Tenta Browser For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac) Free Download

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Tenta browser has become very popular among android users for the best privacy supports. Most browsers are always focusing on data harvesting or ads. Though, there is no Tenta browser available for PC version on the web. But still, people can install it with the help of emulators.

There are many popular browsers out there, and Tenta is starting to become a strong contender for the android default browser. Considering all the facts and info, all we can say is, you can even use the browser easily on windows. Today, we are going to guide you with the process of using the browser and installing it.

Tenta Browser For Pc App Description

Tenta browser is an entirely free android browser which is focusing on the user’s privacy. Mainly, the built-in DNS system ensures that your ISP cannot spy on the browsing history. Also, the browser provides VPN support to make your web surfing better by the seconds. Other than that, you don’t have to switch the servers manually anymore.

Tenta Browser for Pc Aside from all these features, the Tenta browser is excellent for its security features. You will get ad blockers, HTTP, and incognito mode with additional support. As open-source software, the browser provides impressive features and supports.

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App Details

Just like we said, Tenta is a web browser with a lot of privacy tools. The app is well known for providing the best free VPN traffics and data privacy tools. As there is no windows version out yet, the browser is only accessible by Android users.

Tenta browser is completely free of charge, but there are some monthly premium plans for a better browsing experience. Emerald Cactus Ventures Inc. first came up with the Tenta browser on March 20, 2019. Since then, they came up with multiple updates, and the recent update came on June 20, 2021.

How To Install Tenta Browser On Windows?

If you own a Windows computer and still want to use Tenta Browser for windows, there is away. However, they have not yet released a Windows version of the software. But they are trying to come up with the windows version. If you do want to install the app on your computer, you must fulfill the following requirements:Tenta Browser for mac

  • To install the app, you will need to install an emulator first. However, for establishing the emulator, your pc needs to be compatible with some typical specs or hardware compatibility.
  • For installing a good emulator, you need at least 4GB ram on your computer. However, if you have at least 8GB ram, that’s going to be the best option. Any emulator can work within windows 7,8, or 10 – but using the latest windows is a must. If the PC has an Intel or AMD processor, we think the pc can handle the emulator just fine.

Does your pc fill up all the requirements? If the computer matches all the configurations, anyone can download Tenta Browser for PC.

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How Android Emulators work?

Android emulator is an excellent way of installing android applications on a computer device. Mainly, the emulator operates by simulating the structure of the windows. By interpreting the Application Binary Interface (ABI), the emulator can match the guest device with the host device.

How Does Tenta Browser On Your Pc Android Emulator Work?

Here’s a step by step guide to install Tenta browser using Bluestacks: Follow my step by step guide accordingly

  • First, you need to download Bluestacks on your computer.
  • When the download is complete, download the emulator installer.
  • After running the driver, you can install Bluestacks on your pc.
  • Give some minutes to activate, and for the emulator to install. And after the installation, click “launch” to install the Bluestacks.
  • Sign-in information such as your Google ID is required to get access to the android platform.
  • Open the Google Playstore and search for “Tenta Browser”.
  • Select the following app icon named “Tenta Browser,” Click on the “install” button.

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You are all set to use the Tenta browser on your PC.



Features of Tenta Browser

  • Default anonymous browsing support
  • Decentralized web 3.0 support
  • Private browsing and no data harvesting
  • Automatically blocks any ads or trackers
  • Browser keeps no log
  • Pin code and fingerprint lock support
  • Private bookmarks, VPN, incognito mode feature
  • Automatic VPN connection support
  • It can automatically block any ads or trackers.
  • Keeps your IP address hidden all the time from any spy.
  • Will have no problems with BNS leaks.
  • Auto-protection support from the downloaded files.
  • Comes with lots of privacy web tools.
  • Get access to unlimited free VPN traffic.
  • Open-source software enables you to customize the browser according to your will.
  • Small networking coverage
  • Need to purchase a pro version for advanced privacy tools.
  • A commercial plan from the browser can cover just a single device.
  • Free VPN comes with just a single location.
  • Free VPN works only with the Tenta browser.

Some Important FAQ

Is there any version of the Tenta browser for windows?

Well, the developers are trying to come up with a PC version of the Tenta browser. However, still to this day, there is no windows version of the app. The browser is only available for the android platform. There is no Tenta browser for Mac also.

Will emulator help me use Tenta Browser?

Well, of course, the emulator can enable you to use the Tenta browser on windows devices.

Final Verdict

The Tenta browser is coming up with great and great security tools in the browser. Yes, even after some browsing network problems, the browser is starting to improve day by day. Even Android users can experience privacy supports from the browser.

The developers said that they would come with a windows version of the browser. However, now you have to rely only on emulators to use it on windows devices. If you follow our step by step guide and can fulfill the requirements, installing a Tenta browser on PC won’t be that of a daunting job.

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