YCC365 Plus Manual – Download For PC & Laptop 2022

How To Download APP

  • Search “YCC365 Plus”in Apple Store or Android app store and download.
  • Scan the QR code and download.

How to Connect Camera Add Device

Register an account

  • When you use this app at the first time, you need to use your email to register an account, click”Sign Up”and set a password according this procedure,or choose Long in with mobile phone mumber.
  • If you forget your password, you can reset your password, just click “Forgot password” on the login page.
  • Password should be at least 6 characters and not longer than 26 characters,It should be a combination of letters and numbers.

Only support mobile phone number registration in some regions. Please use email to register in other areas.

Connect the camera

Note: Camera only supports 2.4G WIFI before adding devices, make sure your router is 2.4G

WIFI, and your phone is connected to 2.4G Wi-Fi.

Scan code to add

  • Please make your phone connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • Select your own 2.4GWi-Fi and enter your password.(5G network is not supported).
  • Scan the camera lens toward the QR code of the phone,(Align the QR code with camera lens at a distance of 10-20cm)Hear a voice prompt,Click”When you hear a beep or a green linght”after hearing the beep, Keep the camera cas close as possible to the router, The connection process takes about 1-2minutes,after you will hear welcome to use camera.

Addition by connection to network cable (Only support Lan port device)

  • Click the button in the upper right comer on the app homepage.
  • Choose the device type intelligent camera,choose the addition by connecting to network cable.
  • Plug in the power to the camera,Device network port is connected to the network cable Scan device body QR code,put the QR code on the device body into the box and scan it.
  • Please wait patiently ,The connection process takes about 1-2minutes,after you will hear welcome to use camera.

Addition of AP hotspot

  • Click the button in the upper right comer on the app homepage.
  • Choose the Addition of AP hotspot,Plug in the power to the camera,Wait patienty for the device light to blink or hear a tone,Click Next when done.
  • If you don’t see any tips,try resetting your device,Find the reset button,Long press for at least 5s,click next after prompted.
  • please go to the Wi-Fi list and connect the Wi-Fi in the blue field “CLOUDCAM_XXXX” Select the Wi-Fi that matches the prefix and connect Return to APP after successful connection.
  • After connecting the device successfully click next,Choose your router Wi-Fi,Enter Wi-Fi password,Click confirm,Addition is successful,then your can preview the screen.

AP Direct mode (special)

  • Open the YCC365plus app to enter the login interface, click “Local login” .
  • Click the button in the upper right “+” on the app homepage.
  • Click “AP networked device preview” and Click “Next” .
  • Go to Setting Network click your phone connect to “CLOUDCAM_XXXX” network.
  • Network setting set the Wi-Fi has been connected with this device and Click “Next” .
  • Enter user Name: admin Password: 12345 Click “Next”, then your can preview the screen.

Function introduction

Real-time preview interface

PTZ/ Preset

  • PTZ
    By sliding steering wheel or sliding the screen on the live preview can control the camera’s rotation .
    1、Turn off camera.
    2、PTZ reset .
    3、Click the presets icon to enter the preset management interface.
    5、Shere family .
    Picture for reference Since different cameras have different functions, the actual display interface shall prevail

Video playback

A: Select “View Playback” at the bottom right corner of the live interface to view the playback video of the camera.

B: Switch playback path, you can choose to watch cloud playback/memory card playback.


Click ” Set  icon ” in the preview screen check the parameter menu

Picture for reference

Since different cameras have different functions, the actual display interface shall prevail

Split screen to watch(Only for multiple equipment under the same account)

  • Click on the split screen button to realize simultaneous preview of multiple devices
  • Note: More than two machines, with split screen function.

How to use a camera on a computer

  • Lon ln com
  • Enter your account number and password,click to Login

Frequently asked questions

Can’t add the device

  • A、Please make sure the camera has been reset, Press the Reset button until hear the prompt tone.
  • B、Only support 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi, if your Wi-Fi router is 5GHZ, please switch to 2.4/5GHZ dual mode.
  • C、Please turn on the GPS service before adding the device on the Android mobil phone , After installation is complete, you will be asked to turn on GPS service when you use the app at the first time, if you choose not to turn on the GPS service, please uninstall and reinstall the app again.
  • D、Please confirm the camera wasn’t binding by the other account.
  • There are four voice prompts in the progress.
  • 1)“Please configure camera by AP hotspot or scanning code”.
  • 2)Select your Wi-Fi and login with your password, after the device makes a noise like “beep”you will hear this “Please wait for Wi-Fi connecting”.
  • 3)“Please wait for internet connecting”after getting the Internet ip address.
  • 4)“Internet connected welcome to use cloud camera”.
  • A、If you can’t go to the second step, please check your Wi-Fi channel is not hidden, and the Wi-Fi router can’t be so far from the camera, If this way doesn’t work, please scan the QR code to add the camera.
  • B、If you can’t go to the third step, please reduce the number of the Wi-Fi users, and delete the special characters of your Wi-Fi password.
  • C、If you can’t go to the forth step, please try again, if it still doesn’t work, please contact the seller.

