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If you have been thinking about running the Puffin Browser for PC, just the way you run it on your phone but you cannot install the apk app on your PC, I’m here to help. I will show you how you can use the Puffin Browser on your Windows PC regardless of the windows version you are running. You can also run it on macOS following my instructions below.

Puffin browser for pc

Why should you use the Puffin browser?

One of the main anticipation points of Puffin Browser for Windows or Mac is that this Browser is one of the most secure browsers out there. It comes with an uncluttered interface that gives it a neat and clean look and makes it super easy to navigate from option to option. The bookmark support system will definitely blow your mind and make you fall for it right away. You can organize all your favorite bookmarks and keep them into a generic list as well.

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Although the Puffin Browser is already popular for its security system, the incognito mode adds some extra layers to it. You will find it extremely convenient when can open up multiple browsing tabs on the same window. You can use any search engine as your search assistant in the browser such as DuckDuckGo if you are more privacy concerns. The ever-existing Google is still there if you want to stick to it.

Main features of the Puffin browser for PC

All the features of the Puffin Browser for Mac and Windows both are designed to serve the users, keeping the user demands in mind. You will be delighted to know that you will have all the features of Puffin Browser when you are using it on your PC just like your Phone. Here are the key features of the Puffin Browser that make it stand aside:

  • The Puffin Browser is built for extra security concerns, so that’s the main feature of the Puffin Browser, Security of your sensitive data.
  • Puffin Browser is designed to open as many tabs as you want in the same browsing window.
  • Besides the integrated security system, it also has the incognito mode to secure you even more.
  • Puffin Browser offers a cloud browsing computing tech that allows you to surf the internet at super-fast speed.
  • Keeping your Bookmark organized is easier than ever with Puffin Browser and you can search among them too!
  • You can start browsing from right where you left off the last time you were in the browser.
  • You can use it as a great download manager as it offers a great download and customizable download options.

How to Download Puffin browser For PC – Windows/Mac

If you want the Puffin Browser runs on your PC and you don’t have the Browser onboard, you can use the android app on your PC. To run the app on your PC or Mac, You need an android emulator, it can either be the Nox Player, or you can use BlueStacks. Either way, here are the detailed instructions you need to follow:

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  1. First of all, make sure you have downloaded one of the android emulators on your PC or Mac, Either one is Fine.
  2. Now you have to install the Android emulator on your PC, it will take some time, after installing, open it by clicking on the icon on the Desktop.
  3. Collect the Puffin Browser app from your android device and place it on your desktop or you can download it using Play Store on the emulator.
  4. If you are downloading the app using the emulator, it will be installed on its own, you have to do nothing.
  5. If you collected the app, right-click on the apk file and choose Open with, select Open with BlueStacks. BlueStacks will install the app.


FAQ of Puffin Browser

Is Puffin web browser secure?

CloudMosa brilliantly design this browser with the most secure system ever. It is safe enough to protect the Wifi-access from the hackers also prevent virus infection to teal data on your device

Does Puffin Browser have VPN?

Well, the browser doesn’t have the VPN system like any dedicated VPN software so your browsing history is trackable.

Why the Puffin Browser is fast?

It allows you to browse keeping the workload of it to the cloud servers for that it can outweigh the load from your device and it runs fast.


Once you are done with all the process, You will be able to launch the Puffin Browser for PC. Now you can enjoy the same secure online surfing just like you are running an android phone on your PC or Mac! For a better experience, I personally use BlueStacks as the android emulator, you can use it as well if you want.

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