Top 10 Best Free Classified Apps For iOS and Android In 2023

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The free classifieds apps are the backbone of the online trading world. Without them, people would not be able to buy and sell their goods or services with ease. They have made it possible for people to do everything from finding new jobs to meeting potential partners in a matter of seconds.

The marketplaces on these apps are vast and full of opportunity; the only thing stopping you is your own imagination! In this article, we will explore some of our favorite free classifieds apps that offer a variety of options for buyers and sellers alike.

Top 10 Best Free Classified Apps For Android & iOS

If you’re looking for the best free classified apps, this article will provide a list of the top ten best free classified apps on both iOS and Android.

Best Free Classified Apps

It includes reviews, ratings, as well as information about what each app can do. Whether you’re searching for a house or selling your car – these are some of the most popular listings sites available today!

1. KSL Classifieds Android App

KSL Classifieds is a free classifieds app for Android that offers many different categories to help you find what you’re looking for. You can browse by category, type of listing, and/or the distance from your location as well. Features include placing ads with just one click and emailing them directly to sellers or buyers on their phones. They also offer a virtual marketplace with listings for electronics, home appliances, and furniture.

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KSL Classifieds

If you’re looking to sell anything – then KSL Classifieds is the place to go! This app offers an easy way for anyone in your area to find whatever they need on their phone at any time of day. You can choose how long your listing will be active, add a picture and even choose the date that it will expire. So, if you’re looking for a bargain – or just want to find something specific in your area, then this is the app for you!

2. OLX Android App

OLX offers one of the largest online classified businesses in Europe, with more than 50 million monthly visitors. The app has been downloaded by over 80 million users and is used to buy or sell goods and services for everything from apartments to wedding dresses all across the world!


This free app comes with a chat service that lets you connect directly with the seller and negotiate a price. You can also make an offer for anything you see on OLX mobile, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to buy or sell at any time of day!

3. Gumtree Classifieds Android App

Gumtree’s top-rated classifieds app for Android is the easiest way to buy and sell new or used items near you. With over 11 million downloads, this free app gives buyers a real alternative to eBay, which has recently required sellers of second-hand goods in some categories to pay an insertion fee of up to £25. The Gumtree Android app is a great option for anyone looking to buy or sell at any time of day.

Gumtree Classifieds

While eBay requires sellers in some categories to pay an insertion fee, Gumtree does not charge anything for posting items on the app. Sellers can free download this best-rated classifieds app and start listing their second-hand goods in seconds. It’s also easy to browse the app for items in your area or use location services, and you can search by category. So, if you need to get rid of some junk or want to find your dream couch, this is the best app for doing that.

4. NL Classifieds Android App

The NL Classifieds Android app is another great option for anyone looking to buy or sell at any time of day. This free classifieds app offers a user-friendly interface, which means it’s easy to post your items and browse listings in seconds. Plus, you can search by category or location so finding the perfect item has never been easier.

NL Classifieds

It’s easy to start selling on the NL Classifieds Android app, and you can also make things easier by adding photos of your items. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to sell a couch or other large piece of furniture because it allows potential buyers to see what they are getting before they buy!

The only downside with this app is that the search function doesn’t work properly. Occasionally, a user will enter keywords and not find any results at all which can be frustrating when you’re looking to buy something specific. Still, this app is otherwise perfect for buying and selling items, especially because it allows you to see the seller’s location. This is helpful if you’re looking for a specific type of item or service that can only be found in one place.

5. Quikr Android App

As a buyer, Quikr is not the best app to use. You can’t search for items by keyword and you often have to scroll through many pages of listings before finding what you’re looking for. The only way that this app would be good for buying is if you already know exactly what it is that you want and are willing to spend the time to search for it.

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As a seller, Quikr is not the best app to use either. The only way this app could be good for selling is if you have already priced it at an outrageous price and are willing to wait for someone to buy your item just because they need or want something right away that’s in stock on the site. The app will not be of any use to you if you need to negotiate the price.

The last thing that I want to mention about this app is that, as a buyer or seller, it’s hard for them to verify who you are when using Quikr and there are many scammers on the site. You can’t even tell how many people are on the site at any given time, so there’s a pretty good chance that you may be talking to someone who isn’t even in your area. Still, it’s worth it to download Quikr if you are looking for a temporary job, but I would not recommend this app as an alternative marketplace for selling or buying items.

6. VarageSale Android App

VarageSale is a free classified app that can be used to buy and sell items. The good thing about this app is that it focuses on local listings, so you don’t have to worry about competing with international sellers or buyers for the same item. You will also need access to data if you are going to use VarageSale because the app doesn’t have an offline mode.


After downloading the VarageSale app, I can say that it’s very easy to navigate and use. When you sign up, there is a verification process where you must upload your ID or Passport photo (required for any items sold on the site). The interface of this free classifieds app is clean and user-friendly with some cool features that make the app more unique.

