Use Firestick Without Internet Connection [2023]

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is quite possibly the most well-known gadgets for streaming selective motion pictures and TV shows. It is permitting you current highlights, such as screen sharing, playing music, playing computer games, etc and also transforms any standard TV into a nifty device.

Notwithstanding, the vast majority of these highlights are inaccessible without a steady web connection. Without web connection there are a couple of things you can use in the Fire TV Stick, yet your choices are negligible.

Use Firestick Without Internet doesn’t work correctly. Amazon Fire TV Stick needs a steady web association with work accurately. All Amazon Prime TV shows, music and motion pictures are transferred straightforwardly from the web. Without an association, you may have the option to utilize introduced applications that don’t need web access.

Nonetheless, even that will be restricted since there are no controls or different choices. Kodi is quite possibly the most mainstream software for streaming movies and TV shows.

Does The Amazon Fire Stick Need Internet?

When you hope to stream substance to your TV from sources like HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix etc. there are a few gadgets from which you can get entertainment. Amazon Fire TV Stick (snap to see on Amazon) is one of these gadgets.

Use Firestick Without Internet Connection

On your Fire TV Stick you can download and use the Kodi software. Thus, Kodi software permits you to download your recordings straightforwardly to the Fire TV Stick, helping you to watch them disconnected. You will have the option to utilize the application a similar way you use that while having an internet connection.

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There you won’t have the opportunity to get to the online library or search anything to watch, just the saved recordings. You won’t require a connection by any means and download what you need forward of time. That way, you can make the most of your number one motion pictures and TV shows anyplace and whenever.


When you purchase a Fire Stick from Amazon, you get a little box that incorporates the Fire Stick, the Fire TV controller, a few batteries, and a few different things you should set up. The arrangement cycle is genuinely fast and will expect you to do something like attach an HDMI link into the Fire Stick and associate it to the HDMI port on your TV, interface the gadget to your Wi-Fi organization, enter usernames and passwords for applications that you need to utilize, and check for accessible updates.

The Internet association that the Fire Stick traverses this Wi-Fi association is necessary to stream content like TV shows and films from viable streaming suppliers. And keeping in mind that the Amazon Fire TV Stick accompanies a couple of applications pre-introduced, you are also going to require an Internet association with downloading new applications and updating your current ones.

In case you don’t approach the Internet (and it should be remote access, as well, as the Ethernet port doesn’t link with Fire stick) When you won’t have the option to put up the Fire Stick or stream any substance. The gadget’s Home screen won’t stack without an Internet association. 

Using The Fire Stick Without Having The Internet Connection

Web-based features like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime etc. need Internet connection. While you have choices for downloading substance to your gadgets from those administrations so you can watch that content when you don’t have Internet, you will require Internet admittance to play out the underlying download.


In case the issue is certifiably not an all-out absence of Internet, yet instead that your home’s switch signal strength isn’t adequate to arrive at the Fire Stick area, at that point, you may wish to consider a Wi-Fi extender all things being equal (snap to see on Amazon). This sort of gadget can help your Wi-Fi signal so your Fire Stick can get to it if it would be some way, or another be out of reach.

Practically any streaming gadget or media player like Kodi, that you buy and use in your house will need an Internet connection eventually. Regardless of whether it’s the Fire Stick (snap to see on Amazon), an Apple TV (snap to see on Amazon), a Roku (snap to see on Amazon), or a Google Chromecast (snap to see on Amazon), the gadget arrangement cycle and substance real-time require an Internet association.

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Use Firestick Without Internet Connection

Your Fire TV Stick won’t have the option to show the Home screen when separated from the web. Nonetheless, if your introduced applications needn’t bother with an association, you can get to them through the gadget’s Settings. If you want to use firestick without the internet, so you have to follow the rules below:


  • Power up TV and go to the Fire TV Stick’s Settings.
  • Select “Applications,” at that point pick “Oversee Installed Applications.”
  • Discover the application you need and select “Dispatch Application.”

There is just a single additional thing you can attempt without a Wi-Fi association, and that is sharing a hotspot from your cell phone.

Set Up A Hotspot

You can utilize your cell phone to make a hotspot and associate the Fire Stick to the web in case you have cell web. The thing that you have to do to make it work are given below:

  • Click on the “Settings” application on your cell phone and turn the Hotspot function on.
  • Open the Alexa application on your Fire TV Stick and select “Amazon Tap” and afterwards pick “Change.”
  • Discover the hotspot in the accessible choices. Select “Use this gadget as a Wi-Fi hotspot.”
  • Tap “Start.”
  • Enter the name and secret key of your hotspot and tap “Confirm”.

Alexa will affirm when the association is set up, and you will have the option to utilize your Fire TV Stick not surprisingly. It would be best if you get that Amazon Tap would use your telephone’s information, which could prompt an expanded bill toward the month’s end. Be cautious about your information utilization, and you will be fine. In case you don’t know about the number of GB your phone information plan incorporates, consider your supplier or visit the help site.

