Best Funny Face Apps Free Makes Your Face Look Funny In 2023

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Nowadays, we don’t want to spend hours on photoshop. We like to click pictures immediately. Today it has become more comfortable because of the internet. Some face apps are top-rated for spending time.

We are going to introduce you with 12 best funny face apps free that allow you to dress up your face with fantastic camera effects. But it has two different platforms. You can learn best funny face apps for iPhone and best funny face apps for android from this article.

Are you excited to know more? Then, continue to read!

12 Best Funny Face Apps Review 2021

We can not deny this fact that our life is now full of internet-related. We like to spend time with our smartphone or pc more than with friends. Face apps made our life more comfortable to enjoy ourself. Here are some best funny face apps free details.


1. Instagram

Instagram is not just a face app; it is also a social media platform. Even it is one of the best social media in our daily life. This app made for sharing videos and photos from a is quite similar to Facebook and Twitter.

1 Instagram

People can set their account to private. But others can follow each other accounts.

People can connect their Instagram account to other social media network.

This app added live video functionality to Instagram Stories. You can enjoy yourself by using all the features.

Feature and benefit:

Instagram has lots of features.some of features below.

Photos and videos:  Instagram has almost 40 filters you can apply to both pictures and videos. It had so many user-bases when it rolled out its face filters. It is an app that is Stable and fast filter performance.

Instagram stories: You can create content and share it with your friends. User can add effects and layers to a picture or video and add them on Instagram stories that will expire after 24 hours.

Instagram direct: You will have to open an account to use Instagram. Instagram filters are quite similar to Snapchat. Only those people who follow each other can send messages.

Platform: It can use in both android and IOS.

2: Banuba: Face Filters & Effects

You can transform yourself into an astronaut, celebrity, or hipster. You can enjoy this app because you will able to see yourself on a beach, skydiving, try on glam accessories, crazy hairstyles, and whatnot. It is the number 1 app in almost 7 countries. It has more than 20lakh users. This excellent app will bring you joy.

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2 Banuba - Live Face Filters & Funny Video Effects

Feature and benefit:

Some of the essential features you should know are given below.

AR-effects and filters: It has realistic virtual try-ons (jewellery, glasses, hats, etc.). AR objects act like real one’s shadows, throwing light and supporting physics. It has so many AR effects for different audiences — kids, girls, and even boys, beauty, fun, scary, full-face masks, e.g., Halloween, Love, Christmas, etc.

Platform: It can use on both android and iPhone.

Filter creation: Well, if you want to create your face filters like Snapchat and use them in this app. The Banuba’s Face Filter SDK makes it surely possible!

3: MSQRD (Masquerade)

You can say it is a medium face filter app. It has some primary effects but no updates for a long time. Everyone dealing with this kind of face filters knows well an MSQRD-Cinderella-type story.

3 MRRMRR ~ Live Face Filters & Video Selfies

Evolved and Polished, MSQRD is now a part of Facebook face filters, but the original app deserves the spot on the list.

It has consistently stayed on the top of the App Store’s charts, source-App Annie.

Feature and benefits:

These app’s features are given below.

Edit: You can make various face mask photos with is a great app.MSQRD Acquired by Facebook now. Once upon a time, it was among the first face filter apps after Snapchat.

Stickers: Users can add stickers, photo filters, and finger doodles.

Platform: It can use on android and IOS. You will have great fun using it.

4: YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun is another selfie filter app that you’ll love. You can enjoy by seeing its animal face filters to bring your wild side to life — a deer, cat, snow, or tiger. It can Fast face detection and face filter placement.

4 YouCam Fun - Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics

It is only available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Feature and benefit:

Let’s find some valuable benefits and feature given below.

Photo: It can turn your regular iOS camera into a creative photo booth.

Stickers and filters: It offers a vast collection of live stickers and 3D face filters. Youcam has a smooth performance. You can enjoy plenty of face filters —animals, hairstyles, live stickers, and more.

Share: It allows instant sharing so that you can show off your fun photo and video within some seconds.

Users: Android and IOS users both can enjoy this app. User can Upload and post-process photos.

5: B612

Well, even I also use this app. I love all the features and cute has the most varied types of camera effects.

5 B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera

It has so many amazing filters. User can make covert their boring photos to a beautiful picture.

It has a vast amount of features that include a beauty filter, fun filters, stickers, effect, and makeup filters.

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Feature and benefit:

Feature and benefit details discussed below.

Emoji and edit:  It introduces us to real-time 3D emojis that copy user mimic. Some filters allow adjusting user face shape and applying makeup. However, it needs improvements.

