WeMo App For PC | How To Use For Free Windows 7/8/10 And Mac

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Are you a techy person who loves to be in a smart home? Or you live in a big house with lots of home appliances? If yes, then you need to get the wemo app for pc to control the appliances smartly and quickly from anywhere you want.

With the Wemo app, you can control all the devices and lights that are connected with wemo plugs. You have all the control of your room heater, air conditioner, TV from anywhere, anytime.

It is maybe a new app for most of us, so to understand about the wemo app for windows and how to download wemo for pc – follow this post and enlighten yourself with the miracle of this app.

Wemo App For PC Main Key Features

The smart use of the wemo app has made life convenient. All you have to do is get a wemo device, download the app and control all the appliances from your bed, car and Miami Beach. The features of this wonderful app are:

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WeMo App For PC

  • Controls the lights, electric appliances by pairing the devices with wemo switches and google home.
  • Allows to light up the house before entering by scheduling your home returning hours
  • Sync devices and lights with the sunlight automatically.
  • Away mode feature allows you to turn on and off lights randomly from your office or tour.
  • To enjoy different world events, getting push notifications, this wemo app allows IFTT service.
  • This app can be integrated with Nest’s different features like a thermostat, home, away etc., so when you are out, saving energy will get easy for this pairing.
  • Amazon Alexa also can be paired with a wemo device.
  • Any user can understand the use of the app as it comes with a simple interface

Download Wemo App For PC [APK Details]

The APK details of this app makes the installation process easy and simple. If you know the wemo apk download details properly, the wemo experience gets better.

Name Wemo App For PC
App Version 1.29.1
Category Utilities
App Size 136.2 MB
Supported Android Version 6.0 and updated version
Last Update March 9, 2021
License Type Open
Download File 1.17.1 APK

How to Install Wemo App For Pc (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac) – Free Download

Now comes the delicate part –which is installation process. Because you‘ve to understand the download and installing process properly or else your all hard work will go in vain. Though downloading the wemo for android or ISO is easy, the confusion starts when you are trying for Wemo on your pc. You have to follow some tricky methods as the apk is not available for pc users.

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WeMo App For Mac

Here you will get the two best methods to help you in the free wemo download process on your Windows or Mac.

1. How To Use And Download Wemo App Using Bluestacks

Firstly, the wemo for windows or mac is not available as the desktop version is not available. But you can use the wemo app for pc easily by using the android emulators. Among the hundreds of emulators, Bluestacks is the reliable and popular one. Here are simple instructions that leads you to download and use the wemo app on your pc or mac:

Download Wemo App Using Bluestacks

  • At first, Download Bluestacks on your desktop from a reliable link.
  • After completing the download, click the file twice to start installing the emulator on your pc.
  • You will get a setup wizard. Launch it and complete the step by step installation methods
  • Once the Bluestacks installation is done, you will find a Bluestacks icon on the desktop.
  • Click on the icon and launch the webcam application for desktop.
  • Hunt for the wemo app in the google play store
  • Look for the authentic wemo app from the results and set up
  • your pc or mac will have the app.
  • After finishing the download and installation process, start to use the app from your windows or mac.

2. How To Use And Download Wemo App Using NoxPlayer

The other popular and reliable android emulator is NoxPlayer. You have to download this when your pc doesn’t support the Bluestacks. It also doesn’t require any lengthy or complex process to download and install. Just follow the instruction and download wemo for pc:

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Download Wemo App Using NoxPlayer

  • Before anything, you have to download the Nox player for your pc. Make sure to get the emulator from a reliable website.
  • When the download is done, then click the downloaded file two times to start the installation.
  • Follow the installing steps to finish the emulator installation while running the setup wizard.
  • After installing the player, you have to sign up with your email.
  • Now look for the wemo app in the play store.
  • Find the app and click the install button.
  • The installation time will take 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Run the app after completing the installation process.

Wemo Alternatives For Windows And Mac

If you want to try the wemo app alternative, then try the given apps that are given below:

1. Samsung smart things

With Samsung smart things, monitoring home from any place in the world gets easier with high-quality video. The motion sensor feature alerts you instantly and you can talk with your home assistant through the camera.

2. Ankuoo

This smart plug allows you to run in schedule and control the appliances from any part of the world. The best part is this plug works with WIFI also.

3. D-link

D-link is famous for smart products like plug, sensors and cameras. These products are user-friendly and helps you to control all home appliances of your home.

4. TP-Link Smart Home

The products of TP-Link Smart Home are now getting popular among smart home lovers. The plugs, cameras come with simple and controllable features.

Frequently Asked Questions

While using the wemo app, it is obvious that users will have questions in their minds. Here I have tried to answer the common questions.

Can you control wemo from the computer?

Yes, you can control wemo from your pc. Use the Wemo Smart Plug that supports the devices to control from your windows 10.  You can discover the devices in your network, know the status, turning the switch on and off.

Why is my wemo app not working?

When your wemo app is not working, fix the internet connection. Then check the device wether it is unplugged. Uninstall the app and again reinstall to make the app work again.

Why is my wemo device not detected?

Sometimes, you will find your wemo device is not detected in the app. Check your Wi-fi working or not. If the orange light is blinking, then restart the wemo app, unplug and plug the devices again. The device will get detected automatically.

Do I need a wemo account?

Yes, you will need a wemo account to ensure a smooth performance from the wemo devices. But you can work with your wemo devices without having an account for certain long time.

Why is my wemo blinking blue?

It is the sign of the device is getting ready to start its work. When you will plug in your new wemo device or restart the device, the device will blink with a blue light. This means your devices are ready.


Wemo app for pc is the best application that helps you to control your smart home with smart appliances. Monitoring your home with cameras and smart plugs far from your home with your finger enables you to lead a smart and simple life.

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