Reicast For PC (Free Download – Windows 10/8/7 And Mac)

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Are you looking for how to get the Reicast app running on your Windows or Mac PC? There is a guide that will help you install and use Reicast for PC seamlessly. It’s no surprise that most Android applications have exclusive designs for iOS and Android mobile devices and smartphones.

The Reicast app is a popular entertainment app due to its unique interface combines effectiveness and simplicity. It enables users to play games from their devices. It has no complexities associated with it. It depicts ease as well as user-friendly.

This article gives you the steps of downloading and installing Reicast for PC. This involves using Android emulators such as the Bluestacks and MEmu apps discussed below. Read on for the full details.

What is Reicast App?

Reicast is an entertainment and Android app for playing Dreamcast games. Using the app has no difficulties. Your basic requirement is a ROM of your games for you to both use and plays it.

Reicast for PC

The Reicast app comes with no built-in game of its own. Instead, it allows you to download your favorite games for maximum entertainment. Moreover, its operation is quite simple that even newbies could conveniently understand in less time.

With its user-friendly interface, it’s very easy to navigate through the application. In addition, Reicast eliminates complications in any of its functionality that could confuse users.

As an Android application installing Reicast for PC does not follow a direct approach. The process will require using an Android emulator to facilitate the downloading of the app on both Windows and Mac operating systems.


App Name Reicast – Dreamcast Emulator
Category Entertainment
File Size 37 MB
Installations 1,000,000+
Developer Reicast Team
Average Rating 3.2

Reicast App Features

Reicast is an application that facilitates the playing of Dreamcast games for users. Here are some of its unique features

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Reicast App Features

  • Frameskip value option for fast-forwarding games. You can run your game’s platform much faster by setting your speed.
  • Manageable controller that enables easy authorizing of your co-partner with some duties and powers he desires to assign.
  • Seamless integration of games. The application has no associated complexities. By just copying and pasting your games on their specific folder, the application will automatically detect them.
  • Game patcher eliminates issues of unstable performance, which are usually common with playing games from an emulator.

How to Download and Install Reicast on Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac PCs

As an Android application, it won’t be easy to download the Reicast app for Windows and Mac PCs. You can only get Reicast for PC by using an Android emulator that will support the download of the app on your PC.

How to Download and Install Reicast on Windows

We will be considering two methods that you can use to get Reicast for PC, which involves using the Bluestacks and MEmu Android emulators.

Method 1: Using the Bluestack Emulator

The Bluestacks app is highly recommendable and efficient as it allows the updates of the apps installed through them on your PC. Using Bluestacks is one of the best means to download Reicast on Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Using the Bluestack Emulator

Here are the steps in the process.

  • You will start downloading the BlueStacks app on your PC. So, visit the BlueStacks official website and click the download link or button to download the app. You may use Google Play Store for the download.
  • When you’re done with downloading the emulator, continue by clicking the Exe file on the Download folder of your PC. Then, use the setup Wizard and its on-screen instructions to initiate and complete the installation.
  • As the Bluetsacks shortcut displays on your desktop, it means that the installation was successful. Click on the shortcut to open and launch the app.
  • Using the BlueStacks application, you should type and search for the Reicast app from the search box. Enter your Gmail ID and password to use the Google Play Store tools
  • From the display of the search result, select the Reicast app. Then, click the download tab. The process may require a few moments to complete. You will initiate the installation of Reicast after accepting the app’s license agreement.
  • On completing the installation, you can open and launch the Reicast app from the BlueStacks emulator.

Method 2: Using MEmu Emulator

MEmu is also a popular and widely used Android emulator as it offers great and outstanding services to users. It’s a very easy and simple emulator that is specially designed for gaming applications. Moreover, its file size is much lighter than that of the Bluestacks.

Using MEmu Emulator

The MEmu emulator displays high flexibility as well as is very fast. Also, it provides great support for gaming applications, especially on Mac PCs. This explains the more preference as a suitable emulator to download Reicast for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac PCs.

Here are the steps in the process.

  • The process begins by first having the MEmu emulator on your PC. Then, visit the official website of MEmu and click on its link to download the app. Conversely, you can search for the emulator from Google Play Store to download the app.
  • After the download, look to the Exe download file and click on it. Then, follow the setup wizard instruction to complete the installation.
  • From the MEmu emulator, you will authorize Google Play Store on the app. This requires that you provide your Google Account details such as Gmail ID and password on the emulator.
  • Proceed by searching for Reicast using the Google search tool on the MEmu emulator by typing the app. As the result of your search displays, select the Reicast app.
  • You should click the download button to initiate the downloading. Then, wait for a few minutes for the process to complete. Then, accept the license agreement and install the app.
  • After the installation, you can open and launch the Reicast app by clicking the shortcut on the home of the MEmu emulator.

Top Alternatives to Reicast App

1. Redream

Redream is an alternative to the Reicast app that allows users to play Dreamcast games in high definition. The application enables games in 1080p as well as in 4k. Also. With Redream, you can enjoy the no controller configuration and no flash files or BIOS.

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2. DreamEMU

As an alternative to Reicast, DreamEMU is an entertainment Sega Dreamcast emulator that enables users to play CPU Demos. Also, there is the enabling for playing homebrew games.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Reicast on a PC?

To use the Reicast app on PC, you will need to have an Android emulator running on your PC. With an emulator such as the Bluestacks or MEmu, you can easily download Reicast on PC.

Is Reicast open source?

Reicast is a Dreamcast open-source emulator that enables the playing of Dreamcast games. Its design depends on nullDCe and nullDC source code. These are the respective Dreamcast emulators for Android and Windows.


Reicast is a great application that empowers you to play Dreamcast games. Its features are unique and come with outstanding influences that will enhance your gaming experience. You now have a better means to enjoy your leisure through the app. Though it’s an Android application with an exclusive design for mobile devices, you can still get Reicast for PC.

Using an Android emulator such as the Bluestacks or MEmu app lets you download and install Reicast on Windows and Mac PCs. This offers a great experience of enjoying your favorite games with the wider screen of your PC.

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