Default ringtone, notification, and alarm tone are easy to set.
  • An interface that is clean and easy to use.
  • Several funny and high-quality cartoon sounds.
  • It is free


Name Cartoon Sound Effects
Size Varies with device
Current version Varies with device
Requires Android Varies with device
Developer RayJayFro
Updated December 19, 2021

6. Scary Sound Effects

Scary Sound Effects is a free android sound effect app. it has 45 free, clear, and loud scary ringtones. You can use the app to get ringtones for your phone. Notifications and alarm sounds can come from the app. It is a one-click operation app.

Scary Sound Effects


  • Free for users.
  • Has 45 free scary ringtones.
  • One tap operation.
  • Accepts phone sand tablets


Name Scary Sound Effects
Size Varies with device
Current version Varies with device
Requires Android Varies with device
Developer JRJ Unlimited
Updated December 16, 2021

7. Fart Sounds Prank App-iFart®

Fart Sounds Prank App-iFart is a sound effect app that has fart sounds. The app is popular amongst prank starts. The app started in 2008 in iTunes and got popular so quickly. It has Sneak Attack and Security Fart functions. With this app, many people have fallen victims to pranks.

Fart Sounds Prank App

The app is free to use, and it is also ad-free. There are 35 fart sounds open to you with the sneak attack, blast, and security fart features. The app promotes fun and makes hilarious sounds.

With 99cents, you can access over 80 funny fart sounds in the MASSIVE Fart Pack bundle. The app with its unique features can add that spontaneous laugh to your day.


  • The app has a Sneak Attack feature
  • You can make memories with the RECORD-A-FART
  • It has a Security Fart feature
  • It cost 99cents to access Fart Store
  • There is a Fave Farts feature


Name Fart Sounds Prank App-iFart®
Size 37M
Current version 3.4
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Developer iFart Mobile
Updated October 8, 2021

8. Annoying Sounds

With the Annoying Sounds app, annoying your friends just got a lot easier. The app has annoying sounds ranging from loud air horns to irritating baby cries. Think of any annoying sound in the world that can make someone go crazy. The app has it.

Annoying Sounds

Some of the annoying sounds the app has are burps, farts, animals, nails on a chalkboard, and mosquitoes. Also, it has microphone feedbacks, dentist drilling, squeaky toys, and lots more.


  • It has over 150 annoying sounds
  • It works with just one click


Name Annoying Sounds
Size 12M
Current version 1.0
Requires Android 2.2 and up
Developer Digital Bananas LLC
Updated October 9, 2013


Sound effect apps can be beneficial and annoying at the same time. It is all on the user and the purpose they used it for. Some of them give their user a good time with the funny sounds they have.

The Best sound effect apps for Android and iOS devices are more than we can count. They have more effects than others and most of them are have existed a couple of years. Their features offer the best and easy-to-operate actions.

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