Set Up A Secure Connection

The Fire TV Stick is intended to work with a web connection. Without one, your alternatives are restricted, and you won’t have the option to appreciate a large portion of the highlights this little gadget has to bring to the table. You can watch downloaded movies in Kodi if you have to face these kinds of situations. You can also put up a hotspot in your device. If you really want to see the movies or show you can obviously watch that with an alternative option.

Other Options For Firestick

In case you don’t have Internet access in your home and if you have an Android or an iOS device yet then you do have the decision of using your phone as a hotspot and partner the Fire Stick to the way that you use the internet. There’s an Alexa application on the Fire Stick that incorporates a component which will interface with your telephone’s hotspot. Empower the hotspot on your telephone, dispatch Alexa, pick Amazon Tap, at that point discover your telephone’s hotspot and interface with it.

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Notwithstanding, It Ought To Be Noted That This Hotspot Technique Can Utilize A Great Deal Of Your Telephone’S Information On The Off Chance That You Will Transfer Video. Contingent Upon The Nature Of The Stream And The Time Allotment You Watch, You Could Go Without Much Of A Stretch Experience Numerous Gbs Of Information In A Solitary Day. Furthermore, Contingent Upon The Strength Of Your Telephone’S Internet Association, You Might Not Have A Pleasant Web-Based Experience Either If The Association Isn’T Sufficient.

Some outsider applications, (for example, Kodi) can be introduced on the Fire Stick and give you admittance to gadgets on your nearby organization, where you may have media records put away. Notwithstanding, this choice expects you to have in any event a Wi-Fi router in your home. More seasoned adaptations of the Fire Stick had a USB port that took into account the side-stacking of applications. However, the USB port on fresher models is for power as it were. In any case, even the more established models needed to you to have just downloaded these applications and had them available from a PC.

Like certain Android games and outsider applications, some applications can be gotten to by going to Settings > Applications. Nonetheless, the application will now be on your gadget, and it can’t need any Internet access. These applications are rare. Most applications that you dispatch this way will give you a blunder screen to tell you that they won’t work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you be able to utilize fire stick without Internet?

Amazon Fire TV Stick needs a steady web association with work effectively. Every Amazon Prime films, TV shows, and music are transferred straightforwardly from the web. Without an association, you may have the option to utilize introduced applications that don’t need web access.

Would I be able to utilize Firestick with telephone information?

Amazon Fire Stick functions admirably on the portable hotspot(3G/4G). The lone downside is information utilization at rapid. It’s smarter to utilize the stick on Wi-Fi!

Would I be able to utilize hotspot for Firestick?

It’s straightforward to interface your Fire Stick to your hotspot. Above all else, turn on your TV by interfacing the fire stick to your TV. You need to switch on the Wi-Fi hotspot on your telephone, when you are on the landing page, and afterwards go to the settings part of your Fire Stick.

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What amount of information does hotspot use for Firestick?

It will burn-through about 3.5GB information while watching recordings in Best quality.

For what reason won’t my Firestick interface with my hotspot?

Restart both the gadgets. Turn the iPhone now and again. Reboot the Firestick by unplugging from the electrical plug and connecting once more. Guarantee that both the iPhone and Fire TV gadget are completely state-of-the-art.

For what reason does my Firestick continue to detach from the web?

On the off chance that the Firestick is often losing the web connection, it very well maybe because of a little glitch.  Remove the firestick gadget from your TV. Switch off the TV and the Wi-Fi switch, restart the two devices following 2 minutes.

Does FireStick hinder the web?

Indeed, Fire Stick can hinder the web because of different foundation/undesirable applications, settings, and so forth. Decrease the foundation information utilization and other unwanted applications that use your web.

Would it be preferable for me to clear information on FireStick?

On the off chance that your gadget indeed is coming up short on capacity, at that point you should clear the store or information on some applications, or even eliminate applications that you don’t utilize consistently. You need to choose Device or System rather than My Fire TV with some Fire TV gadgets and more seasoned programming renditions.

Why are fire sticks so moderate?

One of two things is typically causing a moderate Fire Stick: An overheated gadget—an excessively enlarged device.

What occurs if I clear information on my Firestick?

Clearing information will eliminate any data you have put away on the application, which may expect you to reemerge your data and lose game information.


Amazon Fire TV Stick is quite possibly the most famous gadgets for streaming films and selective TV shows. It likewise transforms any standard TV into a smart device, offering you present-day highlights like screen sharing, music playback, computer games, etc. Amazon planned the Fire TV gadget line to transfer recordings, live TV, and other streaming media economically and straightforwardly.

You can read more about the Fire Stick TV stick and can have a look at the Fire TV Stick 4K here (snap to see on Amazon), including studies from latest owners. There is a great deal of data on that page, and you may discover something applicable to your question which could offer you an authoritative response on your expected use-case.  While a negligible measure of Use Firestick Without Internet, it is seriously upset and is most likely not an incredible buy except if you have a particular requirement for the gadget that can be satisfied despite an Internet association’s absence.

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