OVERSUMO For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac) – Free Download

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Last week, I used to play a hero game on my PC. At the primary level, I had done very well but, at the last moment, I didn’t win the match. So one of my friends suggested me to download an overwatch companion app named OVERSUMO. After installing the app, I deeply understood where my weakness was. Then I worked on it and was able to win.

This article is all about OVERSUMO. As it is a mobile app, you also need an Android emulator to install OVERSUMO for PC.

So here I will guild how you install and run OVERSUMO for PC both in Windows and Mac. Before going to the guide, let’s know how it works for PCs.

OVERSUMO App Overview

OVERSUMO is a fantastic application to improve your gaming performance. It is an Android app that analyzes your gaming performance. When you are playing games, this Overwatch companion app tracks your performance. Then it shows statistics of the area where you did well and where you need more strategy. So this motivational tool helps to develop your weakness.

OVERSUMO For PC OVERSUMO supports multiplatform, and you can compare your profile with your friends. So you can easily understand who is strong or weak. The best thing is you can see the report daily. Expert coaches and professional Overwatch players monitor the app. So you will have the trust that the result is well analyzed.

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OVERSUMO App Details

  • OVERSUMO delivers performance statistics daily. It’s a detailed and mathematical graph output.
  • Friends and family sharing feature that allows connecting six members. So it’s easy to compare.
  • Provide reports and ratings of every hero you play.
  • Analyzing the reports, the app provides tips and suggestions for the overwatch hero. So you will get a goal and motivation.

OVERSUMO App Benefits

OVERSUMO for con PC will enrich your every move on the hero games. After a few information cross checking, you will get used to it. Automatically, you will have the curiosity to know about your performance. The app’s report will motivate you and give you a goal.

How to install OVERSUMO on Windows?

Here I will guide step by step to install OVERSUMO for PC for windows. You can follow these same steps if you download OVERSUMO for mac. Before investing, make sure you have to install an Android emulator on your PC. However, follow the steps for installing OVERSUMO:

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  • Open the Android emulator and make sure you sign in Google Play Store.
  • Go to the Google Play’s search bar and type “OVERSUMO – Overwatch Companion,” then press ‘enter.’
  • Now click on the app’s download option to initiate the installation process.
  • After download launch the OVERSUMO on PC and it will take a few minutes.

Download Android Emulator

As I said before, you must install an Android emulator to download Free OVERSUMO for PC. So I am introducing a useful emulator named Memu player. Memu players are specially designed for downloading Android video games. This emulator makes your task easy. It’s a pack of multiple emulators, and you can run more emulators at a time.

Step By Step Guide To Install Memu Play

Memu play is straightforward to download and works with low and high configuration PCs. Like Intel i5 or i7 CPU, 2.0+ Graphics drive, and minimum 4GB of RAM. So to run Memu play here is the guide.

  • From the browser, go to the main Memu website for an up to date application, and the site is https://www.memuplay.com.
  • Click on the download option.
  • After downloading, complete the installation process from the PC’s download file.
  • After completing the installation, click on the Launch button.
  • It will need a few seconds to launch and ready to use.
  • Here you can see Google Play Store, so click on it and sign in with your Google Play Account.

After finishing the sign-in process, you can download any Android app, even the OVERSUMO app.Get-it-google-play

Features of OVERSUMO

  • Provides graph statistics of gaming performance.
  • Shows excellent and weak points.
  • Makes reports daily.
  • It can be compared with friends.

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  • You can improve your game performance.
  • The app will give you tips and motivation.
  • You have a goal to do well.
  • Make competition with friends.


OVERSUMO is a friendly app. The bright and straightforward gaming report is direct to understand. Players and athletes from different countries are very devoted to this app. The popularity will never-ending.

Whether you run Windows or Mac, you can install the OVERSUMO for PC using my process. I have told such a straightforward and detailed method that you won’t face any problem.

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