Use Android Emulator to Get V380 for PC – Download for Free

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Just think we have to go outside every day, for example to the market, shopping mall, bazar, and office. And all the places we’ve seen there has cc camera for the monitoring purposes. Not only that many of us also installed a camera to their house. That means the camera is one of the most important devices nowadays. We can monitor and manage the cameras with a simple app V380. In this content, we are going to tell you the details about V380.

Primarily V380 is a mobile application, and you can use it on your android device and iOS device. But you can also download V380 for PC. Read this article with patience and know how you can download and install properly on your PC. Before that, we feel the necessity to give you a clear idea about the app.

Why Use V380?

You’ve installed cameras where necessary, but they are still. At the same time, you don’t know when a camera stops recording. Right? But there something might happen when your camera was not working. That is why you should have a system by which you can monitor the camera whether the camera is working properly or not. V380 is a software by which you can fully manage and control the camera. Not done yet, you can also rotate the camera to see what is happening at the side. That is why we suggest using the application for your convenience.

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V380 for PC

Highlighted Features Provide by 380

  • It is like a remote controller. Rotate the camera only touching the screen.
  • Enjoy real-time audio and video recording anytime and anywhere.
  • Voice calls and voice intercom supported.
  • VR WiFi camera supported.
  • Cloud storage supported.
  • Zoom function helps to see the scenario carefully and clear.

Download V380 for PC, Compatible for Both Windows and PC

You can generally use this application on your mobile device, but we want to share the trick how you can use it on PC because of widescreen view. If you use the app in your PC, you can view the recorded scenario in wide view, and you can easily detect any suspicious issue quickly. Follow the instructions to download V380 for PC.

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V380 for Mac

How to Download & Install V380 for PC

  • Download a mobile emulator (BlueStacks) first.
  • Install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Open up the application and find my app menu.
  • Click on my app menu and click on the search bar.
  • Type V380 and search.
  • V380 will come on the result page, select and install.
  • Open up V380, configure, and enjoy.


There are so many people who use cc camera and another camera for monitoring purposes. But there are few people who use the camera controlling application because most of them don’t know about the app. We say, do anything smartly not hardly. Use the app and make easy the procedure of monitoring using a camera. Just download and install V380 for PC and feel how much advantages you get! You can share this post if you like the app and if it is beneficial. Thank You

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