WifiKill app For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac)

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WifiKill is a beneficial android app that blocks unwanted WiFi network connectivity. But How can you get the WifiKill app for pc? As it has not any official windows version, you can follow some tricks. In this article, I will mention the detailed features and step by the step installation process.

Indeed, It is a useful app used to disable the internet connection of Wi-Fi-connected appliances. It functions nicely by accessing another WiFi network. After that, it disables the functionality of the WiFi. This app is specially developed for the Android OS. It is exclusively working to alleviate undesirable WiFi connections. It enables you to stay nearby trusted network connection. So, no more slow loading. With this tool, enjoy the relationship without sluggish network problems.

WiFi kill app for pc Overview

Now, you can smoothly ensure your privacy and data with the wifikill app on pc. Just connect to your trusted own networks. Optimizing the list is easy.  Enter the trusted systems on the Trusted Network list in the app.  You can and only authorize your WiFi. The wifikill app for windows is an effective solution to get rid of random WiFi connections.

WifiKill app for PC

Anyone that has vacated their WiFi on while herding realizes how disturbing it is. You are attempting to do something on the pc that compels web connectivity just to discover your device can’t permit the resource. This happens when WiFi does not execute Mobile IP (as opposed to 4G/LTE). Your device shifts between two WiFi hotspots or between a WiFi hotspot and a 4G/LTE network. Your device relinquishes all context. Then it needs to re-establish the trial.

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WiFi kill app App Details & Features

Device: Android OS

A version of the app: 1.4

Download size: 2.63 MB

Released on: August-2, 2016

WiFi kill app Features

The app has so many features. The key features are :

  • It disables any WiFi at the time of driving. All you need is a wifikill app on your pc.
  • It disconnects the WiFi when null trusted networks available.
  • It does not wield your device GPS to determine your driving timing. So, Don’t worry about your privacy.
  • It only adds a trusted Network by name and MAC id. Thus, the wifikill app for pc is the safest solution.
  • It has an extensive listing (e.g., driving starting time, WiFi-enabled notice /disabled, etc.).
  • vIt sends you a notification for quick entry and the importance of related devices or apps.
  • It uses battery Saver mode to scan for networks merely.
  • The Wifikill app for PC is now trending among users for these fantastic features.

How to Use the WifiKill app on Windows/ MacPC?

How can you download the WiFi kill app for pc? You have to follow some steps. The same process you can follow in the case of downloading the WiFiKill app for mac.

WifiKill app for mac

It’s easy to download WiFiKill in your PC operating an emulator programming system. These emulators work in a different ways, they create an android platform to run apps on PC. The strategy is simple to enroll the application on your PC. Follow my step by guide to install the app on your pc.

How Android Emulator works

Android emulator is one of the useful tools for this purpose. It’s formulation indicates Android tools on devices like computers or laptops. It processes by emulating the guest appliance’s configuration. It comprehends the Application Binary Interface (ABI). As a result, the guest device approximates the host device.

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Step by Step instruction to Install WifiKill app using Bluestacks

When you are looking for a well-renowned emulator, Bluestacks will be in the first row. Because it furnishes a meticulous corridor on any app. I’ve jotted down the entire procedure step by step. Follow it accordingly:

  • First, you have to install the Bluestacks on your PC. Already a user? Then the task is much more comfortable. If not, follow the next steps.
  •  After that, you need to download the emulator installer.
  • Done? Okay, now start running the app. It enables you to install Bluestacks on your pc.
  • After that, click “launch” for installing the Bluestacks.
  • Here you have to sign in with some information. This may include your google id.
  • Installation is done. Now go to the home page; click on the search button. Start typing “Wifikill” in the search box.
  • You will find the icon of the Wifikill. Click on the install button. The procedure is done!
  • There are some pros to the app. I’m listing them here:
  • The first advantage is, it’s so easy to use. It is well-known as a user-friendly app.
  • Free wif ikill will be good enough, no need for a premium.
  • It Decrypts the password. So, do not take hassle about privacy issues.  Nothing to worry about it.
  • It mainly monitors network activity and blocks unwanted ones.
  • There are some cons, also.
  • It will not enable you to access permits for other networks.
  • Few of the components are at the testing level. So, the bugs may bother you.
  • It imposes root access.
  • No official version for windows os or ios.



WifiKill app for pc enables you to have a smooth data connection with no buffering. Unwanted network connection may occur security issues. You can lose your data and other private stuff with random respect for WiFi. So WifiKill is a crucial tool that everyone needs to use. Though it’s officially only available for android, my tips will help you install it on your pc or mac.

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