Top 12 Best Bill Reminder Apps For Android and iOS in 2023

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Are you unable to track your monthly bill payments? If that is the case, then you might be paying quite a lot of fine, which is eventually increasing your expense. Therefore, to remind you about your bills, we have brought to you the best bill reminder apps. 

If you are someone with a hectic life, then you badly need such an app to remind you of important deadlines. So, these bill pay reminder apps we have picked will be your lifesaver, and expense savior too, to some extent. Thus, give your brain a little rest and let the bill reminder app do its job! 

12 Best Bill Reminder Apps Review 2021

Below we have put details about the 12 best bill reminder apps on android devices. Each might be the same in classification but varies slightly on specifications. So, you can select and install your desired one. 12 bill reminder apps is not too much to choose, is it?


1. Mobills Budget Planner and Track your Finances

This is an entire budget planner in a digital form that will match the taste of tech-savvy people. Not only can you get a reminder for your bill payment, but can also track your monthly income and expenses. You can create graphs and charts to see how your expenses are going every month. Moreover, you can connect this app to a spreadsheet or excel for a better view and understanding.

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1 Mobills Budget Planner and Track your Finances

This is an all-in-one digital diary anyone would want to have. Moreover, the specialty of this app is it can track your credit card expense as well so that you know when and where you are overspending.

Mobills Budget Features:

  • Manage your finances effectively with this app, and get bill reminder
  • Control your credit card expenditure
  • Compare financial reports of months with customized graphs and charts

2. Easybills – bills reminder

Get yourself a bill reminding assistant with this app. The simplicity of this app makes it more user-friendly and demanded. You can have a hoard of bills to pay and note it down somewhere. There are high chances you’ll forget some, or might remember to pay just before the deadline. That creates a hassle and rush. But with Easybills, you will get constantly reminded of your dues.

2 Easybills - bills reminder

Easybills make sure you don’t have to pay sky-high bank charges for late payment. This app is pretty straightforward to its purpose of bill reminding and does that effectively. 

Easybills Features:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Reminds at least 3 days prior to the deadline
  • Keeps record of payments

3. Spendee – Budget and Expense Tracker & Planner

This is also one of the highest-rated android bill reminder apps. You will be left awed reading its specifications, so get ready! 

3 Spendee - Budget and Expense Tracker & Planner

Bill reminding is of course in its feature. You can also connect this app with your personal bank account to track the inflow and outflow of money. In other words, this app can be called online baking. If you spend on cash, you can add that by yourself. You can make a budget for expenditure of the month, and share it with your family or friends if you want. This app can convert your money in any currency you want. 

What a great deal to have!

Spendee Features:

  • Can connect with your personal bank account
  • Can convert money to any currency
  • The finance wallet can be shared with family or friends.

4. Home Budget Manager Lite With Sync

This one-tap budget manager can be synced with your other devices so that you can track your income and expenses at any time. You can make more than one account in this app and transfer money among those. Don’t worry your data won’t get lost at any cost because it gets backed up and restored all the time you enter new data.

4 Home Budget Manager Lite With Sync

Moreover, there is a calculator included to help you with the math of finance. The interface is highly organized and simple to use. Whether to set bill reminders or to spend in the budget, installing this app is highly recommended. 

Home Budget Features:

  • Has device synchronization feature
  • Can convert into 160+ currencies
  • Easy and fast to use

5. Easy Bills Reminder

Prepare your bills and set a reminder for them in Easy bills reminder. Then the rest will be handled. If the bills are to be paid every month, then you can set multiple reminders for year long. This app has night mode too to add in comfort to your eyes. You can backup data in your Google drive and not fear losing them.  

5 Easy Bills Reminder

One of the special features of this app is that it has multiple languages to access and work with. You will get a reminder’s notification on your device’s notification widget so it stays in front of your eyes.

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Easy Bills Reminder Features:

  • Data can be backed up
  • Can operate in multiple languages
  • Has built-in format changing calendar

6. Just Reminder with Alarm

Want more than just a bill reminder? Then here you go. This app reminds you of the birthdays of your friends too and sends them an auto wish. This has a feature anyone would desire, that is the speech-to-text feature. You can personalize your reminders with your favorite pictures or notes, or voice ringtone to connect more with them.

