Yi home For Pc 2021 (Windows 7, 8 And 10) Free Download

Yi home for windows

Communication is the essence of every relationship. It can be your partner, friends, or family; you need to be connected with them. Yi home is a fantastic app for better communication experience. You can use this yi home for pc or also mobile phone. YI Home for PC Camera helps you to stay connected with your family.

It provides constant live video and sound too. So you are now just a finger tap away from your family. It has a strong 111° full point focal point. With that feature, you can outstretch the area of inclusion. So you can empower yourself away from particular provinces and articles. Practically, double-tap to enact 4x advanced zoom helps you to focus on subtlety.

With a basic tap on your cell phone or pc, you can commence a 2route conversation with your family remotely. It has an incredibly intended microphone, and the speaker guarantees noisy and neat voice integrity. It plans correctly with your mobile phone,pc or another device. So the security system is now enhanced with it.

What Is Yi Home For Pc

YI Home on pc camera is an amazing live video app. It creates gorgeous and precious stone photographs. It has HD goals (1280×720). So it despite everything conveys exceptional photo quality. It doesn’t matter if you are broadened or not; subtleties are always here for you.

Yi home for pc YI Home camera is always cautious for the tasks that are integral to you. As it has a high precision movement recognition innovation, you can enjoy some features. Such as, you will be notified on your phone or pc. In the notification, you can see the specific information of when, where, and what happened. Thus, you usually continue in custody that you manage about, right away!

Backing up to 32GB SD card, it caches video and sound of extraordinary moments. You can record the videos fully entirely. All you have to do is a touch of the pointer of your finger. Best yet, a tacit mode catalysts store action. It happens at differentiated image alteration. It’s adaptable design inherently changes. Because it has excellent questionnaire integrity, this thing depends on your policy conditions.

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How To Use Yi Home On Windows/ Macpc?

This fantastic app is officially developed for android devices only. But you can download Yi home for pc. How? You have to follow some steps. It can be done with an android emulator. With an Android emulator, you can install yi home on your pc. In the same way, you can also install yi home for mac.Yi home for mac

Why We Need Android Emulator

Well, you want to use Yi home for windows. But without an official version, you cannot download it directly from google play store. To use the app, I’m giving you some tricks. So you cannot directly install it and use it. You need to use an android emulator to get Yi home for pc.

Guide To Install Yi Home Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator. It is effortless to use. Let’s dive into the downloading process:

  • First, you need to install and make an account in bluestacks. You should use any G-mail ID to configure so that you can use the google play store.
  • After creating an account, find it’s a search box.
  • As you wish to download Yi home, so type it in the search box.
  • The search result will be in front of you. Now, select the icon and press the install button.
  • Once installed, you can find it out on your apps list.

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Benefits Of Yi Home Real-Time Feed

There are lots of tremendous characteristics of the YI Home camera. One is, one can obtain a live feed of all the exhibitions of the camera direction. You can go on video or audio transmission with your companions at any moment, anywhere. All you require to do is start the app. Then connect with an active internet connection. All of your special ones are only a tap away forthwith.

Another enormous feature that I like most is motion detection. The camera maintains a tight review of every element in the belief of the camera. It has pretty lovely advantages. If it detects a little action in the camera’s lantern, the camera delivers an instant signal to your mobile phone or pc heeding the alteration. In this direction, one can continuously keep up on the lid of everything. So you can always know what is happening in your absence.

  • It has an exclusive HD resolution (1280×720). So, it provides outstanding picture quality even if you enlarge it to perceive tiny details.
  • YI Home camera consistently maintains alert on aspects that are significant to you. It is specially developed with high accuracy for movement detection technology. The camera will automatically send warning notification to your pc or device.  So you continuously stay on the exterior of stuff that you want to watch immediately!
  • It caches video and audio of particular minutes, entirely indexed. So, you can check every single detail. Want to watch previous footage? Just check it’s a database, and you will get all.
  • It has no official version for pc or mac. And also has some bugs that need to be fixed.



Is it free or paid?

Free Yi home app is available.

Does it record the videos?

Yes, it does. You can watch them anytime you want.

Can I stop notification?

Yes, you can stop the alert system for your convenience.

Final Verdict

So, there are lots of amazing features. You can call it the best with many benefits. Yi app for pc will help you to view with a larger screen. So you can see every detailed movement. Moreover, the app is usable for both video transmission and security purposes. People love this app for its multiple uses.

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