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One amazing thing about iOS devices is the iMessage app that provides apple users several advantages. Notably, it comes with many interesting benefits and great features that millions of non-iOS users wish to use. However, people also want to know if it’s possible to download and install iMessage for PC.

Using the iMessage app on your pc requires you to use an iOS emulator. Though there are several iOS emulators you can use to run the iMessage app on your PC, we will be showing you how to use only two of these emulators.

Here in this article, we’ll also explain why you should use the iMessage app for pc and the features of iMessage. Additionally, we’ll outline some contending related apps that operate like iMessage. If you’re ready to learn more, then ride on.

What is the iMessage for PC?

iMessage is the native application developed by Apple Inc. to enable iOS device users to communicate effortlessly with each other. Apple developed a system to facilitate conversation on their MacBooks from where they stopped on their iOS devices (iPhones & iPads). This is facilitated by a process known as Handoff, which connects all your Apple devices via iCloud. So, you can continue your conversation from wherever you left off.

iMessage for PC

Can I Use iMessage on My PC?

It’s not possible to run iOS apps on your Windows or Linux computers, as iOS devices don’t support any other operating systems. Amazingly, there are other solutions to this. You will have to download an iOS emulator to run the app on your PC successfully.

What Are the Benefits of Using iMessage for PC?

iMessage provides users access to undoubtedly one of the best messaging apps in the world. It comes with several benefits which billions of users can leverage for their productivity.

What Are the Benefits of Using iMessage for PC

Here are the benefits of using iMessage for PC

  • You can use the app on several devices, and the messages will all be synced through all the devices.
  • It provides users the opportunity to send huge attachments to others.
  • All chats through iMessage are stored over the iCloud. So, users can chat from various devices without missing a dot.
  • The app allows instant group texting and chatting.

iMessage for PC APK & Features

There are several benefits of using iMessage to do your communications. Notably, it’s arguably the best messaging or texting app as it also comes with tons of emojis, stickers, and different amazing features. Let’s consider some of the key features of the app below:

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  • Send text messages with themes.
  • Provides bubbles and full-screen effects.
  • Transfer contact cards with voice messages.
  • Discover contact locations and send the locations on the map.
  • More features like sending audios, videos, and images.

How To Install iMessage for PC Step by Step Guide (Windows & Mac)

As we’ve said, it’s not possible to directly download the iMessage for PC as currently, the Windows version is not yet officially out. So said, you can download the iMessage app on your computer using an iOS emulator. We’d simplify everything you need to know about the installation of this app in this section. Let’s proceed.

How To Install iMessage for PC Step by Step Guide (Windows & Mac)

1. Download and install via iPadian Emulator

Notably, the iPadian iOS emulator is an extremely simple emulator to use. Below are the installation steps for the iMessage app.

Download and install via iPadian Emulator

  • Go to and scroll over to the download section, where you’d see a “Download Now” button.
  • Click on it to download the raw file to your computer. The browser will take you to the bottom section of the page where you’d see ‘GameStation’ and ‘iPadian.’ Click on the iPadian option and select the download button.
  • When the emulator downloads into your computer, go over to the downloads page and install it on your computer.
  • Open the iPadian emulator and navigate the search box.
  • Then, search for ‘iMessage.’
  • Once the app shows up in your search result, select it and follow the displayed instructions to download and install the app on your computer.
  • After that, open the app drawer within the iPadiain emulator and scroll over to iMessage

2. Download and install via BlueStacks Emulator

Another leading emulator for both iOS and Android devices is the BlueStacks emulator. BlueStacks is a next-gen, interesting emulator that allows you to run smartphone applications on your PC—whether Windows or Mac. So, let’s consider the steps in installing iMessage on your computer using the BlueStacks emulator.

Download and install via BlueStacks Emulator

  • Visit and scroll over to the segment where you’d see the ‘Download’ option.
  • Click on the download button to download the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.
  • After downloading, head over to the download section and run the installation process until you’re done installing the emulator on your PC.
  • Then, open BlueStacks.
  • Notably, BlueStacks operates as an Android and iOS emulator.
  • When you fully launch BlueStacks, you will see iMessage on the screen there for you.
  • To use the app, you’ll be required to create an Apple ID & Password.

Once you’ve successfully been able to download the iOS emulators and install the iMessage app on your pc, you can communicate with any of your loved ones as often as you want.

Top Related Apps to iMessage

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most famous communication app in the world, sustaining a whopping 1.5 billion users spread across 180 countries. This messaging app doesn’t only support iOS devices but works as a cross-platform application. Using this app, users can chat with each other using videos, photos, voice messages, and funny stickers and GIFs. It also allows users to make voice and video data calls free.


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2. Messenger

Facebook Messenger is arguably the richest communication app available for both iOS and Android devices. Messenger provides tons of features which users can interact with, including elegant themes, a wide variety of stickers, customizable chats, voice and video calls, etc. It even allows users to play games in the app.


3. Kik

Kik is one of the most interesting messaging apps made available for all kinds of users. Apart from having a huge array of emojis, GIFs, and backgrounds, it also enables several users to connect and chat in a group. Thus, communication stays in continuation.


Frequently Asked Question

What Can I Send Through iMessage?

Using iMessage, you can send audio, videos, stickers, and emojis to your friends and family members. The app comes with tons of robust features to entice you into using it for as much work as you desire.

Can I Download iMessage on Windows?

You can download, install, and use iMessage on your Windows computer and laptops by using a supported iOS emulator to run the app. Since it’s the native messaging application for iPhones and iPads, once you launch the iOS emulator and log into your account, you’d see iMessage on your home screen.

Can I use iMessage on Mac?

You can use iMessage on your Mac if you have an Apple ID. As we’ve said earlier, iMessage is the native messaging application for iOS devices. So, you can sign in to the same Apple ID on your Apple iPhone, on your desktop, and use the app to continue your messaging from whenever you stop.

Final thoughts

Can I use iMessage for PC? For MacBook owners, it’s more than possible to use iMessage on your computer as it’s natively installed in the system. But for Linux- and Windows-based users, you’d need to interact with the app via an iOS emulator.

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