Zombie Castaways For PC – Free Download For Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

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Zombie castaway is a worthy ride if you want to go down memory lane. This game won’t sound very familiar in a generation where COD and Soccer games have taken over the market. You’d be privileged if you had your dad or much older sibling around to share what an experience on Zombie Castaways felt like back in the days.

Luckily, you can enjoy the game yourself right on your PC. This could have been much more difficult if not for emulators. Follow the guide in this article to learn how to download Zombie Castaways for PC on your latest Windows or Mac device.

Benefits of Installing Zombie Castaways for PC

You can’t convince any right-thinking person that seeing movies on small-screened gives a better immersive experience than what you get when you see the same movie on a tablet. The same goes for gaming. The much larger screen will give you a better immersive experience compared to what smartphones or tablets give.

Zombie Castaways for PC

In addition to the bigger and better display you get on a PC, the audio quality is also impressive. PCs come with louder speakers that give you a vibrant clear sound. What can be compared to the heightened gaming fever that comes with those speakers blaring in your ears?

Features of Zombie Castaways

Below are some of the amazing features of Zombie Castaways that will keep you glued to your laptop screen for several hours.

Features of Zombie Castaways

  • A large gaming world with several different regions.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of farming alongside restoration activities to keep you occupied in the game.
  • Zombie Castaways has gameplay that requires no prerequisite for a great game. This means that rookies, as well as pro gamers, can have a fair game.
  • Unlike the harsh, ugly, and unfriendly zombies in most video games, the zombies in Zombie Castaway are attractive and friendly.
  • Watch ads and also connect with your friends via Facebook.
  • Connecting your game to your Facebook account allows you to play the game on any device without losing your game stat.
  • Cultivate your farm with your friendly zombies helping out.
  • Build a nation of zombies on a beautiful island.


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July 06, 2021

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Vizor Apps

How to Download Zombie Castaway for PC

You can download and play this old zombie simulation game on your PC. Moreover, you need to have an emulator installed on the PC first. The emulator app serves as your app store and allows the game to run smoothly on PC. We’ll be guiding you on how to install this Zombie Castaways for PC; keep reading below.

How to Download Zombie Castaway for PC

1. Installing Zombie Castaways using Bluestacks

Installing Zombie Castaways using Bluestacks

Step 1: Download the app using your PC browser. Once you’re done with the download, click on the installation wizard and follow the prompts to install the emulator.

Step 2: After installation, click on the app to open it. On the Bluestacks homepage, you’ll find the Google play store icon; click on it.

Step 3: Look for Zombie castaways among the search results and click on the install button to start the installation process. But you’ll sign in with your Google account credentials.

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Step 4: Once you’ve successfully installed the app, you can access and use it from your Bluestacks home screen.

2. Installing Zombie Castaways using Nox Player

Installing Zombie Castaways using Nox Player

Step 1: Open or download the Nox player app on your PC via your browser. After a successful download, proceed with the installation by clicking on the downloaded file.

Step 2: Locate the Google play icon on the home screen and click on it to open. You will be required to sign in with your Google account.

Step 3: On the Google Play store page, click on the search bar and type in ‘Zombie Castaways.’ Simply scroll to where you have the right app and click on the ‘install’ button.

Step 4: After installation, you’ll find the Zombie Castaways icon on your home screen. Open the app and enjoy your game.

Alternative Apps to Zombie Castaways

If you’re looking to have a peak in the neighbor’s yard, here are some apps you can use to alternate your experience on Zombie castaways.

1. Plants Versus Zombies

Plants versus zombies is another great animation that will give you a good time if you enjoy zombie castaways. In this game, you have to hold your guard against a horde of 26 zombie types. To do this, you have 49 plants as your only arsenal. These plants include wall nuts, peashooters, cherry bombs, and so on. The game also comes with in-app purchases that can be turned off in your device settings.

Plants Versus Zombies

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2. Little Princess: Fairy Forest

In this game, you’ll find a magical forest just waiting for you to hop in and explore. Fairy forest comes with gameplay involving playing with the forest fairies. You also need to discover friendly animals and gather magic rocks at the treehouse. You are at liberty to create anything out of your imagination on the game with a large number of characters and locations.

Little Princess - Fairy Forest

3. Paradise Lost

Here is another first-person adventure game that will give you a similar feel to your experience in zombie castaways. The game is set in World War II of 1960. Have an experience in a wasteland as a character known as Szymon. Hop into an immersive adventure in a world laid waste by a nuclear weapon.

Paradise Lost

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get oil in Zombie castaways?

You can get oil as a reward after completing quests in the game or by leveling up. You can also get oil from Black boulders after clearing islands. The residence is another place you can get oil from.

Can I play Zombie Castaways on my Windows PC?

You can play Zombie Castaways on your PC. However, you need to have an emulator preinstalled on your computer to help you with the installation.

Can I play Zombie Castaways on my PC Windows 7?

Provided you have an emulator installed on your PC; you can get a version for your Windows 7 PC. The version with the best graphic quality requires the most recent Windows version 10.


Zombie castaways is a great game that promises so much fun for PC gamers. If you’re having difficulties installing Zombie Castaways for PC, you can refer to the step-by-step guide we have provided in this article.

Just in case you’re looking for another game that gives you a similar feeling to Zombie Castaways, check the list of similar apps also provided in the article. Go, have your game installed, and dive into a whole new level of adventure on Zombie Castaways.

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