10 Best Music Visualizer For Android and iOS 2023

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Nowadays, music visualizers are a good attachment for android phones. Yes, we are going to discuss about one of the best music visualizer for android today. These visualizers are not only visual presentations, they work as full time music players that come with more widgets, notifications, equalizer and many more. 

In most of the cases these free music visualizations are available for android. There is no hassle for getting them and you can just find the perfect visualizer for your phone. We will discuss some top rated visualizers here and guide you to get any of them for your phone. 

10 Best Music Visualization for Android Reviews 2021

We have analyzed the top rated music visualizers available on google play store and tried to sort out the best music visualizer for android that can become your everyday attachment. 


1. AudioVision

In these days, AudioVision is rated as one of the top music visualization apps for android that comes with so many features like music playing, widgets, notification, singer information and many more.

1 AudioVision Music Player

It comes with mind soothing visual impressions that make you happy while using it. When it becomes a useful app, why would you want to uninstall it from your phone? It can play songs, mark the favourite song, adjust sound level, use equalizer- and so many things that you will love to have on your phone. 

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Why Do You Use This App?

  • Musics are well organized
  • Use of equalizer and widgets
  • Different features for songs playing

2. Beatfind Music Recognition

When you are looking for an intelligent music app, Beatfind is the one. Yes, there is no more conversation about it. It can not only play tracks, it can identify tracks by its own. YOu will not need to find any song by name. It will do the job for you. For its unlimited features it is considered as one of the best music visualizers for android


It comes with more interesting things like reading singer or musicians biography, song lyrics and many more. You will be able to share the songs to any social media with just one click. Even, it plays songs in different modes like sports, deezer and party. You can make any place into a party zone with this app. So, why not use it!

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Song recognition technology
  • Excellent hypnotic song equalizer
  • Easy to share songs on social media

3. Anytime Visualizer

Finding a perfect music visualizer is not easy. You need to use a lot of them to select a few. Anytime Visualizer is undoubtedly one easy solution to this matter. You can also consider this as one perfect visualizer of the best music visualizer wallpaper for android. As, you can set your image in the app as wallpaper. Is not that interesting?

3 Anytime Visualizer

Along with other features, it comes with awesome music playing features. You can play any song in different modes with the built-in equalizer. You can not only play on your phone, but also on your android supported Car music system! Nothing is impossible with this one. You can make music documents and songs collections with this one.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Excellent song playing features
  • Compatible with any android device
  • Picture/ wallpaper compatibility

4. Muviz Edge

Among the all music visualizers Muviz is an excellent choice that comes with edge music visualizers. It will show you a unique visualizer on the edges around your song. It has customizable design packs to pick from and is known as one of the best music visualizers for android.

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4 Muviz Edge 

It works both on online and offline music streaming. There are some excellent functions like, you can choose any kind of design palette, hide the app under any other active app to listen to songs and many more. You will love it while using and suggesting others, too. 

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Customizable design pallets
  • Active under other apps to playback music
  • Comes with customizable design packs

5. Music Visualizer

Among many visualizers, you will find it more interesting for its lovely and unique animation and gradients. It is designed to give you freedom to make your own animation and other designs. From pallet to own design will engage with this app and you will love to use it. 

5 Music Visualizer

It works fine with external audios and makes and it can be modified accordingly. It is an extensive animated visualizer that will pass your time without any hassle. It is mind soothing and new visualizations are adding every day. 

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Unique animated visualizations
  • Mind soothing design concepts to pass your time
  • Easy to match with playback song

6. Audio Glow Music Visualizer

It is a common trend now to use the best free music visualizer for android in your phone. But how will you judge it is perfect? It reacts with songs from any player, it has themes to adjust with music and many other features. It can also show the name of the singer and the song name too. 

6 Audio Glow Music Visualizer

With the lovely and unique colorful projection will pass your leisure time with happiness. It is an excellent interactive visualizer that you will love to have in your phone. According to the recent rating, you may also suggest to your friends too. 

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Interactive visualizer with other players
  • Unique collection of visualization
  • Projects song name and singer information

7. Specties- Music Visualizer

Among all of the music visualizers you will find this one an awesome and best music visualizer apps for android, due to its unique ideas. It works very fine with songs but the most funny thing is the dancing characters in the app are very mind blowing. It also works with songs from other apps. 

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The most funny and character dancing app will make you smile within stress. You can just tap on the music from your library and will enjoy the funny movements. It also works with the microphone too. It is also a popular visualizer lwp responds to microphone apk

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Interactive music visualization
  • Character dancing animation
  • Easy to use and enjoy

8. Alien Worlds Music Visualizer

Alien! Yes you heard it right, it comes with amusing Alien ship and funny videos that will make you smile. You can enjoy it from music playing in any player. There are more than one hundred settings to use from it. You will also be able to use chromecast. It is full of authentic alien pictures too. 

8 Alien Worlds Music Visualizer

Another feature is to have 47 radio channels in this app to enjoy! You can also enjoy radio and songs from other apps to work with the visualization. It also works without music on your phone too. And this is considered as one of the music visualization app for ios, too. 

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Gallery of alien pics and unique visualization
  • Works with radio, song and many more sources
  • Only visualization and authentic picture sources

9. Fractal Tunnels

Are you bored with common visualization? Then this is one of the best visualization apps that will amuse you with some tunnel animation that will bring you to another world. There are 48 tunnels that will give you both variation and new taste for visualization. 

9 Fractal Tunnels -Music visualizer & Live Wallpaper

You can also make new tunnels, add and mix them with your unique ideas. You can create your own creative visualization and background photos, that will make you happy. You can use the chromecast too to see on your TV. This is overall an interactive visualizer that will comply with you. 

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Lots of tunnel videos will amuse you with interactive function
  • Editable tunnels and wallpaper
  • TV and mobile compatibility

10. AudioVision Music Player

AudioVision is a uniquely designed visualizer. It works like a full fledged music player and it is customizable to different extent. It also complies with widgets and lock screen too, you can enjoy the visualization comfortably. It is one of the free music visualizations for android

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10 AudioVision Music Player

It organizes songs by singer, artist, name and genre. You can enjoy equalizer and playback songs with this app. Songs playing in a queue will pass your leisure time comfortably. You are able to mark your favourite songs. 

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Customized visual presentations
  • Active equalizer to adjust mode
  • Works with lock screen and widgets


What are the best Android apps for music consumption

There are many  well functioned android apps for music listening. Among them audioVision & Beatfind Music Recognition are from the best of its category. 

Does Google play music have a Visualizer?

Yes, there is an existing visualizer on Google play music. It is a smokey animation that runs all over the music. 

Can you slow down a song on Apple music?

Yes, we can slow down a song with the speed control feature of Apple music and enjoy them. We are able to control the speed to have a better experience. 

Can I slow down songs on Spotify?

Yes, we can slow down the mobile apps. You can just slow down the tempo and have fun with it. 

Final Word

We started with the important discussion as to which one is the best music visualizer for android. We have shared our knowledge about the best apps. You can pick your chosen app from this list or can check the features you are looking for in other apps too. We hope the knowledge we have shared will be helpful to you.

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