8 Best Fm Transmitter App for Android and iPhone in 2021

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Do you want to enjoy unlimited audio in a long car journey through FM? No wait, you have to listen to pre-recordings for your presentation, too? Then no worries, there are FM transmitter apps so that you can hear multiple audio files at once. We can promise you this article will be worth a read if you are looking for an FM transmitter app for android.

FM transmitter apps came as a boon to humankind like other developed technologies. With Bluetooth, you can connect to a single connection, but with FM you can connect to as many connections as you want. Thus, to make your life easier, we are going to review the top 8 FM transmitter apps.

8 Fm Transmitter Apps for Android Reviews 2021

Of course, there are multiple choices available in the play-store to choose from. Therefore, we are going to review and present the selected eight apps here.

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The FM transmitter apps that we are going to review have outstanding performance. These are FM transmitter app for android without hardware. Most importantly, all the apps are free to download! So, let’s get into the review.

1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the highest-rated transmitter apps for android. One can reach to different types of audios apart from music and radio. 

1 TuneIn Radio

You can access live sports, hear the latest updates of news, and hear your favorite podcasts. The access to news is entirely commercial-free from your trusted news source.

TuneIn Radio Features:

  • You can reach radios from 197+ countries
  • Hear music from hand-curated music station here
  • Know about live news updates from anywhere

2. iHeartRadio

iHeart radio is also a multi-purpose FM transmitter for android. It can be connected on and from both your android phone and tablet. You can use it with your bluetooth connected headphone too.

2 iHeartRadio

You can add-in your own music or podcast of your choice with iHeartRadio. Then customize it in your personalized library and enjoy buffer-free music all throughout.

iHeartRadio Features:

  •  Get access to the biggest radio stations in the country
  •  Play music or podcast according to your mood
  •  Personalize your library with your preferred music

3. Radio.net

This is one interesting transmitter app for your Android phone. It can give you access to a whole bunch of podcasts and radio stations in one go. 

3 iHeartRadio

You can download and save your favorite ones in your library. This app has over 30,000 radio stations from the entire world. This app won’t hoard your memory space as its space consumption is quite low.

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Radio.net Features:

  • Your mobile storage consumption will be less
  • Access to varieties of podcasts and radio stations all arranged for you.
  • Updates on new features frequently.

4. Radio Online – PCRADIO

With its simple design, you can access music and radio stations from different countries.

This is another free FM transmitter app to download a must. The uniqueness of this one is that it will help you to customize the sound system with vocals and equalizer. 

4 Radio Online

Moreover, if you are forgetful, then you can add a sleep timer so it will shut down automatically. There are different genres of radio stations to suit everyone’s needs. You can bookmark your favorite one and listen to it anytime, anywhere.

Radio Online Features:

  • Has varieties of settings to let you customize your app
  • Consumes less internet
  • It uses the battery efficiently of your android

5. Simple Radio – Free Live AM FM Radio & Music App

Whether it’s FM radio, AM radio, or online radio, you will get to hear everything in just one app. These features can be found in the Simple Radio transmitter app. They work so persistently on their feature that is why this app won’t buffer even the slightest. 

5 Simple Radio

Simple radio has a ‘one-tap’ access feature to make your browsing simpler, and faster! You can get into your favorite radio station or play music anytime you want.

Simple Radio Features:

  • Arranged interface for faster browsing
  • Buffer-less app
  • Excellent upgraded features.

6. myTuner Radio and Podcasts

This app gives you the privilege to share your favorite radio and podcast channels with your friends via social media. Also, the timer can be set to not just for turning off, but also to remind you for your upcoming favorite show. 

6 myTuner Radio and Podcasts

You’ll get access to more than fifty thousand radio stations from 200 countries from this app in just one go!

myTuner Radio Features:

  •  Not only Radio but listen to 1000+ podcasts, music, news, and comedy here.
  • You can listen to online radio and podcast for free
  • Search for your favorite audio buffer-free in this app

7. SiriusXM: Music, Radio, News & Entertainment

With SiriusXM, you can create your custom stations, depending on your favorite musician. You will find more then three hundred channels here. Including hundreds of extra channels to match your mood and preference. 

7 SiriusXM

The channels include news, sports, music, reality shows, and many more! The great feature of this app is that it is add-free, so those disturbing ads won’t come in between your show.

SiriusXM Features:

  • ·You can personalize your listening every time
  •   Get extra free channels without ad
  • You can get recommended to new channels depending on your current favorite.

8. Radio FM Transmitter Multi-station 2021

This is a non-sophisticated modern transmitter app for your android. The uncomplicated design of this app makes you access music and radio stations from worldwide. 

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8 Radio FM Transmitter Multi-station 2020

The simple interface makes it user-friendly and easy to customize the app. Enjoy listening to music or radio smoothly from anywhere.

Radio FM Features:

  • This is an FM transmitter for android without hardware, which makes it easy to operate.
  •  Faster search, with less buffering
  • Has a timer system


Finally, now you know those FM transmitter apps for android free download. Since these are cost-free that doesn’t mean they will serve anything less. Your time and mobile-storage will be saved with these transmitter apps we have chosen for you. 

By now you have known that these are versatile, where each has some unique feature over another. You can simply search in the play-store FM transmitter app for android free download, and these will appear on top of the search list.

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