The best part of this free classifieds app is the “Pay Now” button which allows buyers to pay directly from their phone and have sellers ship items to them on demand. This feature is a great way for international buyers to shop local without having to go through bank transfers or other complicated payment methods like PayPal. So, don’t miss this opportunity to download the VarageSale app now not only because its free but also for all of these features and more.

7. HotSale Android App

HotSale Android App Review is best known for its variety of features that they offer to users. Some of the great features include a map, which helps people find items near them, and filters, such as “show me only new ads.” This free classifieds app also has messaging capabilities like other apps on this list. The messaging system allows buyers and sellers to message each other easily so that they can make a deal.


One of the downsides, however, is how it requires users to download apps from outside sources in order for them to use it. This might be problematic because people don’t have permission or access to do this on their work computers. But if you’re looking for a free classifieds app that has many features and is easy to use, this might be the one.

8. 5miles Android App

The 5Miles Android App is another free classifieds app that is available from the Google Play Store. It has messaging capabilities, a map to help people find items near them, and filters such as “show me only new ads.” The downsides of this free classifieds app are how it requires users to download apps from outside sources in order for them to use it.


The downside of this app is that it requires users to download apps from outside sources in order for them to use it. This might be problematic because people don’t have permission or access to do this on their work computers. But if you’re looking for a free classifieds app with many features and easy-to-use, this might be the one.

9. Let Me Know Android App

This is another great free classifieds app for Android users. It’s a little different than the first one because this has more features, such as messaging capabilities and filters that allow people to find what they’re looking for quickly. The downside of this is that it requires an Internet connection which can be difficult in some areas where data connectivity isn’t very strong or reliable.

Let Me Know

But still, this app has some incredible features like the ability to find and post classified ads, browse various categories in the app like ‘jobs,’ ‘property,’ or ‘vehicles’, check your account history, upload photos of what you’re selling or searching for. So, this might be a better option for people who are looking to make some quick cash without having to leave the house.

10. Letgo Android App

The Letgo Classified App is also an interesting choice. It doesn’t have the same mobile messaging capabilities as Quikr or OLX, but it does offer a decent variety of classifieds that are updated on a daily basis.


Users can browse through various categories like ‘jobs,’ ‘property,’ and ‘vehicles’ to find what they’re looking for quickly. The downside of Letgo is that it doesn’t have mobile messaging.

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That means you’ll either need to contact the seller through a phone call, text message, or email if they’re not online and can’t be reached on Letgo’s website. The Letgo Classified App also has an option for sellers to create videos of what they’re selling. The user interface is also a bit confusing and not as intuitive to use as the other classifieds apps. Overall, this app has potential but it needs more work before being an excellent choice for buyers and sellers alike.

How To Download  Free Classified Apps for Mac and Windows PC?

It is easy to download free classified apps like these on both Mac and Windows PC.  First, you need to open the browser of your choice (we recommend Safari). From there, go ahead and type in “Daraz” (Or any other classified apps that you prefer) into the search bar. Then simply click on the first result that pops up for Daraz’s website!

Once you’re viewing their site, scroll down until you see a big green button labeled “Download for iOS.” Click it once and then proceed with clicking Next twice more times. The final step will be entering your Apple ID password before being transferred over to iTunes where you can either add this app or purchase one if desired.

If instead what you want is an Android device version of Letgo – just tap and hold on the Letgo logo to get redirected to their Google Play page which you can find in more detail here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we are answering some of the most commonly asked questions about classifieds apps. Do you have any other questions? Let me know in the comment section!

What is the best classified app in your opinion?

-The answer to this question really depends on what you’re looking for. For example, if you want free listings without any added features, then Craigslist is an excellent choice. If you are more interested in meeting new people and have patience with a newer interface, Letgo might be a good option for you. There are plenty of great options out there–it just comes down to preference!

How to download classified apps?

-In order to download any classified app, you must first have a smartphone. If you don’t already own one, head on over to your local Best Buy and pick up an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and start downloading!

What is the pro version of each classifieds app listed above?

-The pro versions are typically limited by time restrictions–meaning that they expire after some amount of days (typically 30). They also sometimes offer extra features such as unlimited listings. The prices for these can range from $0 to upwards of $100 depending on what package suits your needs best. Check out their Google Play page which you can find in more detail here!

Is it safe to buy things online through classifieds apps?

-It’s 100% safe! Most classifieds apps have an in-app chat feature that you can use to instantly contact the seller and verify their identity. They also include a review system, which incentivizes both buyers and sellers to maintain positive reviews through high product quality or customer service.

What are some safety tips when buying things online?

-Don’t send any personal information over email accounts such as phone numbers, home addresses, last names, etc., and make sure to read user reviews before purchasing anything.


We hope that our list has been helpful so far! For even more apps like these ones, check out our article “Top Ten Best Free Classified Apps.” We will keep adding content until we cover all of them here! Check back soon for updates on the best free classified apps! Stay Tuned!

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