Network Topology Advantages And Disadvantages In 2023

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The computer definitely plays a vital role to make our life great. Whatever you are in like school, workplace, home or start a business, the computer helps to boost up your performance level. But most importantly, when you are at the office or business you need to be connected with your colleagues so that it is necessary to set up a computer network.

Computer scientists invent some layout of the network which is known as the network topology. In your city, you may see the layout of the road which is designed depending on the habitats. Likewise, the network topology can be set up depending on the users. Today, we will discuss the network topology advantages and disadvantages through this article.

What is Network Topology

Network topology is a geometric representation that shows how computers are connected to each other. Moreover, it shows how various nodes (computers, printers, routers, etc), devices, and connections are physically or logically arranged.

network topology advantages and disadvantages

There are two categories in the network topology ,like—

  • Physical network topology indicates the actual connections like how the network is arranged, set up, and maintenance.
  • The logical network indicates how and which ways nodes (computers, printers, routers, etc) connect to each other as well as the data transmission through the network.

Network topology is more similar to the city and its road, the network is similar to the city, and topology is like its road. City roads need to design according to the habitat’s preferences so, there are many ways to design it. Similarly, the network topology can be designed in many ways according to its user.

Importance of Network Topology

Network topology plays a vital role in the smooth network function. It is important for a company or business to choose the right network topology to boost up performance. Again it ensures to detect the faults, allocate the resources and more importantly troubleshoot all the errors as well. A network topology helps to set up a home or a small business computer network.

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Most Common network topology advantages and disadvantages

Basically the framework of any Network topology comes to establish several purposes, overall network size, and also objectives. Let’s figure out the ins and outs of the network topology from below.

Star Topology

Star topology is a common type of topology where nodes (computers, printers, routers, etc) in the network are connected to one central switch. In star topology, every node is individually connected to the switch or a hub. The central node acts as a repeater and responsible for managing data transmissions across the network. Coaxial cable, twisted pair, or optical fiber cable is used to connect the nodes in the star topology.

Advantages of Star Topology

  • Star topology is less expensive where only one I/O port is used for each device and a link to connect with a hub.
  • You can easily install the Star topology.
  • In star topology, all devices need to connect with the hub only so you don’t need a huge amount of wire.
  • In star topology, one link’s fault doesn’t create any problem in the entire network.
  • You can easily detect the fault because of star topology’s less complex network.

Disadvantages of Star Topology

  • In star topology, the hub plays a major role so if it falls in problem then all networks hamper.
  • In this network topology hub (central system) needs regular maintenance.

Bus Topology

In a bus topology, all the devices are connected in a single line and this line plays a vital role to connect the device.

Advantages  of Bus Topology

  • Bus topology is easy to set up as well as handle.
  • Bus topology is suitable for a small network like LAN.
  • You don’t need to spend more money to set up bus topology.
  • You don’t need a huge amount of wire to establish bus topology.

Disadvantages  of Bus Topology

  • The fault detection is difficult in bus topology.
  • It is difficult to add additional devices because of limited cable.
  • Every computer on this network can see the passing data so there is a security risk involved.
  • If a virus attacks a connection then it will affect other connections also in bus topology.

Tree Topology

Everyone knows that the framework of the tree topology quite resembles the pattern of hierarchical. There you will find more or less every level is get connected with the advanced one. Again the tree topology performs in combination with the star and bus topology as well.

Advantages of TreeTopology

  • In a tree topology, a simple hub is used to add computers.
  • Tree topology is easy to control as well as configure a large network like a wide area network.
  • All computers can easily access tree topology’s large network.
  • This topology commonly share the information along with the large networks

Disadvantages of Tree Topology

  • The network configuration and wiring in tree topology are complex.
  • If the root node falls in problem then the whole network goes down.

Mesh Topology

In a mesh topology, all the nodes are interconnected and data is transmitted via two methods one is routing and another is flooding.

Mesh networks are two types of one is full mesh means every computer is fully interconnected and another is a partial mesh where at least two computers in the network have connections to multiple other computers.

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Advantages of Mesh Topology

  • In a mesh topology, you can manage high amounts of traffic.
  • If a device fails in this network then the network does not break
  • If you add additional devices then it does not break up data transmission between other devices.
  • In a mesh topology, you can easily detect the fault.

Disadvantages of Mesh Topology

  • The cost to establish this topology is higher than other topology.
  • It is difficult as well as time-consuming to build and maintain mesh topology.
  • Mesh topology requires a huge amount of wire so it may make you annoying.

Ring Topology

Each computer in a ring topology is interconnected in a circle format. You will also come to experience the data travel through one device to another and reach the destination.

When packet data travel only in one direction then it is called a unidirectional ring network and when data move in either direction then it is called the bidirectional.

Advantages of Ring Topology

  • Ring topology is easy to setup.
  • In a ring topology, the additional device does not hamper the network’s activity.

Disadvantages of Ring Topology

  • If one device fails then the whole network goes down in ring topology.
  • Ring topology is slow because all data need to circulate in a ring.
  • If you want to add an additional or remove the device in ring topology then you need to take the whole network offline.

Hybrid topology

When combined two or more topology then it is known as hybrid topology like bus topology with star topology jointly called hybrid topology.

Advantage of Hybrid topology

  • Hybrid topology can be set up according to the user’s requirement.

Disadvantages of Hybrid topology

  • A hybrid topology is complex to design as well as expensive.


✅ What are the advantages and disadvantages of bus network?

Bus network is easy to set up and does not require a huge wire on the other hand fault detection is difficult.

✅ Why network topology is important?

Network topology helps to boost up performance as well as connect the computer to make easy communication.

✅ What are the 5 network topologies?

Bus topology, mesh topology, star topology, tree topology, and hybrid topology are the five network topology.

✅ Which topology is the fastest?

Mesh topology is considered the fastest topology and the best is a star topology.

✅ How is ring topology connected?

In a ring topology, devices are connected in a circle format.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you could be able to get a clear idea on the network topology from this article on. Now, by understanding the network topology advantages and disadvantages, you could easily make a decision to set up the right network depending on your institution.

So, share your experience with us after reading this article and also among your friends. Lastly, thanks for patiently go through this article.

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