Stricker: AR stickers that users can put on real surfaces with a back camera. It has almost Over 1,500 diverse stickers.

Platform: Android and IOS.

6: LINE camera

The best part of the LINE camera photo editor is its user-friendly design and super clean clicks. User can apply motion stickers and some cool effects.

6 LINE Camera - Photo editor

This amazing app is available for a variety of smart devices (iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry ) and even your PC.

Feature and benefits:

All the features noted below.

Free voice and video calls: User can make free calls and text to a group with their friends. Even you can make international video and voice calls.

Filter collection: Maybe, the group of face filters not as significant as other apps. But it has some cool designed face filters that may love by a user. Its cool effects can make the competitor rave about it.

Where will you find it: You can find this app on the play store. This app is basically for android users.

7: TikTok

Nowadays, TikTok is quite popular in most of the countries. Well, maybe you will shock to hear this in 2018; it was most downloaded free apps on the iPhone.

7 TikTok - Make Your Day

ByteDance, a Beijing-based internet technology company, is the owner of TikTok. In September 2016 TikTok launched the first time in china market.

Though it is available in many countries, banned for some countries, for some misusers it is now banned in lots of countries.

Feature and benefit:

All the benefits and features discussed below.

Photo and video: Its camera filters allow any user to create fantastic video content. User can use them for photo selfies, has a variety of funny face filters with triggers. You can add music to video clips.

Merge: Maybe you heard about musically? Yes! You are right. Musically converted into TikTok with more amazing features.

Platforms: It can use in IOS and android.

8: Face Swap

Face swap is a great app that will bring you Face a lot of beautiful moments. You can switch your face with a celebrity, friends, or anyone.

8 Face Swap - Photo Face Swap

Feature and benefits:

Some of the features and benefits are given below.

Share: You needn’t upload photos. Place two faces in the camera, and the app does the magic within some seconds. Real-time face swap with the option to take a video or picture.

Platform: Both android and IOS users can use this app.

Edit: Swap Faces in your favourite photos. It is straightforward to use, with realistic results.

9: X Photo Editor

It has a variety of live face filters. Selfie lovers will enjoy it most. You can download it from the play market. You will enjoy this app for unusual features.

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9 X Photo Editor

Feature and benefits:

Some known benefits and filters are written below.

Edit: User can change their pictures to age and gender. You can reshape face and body. Sometimes users complain about tricky subscription policy.

Pricing and users: Users need to be careful with in-app is only for android users.

10: Sweet Face Camera

If you are looking for a lightweight app to dress up your selfie with AR noses or lips, the Sweet Face Camera can be the right choice.

10 Sweet Snap Face Cam - Selfie Edit & Photo Filters

Hough its beautification feature can’t beat top devices’ camera capabilities.

It has more than 100 million users. You can find it on play store.

Feature and benefit:

All the elements are discussed below.

Edit: You can share your moments with its stickers, filters and beauty effects.

Stickers: It has a clean design. It is effortless to use plenty of strikers collection to make your photos fancy.

Platform: Android users can’t be able to use this app, but IOS users can use it. You can find it from the app store.

11: Snapchat

I guess you also have Snapchat on your phone. It is one of the popular apps we can imagine your app collection. I am just kidding!

11 Snapchat

It is not just a face app. You will able to find lots of amazing features. Even you can connect your friend to your Snapchat account.

It has many face filters; all of them are pretty is one of the most versatile face swap apps you can get right now.

Feature and benefits:

All the features and benefits below.

Filters, lenses, and stickers: You can share pictures of stories. It personalized with various forms of stickers and visual effects.

Securities: This app allows users to keep photos in the “my eyes only” which help them keep their private photos in a password-protected space.

User: Well, it is good news that both users I mean IOS and android users can use this app free. They will get it from the play store.

12: CupAce

Cupace is a fantastic photo editor app. It includes a handy feature called Paste Face.

12 Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo

Feature and benefits:

All he features and benefits below.

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Image: Users can swap their faces and take funny photos with their friends. It will change the face of anyone in a copy and paste it. You can cut a look from an image.

Where will you find it: Once the face crops, it will be saved automatically in the app. Only Android users install it free.

Final thoughts

All these apps utilize the same kind of technologies to make the camera filter effect come to life. They all teach you how to play with your face and make enjoyable moments.

We all know our taste bud is not the same as others. So the above information might help you to choose the best funny face apps free.

Honestly, not all of the apps work as well as we want, but if you are looking to join in on some face swap fun with your Android smartphone or iPhone, these are the apps to install.

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