Wifi Master Key For PC- Download And Install (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac)

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Wifi master key is a popular app for exposing a broadband network nearby. One thing for sure, purchasing mobile data can be expensive all the time. Lots of people around the globe use the app for sharing or connecting to network modules or connections. Since the first day, this app surprised a lot of people, and even today, the app is gaining a lot of popularity.

However, you can say the Wifi master key for Mac or windows in still not available. If you want to use a wifi master key on for windows, you will have to use an android emulator. So, in this content, we are going to guide you with the process.

Wifi Master key for pc app description

Wifi Master key is mainly an Android or iOS mobile application for exposing mobile network or wifi. The idea for this simple app is also helpful and straightforward. First of all, you can locate nearby wifi network using the app, and connect with them. And to get connected with the wifi network, you don’t need to know the password.

Wifi Master Key for PC But don’t get the app wrong as it doesn’t hack any wifi network. Instead, the wifi user tends to share the system with others. Mainly, the wifi owner can upload the password into the cloud, and willingly shares his network with other Wifi master key owners. The app is so convenient that it became one of the top ten mobile apps in recent years.

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Free wifi master key app details

Wifi master key apps’ original owner is a company named Linksure. The app was first introduced in the year 2012. However, the app became very popular in 2016 and had over 900 million users worldwide. Currently, the app is ranked 5th in the top ten popular app list. Even after all the success, they didn’t get a windows version for the app.

Well, that is to be expected as most of the computer has a stable broadband connection. On the other hand, mobile phones require a wifi network to reduce mobile network costs.

The app got its recent update on July 23, 2021. Not to mention, the current 4.7.77 is not a beta version, so there are no bugs. Also, the 16MB app size is quite generous and makes it a lightweight app.

How would you download the Wifi master key app for pc?

Just like we said, this app is solely made for android and iOS users in mind. So, nobody can use the app directly on any Windows device. Instead, they would need to use an emulator platform to do the job for them. But to install the emulator, your PC needs to fulfill all the requirements.Wifi Master Key for mac

To install the app, you will need to install an emulator first. However, for installing the emulator, your pc needs to be compatible with some typical specs or hardware compatibility.

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For installing a good emulator, you need at least 4GB ram on your computer. However, if you have at least 8GB ram, that’s going to be the best option. Any emulator can work within windows 7, 8, or 10 – but using the latest windows is a must. If the PC has an Intel or AMD processor, we think the pc can handle the emulator just fine.

Now, what do you think, can your pc specs cover Wifi master key on pc?

How Android Emulators work?

Android emulator is an excellent way of installing android applications on a computer device. Mainly, the emulator operates by simulating the structure of the windows. By interpreting the Application Binary Interface (ABI), the emulator can match the guest device with the host device.

How does Tenta Browser Android Emulator work?

There are a lot of popular and user-friendly emulators available on the web. However, Bluestacks is the most popular emulator among them all. So, here’s a detailed guide to install Wifi Master Key using Bluestacks: Follow my step by step guide accordingly:

  • At the very beginning, you need to download Bluestacks on your computer.
  • When the download is complete, download the emulator installer.
  • After running the driver, you can install Bluestacks on your pc.
  • It takes about 2 to 3 minutes until the installation comes to a halt. And after the installation, click “launch” to install the Bluestacks.
  • Sign-in information such as your Google ID is required to get access to the android platform.
  • Find the Google Playstore on the Bluestacks dashboard and open it. After that, search for “Wifi Master Key”.
  • Select the following app icon named “Wifi Master Key,” Click on the “install” button.

After the installation, you can use the app from the app drawer from Bluestacks.

You are all set to use Wifi Master Key on your computer.

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Features of Wifi Master Key

  • Cloud wifi security detection system
  • Connectivity protection support
  • Comes with wifi map for locating nearby shared network
  • 19 different Language support
Pros of wifi master key app
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Data security option and no need to worry about data being stolen
  • The password is kept safe with the cloud security options
  • A network map helps you to get access to the nearby wifi network.
Cons of wifi master key app
  • Cannot connect to a network if the sharer doesn’t use wifi master key.


Some important FAQ?

Does wifi master key uses a hack to get access?

No, it’s the network owner who shares the password in the wifi master key cloud database. And anyone with the app can connect within the shared network.

Where can I directly download wifi master key on your pc?

Just use an emulator, and you will get access to the Google PlayStore. Well, to download the app, you have to rely on the Playstore.

Final Verdict

Wifi Master Key has gained massive popularity for being the best-shared network app. Not to mention, it keeps all the data safe and secure. Anyway, when you want to install the app on your computer, the going gets tough. But we discussed how you could install a free wifi master key on pc, and now you can install it on your own.

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