6 Just Reminder with Alarm

You can carry on with your busy schedule and let this app handle all your important dates and remind you. This app is also quite efficient to use.

Just Reminder Features:

  • Voice type your texts here
  • Customize your reminders according to your choice
  • Data gets backed up auto in your google drive

7. To do Reminder With Alarm 

With its updated features, you can enjoy the pros of advanced reminders and more from this app. Whether the reminder is for any invitation, meetings, hangout, birthdays, or simply bill payment, this app will handle everything in advance. 

7 To Do Reminder with Alarm

Who has time to type everything manually? So, this app has the feature of speech-to-text for faster actions. It has both a dark and light interface to suit your eyes’ adaptability. You can sync your social accounts to set any important dates as a reminder. You can also set the number of times a reminder will repeat.  

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To do Reminder Features:

  • Syncs with social media
  • Backs up and restores data by itself
  • Has speech texting property as well

8. Money Manager App, Budget, Expense tracker & Bills

Get reminded of due bills, track your income and expenses, control your budget, that too, securely with this app. The Money Manager app stops you from overspending by tracking your credit card as well. It can sync data from your mobile devices and can be further approached from your desktops.

8 Money Manager App

This app can feature any currency worldwide and can be accessed in three more languages apart from English. It provides secure financing by using the double verification method.

Money Manager Features:

  • Safe and efficient to use
  • Syncs and backs up data from other devices 
  • You can organize your own graphs and charts for visual appeal 

9. Wallet – Money, Budget, Finance & Expense Tracker

This app will make your financial planning a breeze, which used to be a headache for you. This will be giving you very detailed information about your money. Not only income and expenses but also of savings, debts, loans, your debit, and credit cards. After syncing it with your bank you’ll immediately get updates about inflow and outflow without waiting for the month-end statement.

9 Wallet

You can also make and plan a budget section with your family or friends, where their contribution, expenditure will be recorded accordingly.

Wallet Features:

  • Gives detailed financial information
  • Gives your bank updates instantly
  • The platform can be shared with family and friends.

10. Evernote – Notes Organizer & Daily Planner

This is something everyone uses unknowingly, which is a daily planner. Till now you were writing your to-dos in the paper, now Evernote is here for you. Plan and Progress with this app, and get constant reminders of your approaching deadlines. You can use it anywhere when any thought comes into your mind. You can attach any images, pdf, or audio file related to your notes!

10 Evernote

You can connect it with your PC, mobile, and drive to save data for future purposes. This is simply a digital form of your analog organizer but in a better way. 

Evernote Features:

  • Picture, doc files, and audio can be attached
  • Set reminders for the upcoming deadlines
  • Has a synchronization feature

11. Pocket Expense with Sync

Even ten years ago, ‘pocket diary’ was a thing, then came technology. Not diary, now you carry a compact pocket-friendly mobile with your entire world inside it. The name of the app speaks for itself, you can carry it in your pocket and track your expenses. It gives meaningful and understandable statistical reports of your monthly financing.

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11 Pocket Expense with Sync

Manage your billing dates from the built-in calendar, mark them with appropriate icons to catch your eyes. Then set a reminder of your choice of ringtone, and get reminded. 

Pocket Expense Features:

  • Shows in-depth reports
  • Has proper security for password
  • Has all the currency from the world.

12. Prism Pay Bills (Money Tracker & Personal Finance)

Get gentle yet frequent reminders to pay your bills on time with this app. You will also get insightful details about your monthly expenditure, debts, and income too. You can also check your account and card balances with this app. You can view the built-in calendar to check all your payments and dues if you want to.

12 Prism Pay Bills, Money Tracker, Personal Finance

Managing personal finance will never feel easy once you start using this app. Plus, its safety authentication for the users is a bonus. It will save your data, but never the sensitive information, such as location, password, bank account pin, etc.

Prism Pay Features:

  • Manages debts effortlessly
  • Highly safe and secure to use
  • Tracks and reminds bill payments effectively, without any delay.

Final Verdict

Now that you have known the 12 best bill pay reminder apps, then what are you waiting for to download? Just click the given links with the app you like and get started with managing your finance today! These android bill reminder apps will be a great start for this.

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