Sricam App For PC – Windows 7/8/10 & Mac Free Download In 2023

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Are you having a problem with your security issues? Want to upgrade your security camera? Then the sricam app is the right pick as an IP camera. You can use this surveillance app from your tablet or smartphones. This free app comes with advanced network technology that is known as Cloud link P2P. With this network transmission app monitoring and the online call gets easier. Altering the settings from anywhere is easy. If you like to use this app from your desktop then use the sricam app for pc. In this post, you will get the right methods to download the sricam app for pc safely without any problem.

Sricam App For PC Main Key Features

Before walking into the process of sricam app download, you have to know about the features of this app especially if you are a new user. Whether you are using it or not but this sricam app for the camera is the best surveillance camera you can ask for. The features are:

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Sricam App For PC

  • Keep you assured and updated about the surrounding of your office or home.
  • Feeds you live footage for 24/7 without any disturbance if stable internet is promised
  • Provides high-resolution video quality
  • Network technology is a highly advanced Cloud link P2P
  • Comes with unlimited online storage
  • Easy to monitor and allows quick video calling
  • Allows direction change in 360 degree, voice call, motion sensors
  • Records your videos to let you to see the live feed later for security reasons
  • You convert the videos format per your requirement
  • Let you record videos manually.

Download Sricam For PC [APK Details]

In this section, you’ll get the full APK details before you want a sricam apk download for your pc. The APK details make you understand the compatibility of the app to make your use from your desktop easy.

Name Sricam For PC
App Version
Category IP Camera manufacture Tools
APP Size 18M
Supported Android Version 5.0 and updated version
Last Update October 30, 2020
License Type Free for all
Download File sricam apk

How to Install Sricam App For Pc – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac – Free Download

In this section, you will be enlightened with the methods of free sricam app download. Downloading and installing an application to use on a desktop or Mac is quite tricky and confusing for first users. If the process is not done step by step then the installing process will get failed.

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Sricam App For Mac

However, the installing methods are quite easy to help users in downloading the sricam app for windows or for Mac.

1. How To Use And Download Sricam Using Bluestacks

To get the sricam app for on your pc, you have to use android emulators. Among hundreds of emulators, Bluestacks is the recommended one. This emulator comes with user-friendly features that make the use of it simple and smart. The steps of the sricam app download and installing process are:

Download Sricam Using Bluestacks

  • If you don’t have the bluestacks on your pc, your first task is to download the android emulator from the official site or a verified site.
  • After completing the installation process, check for the bluestack icon on the desktop.
  • By tapping the icon you’ll be in google play store
  • Search for the sricam app and click the right one among alternative ones
  • Install and download the app
  • Wait for few minutes to complete the full installation process
  • Now start the app and run the surveillance camera from your desktop.

2. How To Use And Download Sricam Using NoxPlayer

If the bluestacks stop working on your desktop then switch to another recommended android emulator NoxPlayer app. This app comes with a simple interface and user-friendly features. The steps of download the sricam app for mac are:

Download Sricam Using NoxPlayer

  • Uninstall the bluestacks from the desktop if it’s not working
  • Download the Nox player app for your pc from any certified site.
  • After completing the app installation process, sign up with your mail to use the app
  • Go to the google play store and search sricam app
  • Install and download the camera app in the windows or Mac
  • Run the camera and stay updated about the surroundings.
  • Sricam alternatives for Windows and Mac
  • Sricam app is the popular IP camera viewer among other apps. But there are

Some Better Alternatives If You Want To Use Them

1. IP Camera Viewer

With this app, keeping eye on your home, office, the parking lot gets easier. You can change the settings of video frames and resolution for a better view.

2. Camfrog Video Chat

If you are looking for a camera app with video chat, chat and messaging options then this app is highly recommended. You can monitor, chat at the same time while using this app.

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3. CyberLink YouCam

If you use this camera app on your desktop then you’ll enjoy organized features, smart activity, webcam, and creative camera options all at a time.

4. SmartPSS

If you want an IP camera that covers a small area then SmartPSS is a great choice. With this app, you can record video, manage different devices, real-time monitoring, alarm management and the list goes on.

Frequently Asked Questions

While using the sricam app for your desktop, different questions arise. In this section, I’ve tried to answer the common questions of the users.

How Can I Watch Sricam On My Computer?

To watch sricam on your computer, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Get the camera software on your pc.
  • Download and install the Sricam app
  • Sign in with your Gmail
  • Run and connect the camera
  • Start watching the live feed from your computer

How Do I Set Up A Sricam IP Camera?

Setting up a sricam IP camera is simple. Just follow the steps properly:

  • First, run the camera by powering up
  • Wait until it finishes booting up
  • Reset the device to ensure the setup
  • Download the sricam app on your device
  • Then open the app’s dashboard and give the device id in the add device option.
  • Set up the device with password and Wifi settings
  • Once the device shows connected in WIfi then your camera is ready to run.

What Is The Sricam App?

the Sricam app is a free app that can be used as a customized Wifi IP camera. The technology of this camera app is Cloudlink P2P which promises advanced system transmission. For that far away monitor and video chat is easy and you can stay connected with your family from anywhere and anytime.

How Do I Reset My Sricam IP Camera?

sometimes you may need to reset your IP camera. it is not a complicated thing – press the reset button for 15 seconds and wait. The camera will get reset and the factory settings will get restored.

How Do I Find My Sricam IP Address?

To change some settings, you may require the IP address of the sricam IP camera. You will get the IP address on the configuration page of your camera. But for this, you have to own full access to the IP camera settings.


Sricam app for pc is a lifesaving app for those who are badly in need of a secured and reliable surveillance camera. By installing this IP camera, you can stay connected with your office staff or family members remotely. Check the alternative ones if you want to use a new one from your windows or mac.

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