Best Aquarium App For Android To Keep Your Aquarium Clean 2022

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Who is the fish lover here like me? Do you have several aquarium tanks for your fish? If you are a fish lover who won tanks, then you know how to manage them. Managing fish tanks and keeps the information in a sequence is not easy. We are here providing 6-best aquarium apps for Android in 2021. You can choose the best aquarium app for you to keep all the updates serially.

If you want to have an aquarium app for Android, read this article to select one. Here you will get an overall discussion on the best 6-aquarium apps. That will help you to learn about them in detail. With a specific knowledge about these aquarium apps, you can easily select one for you. So, why are you wasting your time? Let’s find out overall details about these aquarium apps.

6 Best Aquarium Apps For Android Reviews In 2021

Many aquarium apps are available nowadays online. You can simply search for them on Google play and scroll through for details. Here we present you with the best six aquarium apps for your Android. These aquarium apps are the top pick apps for millions of users worldwide.


1. Aqdiary

The first aquarium app of this content is aqdiary. That allows you to keep track of the maintenance of your fish tank. You will get this app very helpful for your real-life aquarium maintenance. With the water measuring feature, you can measure the water values of your fish tank. It allows you to keep track of your fish tank’s weekly cleaning up. Keep your tank’s water changing action in a record on aqdiary fish aquarium app.

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1 AqDiary

Aqdiary allows you to add a task reminder for your help. You can list the feeding times of your favorite fishes. With note adding features, it will enable you to take notes for your tank’s essential issues. Aqdiary allows you to have a backup on your SD memory cards. Have a track on the suitable time for adding fertilizer on your fish tank. In a word, you can easily keep records of your fish tank’s maintenance.

What did we like about this aquarium app?

  • It allows you to keep a track on your fish tank’s maintenance.
  • It provides water changing and water measuring features for its users.
  • It offers a task reminder feature that allows its users to add a reminder.

2. Aquarium Note

Do you love to keep fish? Are you looking for a handy app to keep track of your aquarium? Aquarium Note is the best way to keep track of your aquarium. With the aquarium note, you can keep track of your aquarium’s maintenance. It will help you with your aquatic trees, fish, or corals. You can save tracks of your aquarium from the setup dates. The log with the photo feature allows you to log photos of your aquarium.

2 Aquarium Note

Aquarium Note is the best aquarium app for Android devices. That allows you to log up to 24-water parameters. With a countdown timer, it will help you to measure water parameters. Manage one or more fish tanks and record livestock’s information with it. Aquarium Note allows you to calculate your aquarium expenses neatly. It supports and allows you to export your XML and HTML files.

What did we like about this aquarium app?

  • It allows you to keep track of your multiple aquariums. That will help you with your aquarium maintenance.
  • Aquarium Note allows you to add your tank activities with photos.
  • 24-different water parameters that will help you to keep track of the aquarium’s water.

3. Aquarium Manager

The next aquarium app for your consideration is the aquarium manager. It is an excellent aquarium app that you can have to maintain all the inhabitants of your aquarium. It will help you to plan everything for your aquarium. Are you busy with your everyday life and don’t have enough time for your fishes? The aquarium manager is the perfect option for you. It will help you to plan for a week or more in advance.

3 Aquarium Manager

Keep tracks about the feeding materials of your aquarium inhabitants. With this app, measure the water values of your aquarium. Track everything about your aquarium on your Android device. It allows you to keep track of aquarium maintenance activities. That includes water changing, aquarium cleaning, and pump cleaning tasks. You can instruct your aquarium keeper with this app while away from home.

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What did we like about this aquarium app?

  • It is a free Android aquarium app in 2021. That helps you to maintain your aquarium more smoothly than other apps.
  • It allows you to pre-plan your everything about aquarium maintenance.
  • List food plans, weekly clean up, water change, and more tasks in this app.

4. Fish Live

Fish Live app is a game for fish lovers. It permits to feed fishes, raise them, and more. It will make you feel of having a real-life aquarium in your place. With this fish live app, you can breed your favorite fishes by playing it. It permits you to choose your fishes for your aquarium. Upgrade your level by visiting your friend’s aquarium and clean them.

4 Fish Live

Do you love to have fish but can’t manage because of your professional duty? Download the fish live aquarium app for your Android. Raise your top pick fishes here. With fish feeding feature, it permits you to feed your aquarium inhabitants to get points. That will help you to level up in this game. It has an aquarium decorating feature. That will help you to decorate your fish tank with various sea plants.

What did we like about this aquarium app?

  • A live fish playing game free for Android devices.
  • It allows you to have fishes, raise, and feed them to satisfy your dream.
  • Decoration features give access to decorate your aquarium with exotic plants.

5. Fishdom

Want to have a home for fishes so that you can play with them? Fishdom is here to fulfill your dream of having an aquarium. It is a level-3 type game with 3D features. That offers puzzles matching to create a breathtaking home for fishes. With beautiful decorating equipment, decorate your aquarium to your satisfaction level. Match the puzzles together with your friends to level up faster.

5 Fishdom

Fishdom, an online free game for fish lovers, allows you to make houses for fishes. With the talking fish feature, it will enable you to talk with your favorite fishes. Notice your fishes interact with other fishes with 3D elements. Unlock all the features of this app by purchasing in-app purchase features. You can play fishdom offline or without an wifi connection. So why are you wasting your time? Let’s play fishdom and unlock all features.

What did we like about this aquarium app?

  • It is a free aquarium app for Android devices with matching-3 features.
  • Download this app, then match the puzzles to create beautiful homes for fishes.
  • It offers 3D features to its users so that you can enjoy live fish playing games.

6. Fish Tycoon-2 Virtual Aquarium

The last aquarium app of this content is the fish tycoon-2 virtual aquarium on Android. Play this game to breed fish eggs and raise them with your care. Feed them to nurture your fishes to breed more. With excessive breeding, it allows you to sell your fishes from your shop. That will help you to level up and decorate your aquarium. It permits you to sell your rare fishes to make more real-time Mony.

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6 Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium

Fish Tycoon-2 Virtual Aquarium is free to download the game for Android devices. Have a quick search for the rare species fish nurturing information. Collect necessary equipment and foods to make them survive. With the rare species survival, it grows your balance to upgrade to the next level. Start your game with the access of more than 400-species. Unlock more species by upgrading to upper levels.

What did we like about this aquarium app?

  • Fish Tycoon-2 is a free virtual aquarium game for all ages. Play fish Tycoon-2 and enjoy your aquarium.
  • Breed, raise and then sell your fishes for real-time money. That will give you access to unlock special features in the game.
  • Unlock exotic fishes to make more money. It will help you to purchase your aquarium and shop for decorating items.

Final Word

Have you read out this article carefully? If yes, then you know about some exciting aquarium apps for your Android. Now you can easily select the best aquarium app for you. That will help you to fulfill your desire of having a fish aquarium. You will love each of the apps but it is you who will choose the best one. The 6-best aquarium apps for Android in 2021 will help you to learn about these apps.

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