How to use vChannel for PC with BlueStacks In 2020

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vChannel for PC is an entertainment-based software developed by iSSoft Ltd. Installing vChannel for PC will enable you to get many of your favorite Movies, Serials, TV show, etc for free. You can also add your most favorite channels and see them in history.

Everyone wants to see their favorite shows on TV. But sometimes no one wants to fight over the remote. With vChannel for PC, you can get your favorite TV on your PC in just a few seconds. So, follow the easy steps and install vChannel for your PC(Windows and Mac) now.

Why choose vChannel for PC?

People generally tend to use software that is light and efficient. We don’t really want to jam our PC with heavy software which contains very few useful features. vChannel lets you stream the net and watch your favorite shows and completely free of cost.

vChannel for PC

vChannel also has a Chromecast feature and also operates as an RSS feed Video player. The RSS is specified as 2.0. So, we can see that with vChannel you can enjoy your pass time and leave the TV remote for your others. It loads videos quite fast and bufferless.

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Benefits of vChannel for PC

vChannel will benefit you in many ways. It is especially helpful if you are on a trip and you want to watch your favorite TV show. Now you will not miss a single show with vChannel. Other benefits of vChannel include:

  • Enjoy your favorite show anywhere you want.
  • Easy to use and doesn’t require any high-speed internet support.
  • Supports Chromecast for high-quality video streaming.
  • You can Cast it on TV and other smart monitors.
  • The app is frequently updated by developers and features improve after every update.

Features of vChannel for PC

vChannel is a lightweight video streaming software for your PC. Its features are:

Unlimited Streaming

vChannel gives you a limitless streaming feature for your PC. You will never miss a single show even if you are far away from home.

Fast Video Load

vChannel’s video feed is based on RSS 2.0. It also has a Chromecast feature. So, it is very fast and doesn’t require a high-speed network connection.

Easily installable

vChannel installs quite easily installable on your PCs. It doesn’t require much ram or storage memory support.

Storing Option

You can download online videos with this app on your storage memory. The feature enables you to save your favorite videos for future use.

How to install vChannel for PC (Windows and Mac)

There are two ways you can install vChannel for your windows or mac PC. You can install the software by using an android emulator for your windows of mac. Bluestacks is the best android emulator so far and it is very customizable.

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Install vChannel for PC (Windows and Mac) using Bluestacks

Bluestacks can be used for your windows PC to install vChannelsoftware. The steps for installing vChannel using Bluestaks are:

vChannel for Mac

Step 1: Download the bluestacks android emulator for free and install it on your PC.

Step 2: After installing it go to the playstore app inside.

Step 3: After adding a gmail account  try to search for vChannel in the play store.

Step 4: Install by clicking the install button and the app will start to download. 

Step 5: After installing make any type of vChannel you want.


Install vChannel for PC from Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store recently allowed vChannel in their gallery. Any windows user can install the software by opening the MS Store and install it in just one click.

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Install vChannel for PC for Mac from the Apple store

Installing vChannel for your mac PC is probably easier. Just go to the apple store on your mac and install it from there. Just search and install.


vChannel for PC is easily installable, lightweight, and fast. You can now leave the remote for your kids and still see your favorite shows on your PC. vChannel is a very useful Chromecast software and it can also cast your favorite shows on smart TVs. If you have any problems with installing the software then please let us know. Have a good day.

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