How to Run iBooks For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac)

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It’s true that reading books on a PC makes it more convenient for users, so a lot of online readers sort after the iBooks for PC applications. iBooks is an online library for Mac-based systems developed by Apple Inc. The application was released on January 27, 2010, and widely became known as Apple Books in 2013 when the developers decided to infuse this update with new iOS devices.

Although at the moment, the application is only available for Apple users, it does not mean Windows users won’t use it. You can get the app on your computer if you want, but it has to run through an iOS emulator. This article will teach and outline a concise guide on how you can download, install and use the iBooks for PC on Windows.

Benefits of iBooks application for PC

iBooks For PC

Enhanced experience on a wider screen

A key benefit of using iBooks for Pc is the available wider screen for reading. Also, it provides access to your favorite books when your apple device is out of reach. With iBooks for PC, you’ve got no limitation on when to enjoy your reading anywhere you may be.

Early Access to new releases.

There is likely no application that can stand against an Apple-only Product. Users always get access to the targeted books earlier on the iBooks app, even before those books are released on other online reading applications. Such access is only peculiar to premium users.

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Collection of PDFs

Another benefit of the iBooks app is the leisure of getting all the latest PDF books you had wanted in your collection. Users just have to download the app and utilize its features free of charge without visiting the offline iBooks store. Therefore, you can gather lots of ebook resources while saving money in the process.

Highlighted Features of iBooks For PC

A list of features makes the iBooks app a highly efficient ebook reader application.

Highlighted Features of iBooks For PC

  • Your screen brightness can be adjusted to the level comfortable for your sight. There is a dark or night mode feature for users who do not prefer light reader apps.
  • Users can employ the text to audio converter with just one tap. iBooks allows you to play audiobooks that have been purchased from the iBooks store
  • The iBooks app creates room for additional PDF documents to be exported into the app from other applications.
  • From the classics to the best sellers, you can choose good books from many amazing authors, favorite series, audiobooks, and podcasts.
  • There is a sync for everything on the app. You could restore all your bookmarks, notes, audiobooks, and even the last page from where you left off.
  • In-app dictionary, Highlighting features and Note pad and Easy browsing
  • A community of other connected readers who you can interact with.


Software name iBooks
Developer Apple Inc.
Version 2.2 latest version
License Freeware
Software category Playstore
Operating systems Mac, IOS, Windows
OS type 32, 64bit
File size 37.2MB
Release date 27 January 2010
Language Multiple
Programming language Objective C
Format ePub (with DRM)

How to Download and Install iBooks for PC (Windows & Mac) Using iPadian

You already know that iBook for Window Pc won’t work as it is dedicated to Apple systems only. Regardless, you can acquire the app by running it through an emulator. An iOS emulator is the most preferred, and a known emulator for this process is the iPadian. It ranks the highest amongst downloaded emulators in the market.

Using iPadian

Step By Step Installation process

  • You will require an iOS emulator to be installed on your system. Visit the official website of the iPadian emulator and click the download button to install it on your PC.
  • The emulator will be run through an administrator from your desktop screen. Its interface will be similar to that of an iPhone. Where there’s a difference, you may need to uninstall it and redownload it again.
  • Once the emulator is open, you should click on the Apple Store.
  • This redirects you for your login access to the store. You should input your Apple account details where you already have one. If not, then create a new one and complete the verification. This process will activate Apple Store on your PC and allow you to down any Apple applications through the emulator.
  • Type and search out the iBooks app from the Apple Store search box.
  • As the result displays, click the Install button. This will initiate the downloading and installation of the iBooks for PC.
  • Once the process is completed, open the application from the emulator’s folder and run it as an administrator.
  • The application will now be automatically saved on your desktop, ready to use whenever you want.

It is important to note that books on iBooks that have already been downloaded can be shared from the main source to a subsidiary through various means. They could be transferred from a Mac computer to a Windows desktop via a flash or from an IOS device through iTunes and Firefox using an EPEBReader plugin.

Top Alternative Apps of iBooks

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

This popular reading app gives users the permission to structure, view, edit and rewrite PDF documents to their taste. You can store or save your files and read them whenever you want. It features a dark mode that conserves your battery life.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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2. Ebook Reader

The Ebook Reader is a great alternative to iBooks for PC. You can get lost while reading the versatile book recommendations on this app. The application has several popular books that will help you to relax during your leisure. Moreover, the pages uniquely turn just with a swipe of your finger.

Ebook Reader

3. Amazon Kindle

The recognition of the Kindle app on this list is well deserved due to the ease with which users can access documents. Added to its partnership with Amazon, books you may want to find on Amazon could be downloaded on Kindle at a lower rate. The app allows users to customize the font type, text size, alignment, margins, etc.

Amazon Kindle

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Books the same as iBooks?

The name iBooks was updated and rebranded to Apple Books in 2013 with the iOS 12 and Mojave macOS launch. They carry out the same functions and are only different in their naming.

How do I convert an iBook to PDF?

It’s quite easy to convert an iBook to a PDF using your personal computer. On the app, you find the share option. A drop-down menu opens up showing Export; then you select PDF. Review the image quality and read through the terms. Create a folder and choose a location for the final export.

Can I attach an iBook to a mail?

Launch the iBooks app on your Apple device or, in this case, your Windows Pc. When you tap the document you wish to attach, you will find an icon. Click on the icon and select the Email option on the list to move it to your mail.

Final Words

Going through this article exposes most of the things you might not know. You must have gathered enough information on how to run the application iBooks for PC.

Despite being designed exclusively for Apple devices, you can still run iBooks on a PC for Windows. You will just have first to install a suitable iPhone emulator such as iPadian.


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