Why does it Intermittent video recording ?

  • The size of the video file is limited,Once the video size close to the critical value, the video file will be created and the next video will continue to be recorded, there is a interval but so short.

Why does the camera is disconnected?

  • Please check Wi-Fi or whether the power switch is normal,If it’s normal,Please Restart camera,Or delete the camera in the APP and Please reconnect the camera.

How to add family email account ?

  • Comer on the App homepage,Click Settings to choose a shared device,Add family Email.

How many people access an account at the same time?

  • There is no limit to the number of people who can access the account,But the same camera can support 3 peoples to view the same time.

Cannot recognize TF card?

  • Please check whether the TF card meets the quality requirements.If the Wi-Fi signal is poor, it may be that the card cannot be read.

After the cloud service expires, the recording timeline is blank.

  • After the cloud service expires, the video cannot be replayed. If there is no TF card in the camera, the video cannot be recorded.
  • If the TF card can always work, but the video file disappeared, please check the “Check TF card” status.
  • If it is normal in the application but no video has been recorded, please format the TF card. If it still cannot be used, please replace it with a new TF card and try again.

Cannot read the wireless network name after connecting to the iphone

  • First,IOS and Android devices need to enable location permissions.
  • Connect the iPhone to the Wi-Fi network through configuration, and then add the camera, which can automatically read the network name.

Why can’t I switch to another account to configure the camera WIFI?

  • The camera can only be bound to one account, and other accounts can only be viewed through the sharing mechanism, If other accounts need to reconfigure the camera, please use the APP in the delete camera first.

How to connect my camera to other Wi-Fi?

  • Two ways:A: When you need to change to another Wi-Fi without moving the location.
    B:When the camera is replaced and no other WIFI can be found,please try resetting your
    device,in the app homepage will prompt “device offline”, click “Troubleshooting”, reset the
    camera, and then add WIFI again. Parameter setting >> Network information >> Select Wi-Fi.

Interface introduction

  1. Adding the camera
  2. cloud service
  3. Sharing the camera
  4. Camera settings
  5. Camera switch
  6. Device list
  7. Message
  8. Cloud service
  9. Users’ login
  10. Multi-screen viewing
  11. Camera settings
  12. Screenshots
  13. Enlarge
  14. Video playback
  15. Alarm notifications
  16. Switching sharpness
  17. Voice intercom
  18. Sound switch
  19. More settings
  20. Local recordings
  21. Cloud storage

Functions introduction

Recording settings

  1. Event recording is started by default, it will record only when an alarm occurs.

If you want to record videos 24 hours, please set it in ‘Device Storage’ >‘ Recording Mode’

  1. Click ‘View Playback’ to view the video playback, slide the time bar to view the video.
  2. The cloud storage videos will be displayed by default. When it is changed to SD memory card in the video viewing path, the memory card recording videos will be displayed.

Motion detection settings

Motion detection and sound detection are enabled by default and do not need to be set.The alarm notifies once every 10 minutes by default.

Notification frequency can be set in the notification push settings. You can also turn off the alarm notification, motion detection and sound detection in here if you don’t need them.

Detection sensitivity – Set the motion detection sensitivity.

Detection area – Set the motion detection area. After setting, the camera only detects the specified areas. Blue screen indicates detection and gray screen indicates no detection.

Smart Tracking Settings

Smart Tracking is enabled by default, and the camera will follow when an object moves.

No technical service is provided here. Please contact the vendor for your video camera issues. Thank you very much!

Connecting to the camera

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Scan the code to add the camera

  1. Register and log into the software

2.Click‘+’> Smart Camera > Scan to add the device

  1. View the app tips, click ‘ ’ after completing the steps, then enter your wifi password.

Camera can be added only after it gave a voice prompt. If there’s no voice prompt, please reset the camera.

  1. Align the displayed QR code to the camera lens until the camera makes a beep sound, click (I hear the‘beep’), then wait it to be connected.

If there is no response for a long time, try to change the angle and brighten the phone screen.

Or use other adding methods to add the camera.

  1. Successfully connected, the camera will be online.

If the camera made a beep sound, but the connection failed:

Please check if the wifi password is correct and if the wifi is 2.4 GHz.

Reconnect next to the router.

Adding the camera: add by AP hotspot

  1. Select Add by AP Hotspot, click‘ ’ after completing the steps.
  2. Connect the phone to the wifi named‘ CLOUDCAM_XXX’ and return to the app.
  3. Click“ Next”, select your wifi and enter the wifi password, then wait for the connection.


  1. Successfully connected. The camera will be online.

Sharing cameras

  1. Click ‘ icon ’ >‘ Add family members’ > Enter the account that you want to share with.

Add by Network cable

  1. Select to add directly by network cable, plug in the network cable to the camera, and click ‘ ’ after completing the steps.
  2. Scan the QR code on the camera after hearing the voice prompt from the camera and add the camera.