Live NetTV for PC ( Windows 10/7} 32 & 64bit Full Free Download

Live NetTV for PC Download Windows 10/8.1

Live NetTV for PC or Computer available on Windows 10/8.1/7. Live Net TV for PC Download official tutorial is easy to understand. If you wanna watch Movies or TV in general, then you would most probably go for a big screen. And media streaming apps that allow you to stream Live TV Channels require a Smart TV or a PC to work. So, in this post, we are going to see Live NetTV for PC in case you don’t have a Smart TV.

Live NetTV for PC is a media streaming app and it lets you watch Live TV Channels. You can choose from a variety of categories that have a lot of channels too. It is one of the best media streaming apps to exist on the Android market.

If you wish to watch TV Channels from around the world on your PC, then I suggest you keep reading this article about Live NetTV for Windows through to its end.

Live NetTV for PC Download Windows

Live NetTV PC is an Android Application and it is also available on the iOS platform. But unfortunately, it is not available for the Windows platform. But fret not, because we have a way around that and you will certainly be able to use the app once you finish reading this section.

The thing you need to run Android Apps like LiveNetTV for PC is called an Emulator. There are several emulators in the market that serve the purpose, but the best one out of them is the Bluestacks emulator. you also read this Terrarium TV App For PC

Download Live Net TV for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 – Live Net TV App

Live Net TV for PC Windows is one of the most accessible applications to install and run. It is straightforward, and even the most technologically challenged will be able to do it without any issues. There are plenty of video streaming websites and applications out there. But most of them are not as good as they claim. And if they are, they cost a fortune.

It begs the question, what do we do? Live Net TV for PC fills this void perfectly. Live NetTV for PC was initially on the phone, but many people don’t like watching TV on small screens. That problem is perfectly understandable. There is also an entirely easy way to deal with this problem.

Live Net TV is an entertaining platform app that provides several live TV channels. It is available for every device, i.e., it is possible for Android, Windows PC as well as iOS devices. Best of all, Live Net TV provides over 150 live channels in over seven unique categories. So just head to the type you like and not elsewhere.

Live Net TV for PC Windows Download

Download the latest version of the Live NetTV App for Android, iOS, and PC from this post. Get the fee media streaming App for free in this post. Live NetTV for PC is a live media streaming app with 16 different categories in the latest version. You can choose from over 500 channels from all around the world and watch them without paying any cost. Live NetTV Download with an official link is provided here.

There are categories of Movies, Entertainment, Music, Sports, Kids, News and much more to choose from. There are many great features of this app that place it a cut above the rest. Live NetTV for PC allows you to stream in the player of your choice.

In in this post, we are going to talk about how you can install the app on your respective platforms.

Features of Live NetTV APK

Live Net TV application consists of links from third-party applications and websites and there are multiple links of single movie or TV show so that you can stream from the other link if one link is not working. All the links are working most of the times and Live TV APK keeps on updating links to ensure that users do not face any problem while streaming. So, if one of the links is not working, you can try the other links that are provided by app developers.

  • Request your favorite channel

Searching for your favorite channel in the application is a child’s pay. A dedicated search box is given to help users search the channel or movie they want to watch. If your desired channel is not available in the list of channels then you can also request the developer team of Live Net TV to add a channel in the list of available channels. Clicking on the menu will lead you the ‘Channel Request’ option.

You have to provide the name of the movie or TV show and click on the submit button to make your request. The team of Live Net TV application will try to add the requested movie or TV show in the application as soon as possible. It is one of the very few applications that allow you the functionality of requesting your favorite TV show or movie from the app developers.

  • Report the broken links

As we have already told you that there are more than one links in the live net TV free application to stream movies and entertaining shows, if you find that one of the links is not working, you can switch to the other link to enjoy the movie. Also, you can report the broken link so that the technical team of the application can rectify the error. You just need to long press on the link of the channel that is not working.

On long pressing, you will be presented with two options- Add the channel to the list of your favorite channels or report the channel. You have to click on ‘Report the channel’ option and enter the query or error you are facing while streaming the channel. Next, click on the submit button to send your query.

  • Easy to understand and use interface

Live Net TV online application has been designed by keeping the general public in mind. You don’t have to be a technical expert to use the application. The interface of the application has been designed in the most simple manner so that users who know how to operate mobile can easily use the applications. All the buttons in the application are neatly designed and visible. also check out TubiTV for PC – Pluto TV For PC

  • Availability of Movies and TV Shows in High Definition

With the availability of speedy internet connection in most areas these days, everybody wants to stream movies and television shows in high quality. Also, most of the devices these days support playback in high definition. Live Net Application developers have ensured that users can play the videos in high definition. They are adding more and more movies and TV shows in high definition as he collection is regularly updated.

  • No registration process

While most of the applications designed for streaming movies and TV shows require you to enter your details such as name, email id, country name and pincode, Live Net TV, on the other hand, does not require any such registration. To start streaming your favorite television shows and movies, you don’t have to undergo any lengthy registration process. You can begin right away. Some apps require you to enter your credit card details on the pretext of security; there is no need to add any kind of details on Live Net TV application which is why it is one of the most favorite streaming applications of many people all over the world.

  • A vast collection segregated into different genres

One of the most impressive things about Live Net TV application is the way in which content is presented before users. The app has a large collection of television shows and movies in different languages for users. Most importantly, the content is segregated into a fashion which makes it easy for users to pick their favorite videos. You can find videos of different genres such as religion, classic, popular movies, sports, etc.

There is also a vast collection of documentaries in the app which is a delight for all the documentary lovers out there. Moreover, the content on the application is regularly updated and you can also request the titles that you think are missing from the collection. The team of Live Net TV app responds promptly and the requested title will be added in no time so that you can enjoy your favorite show or movie.

  • Video Playback Supported in Various Video Players

Developers have taken complete care of the comfort of the users of the application. Video playback is supported in many third party video players including MX Player, VLC Media player and other players users find convenient. This feature is especially beneficial for all those users who complain that the default player of their mobile device is disappointing and lacks features. All those users can download the desired video player from Google Play Store and watch videos in it.

  • Schedule Live Events

The latest version of the application (version 4.5) brings with itself a rather useful feature. Now you can have look at all the upcoming events in sports and other live events. If you want to access this feature, click on the menu and choose live events from there. You can now go to the date on which the event will stream live and select the event.

Other noteworthy features of the application are notifications whenever a new channel or video is added to the already vast library, option of adding videos to the favorite list, option of setting your favorite tab so that you get to see the tab whenever you launch the application and password protection of categories.

Live NetTV is available for Android and iOS but not for any other platforms like Windows and MacOS. But nonetheless, you can use the app on all of them. Furthermore, the app is free to download and use. There are no kinds of in-app purchases.

Latest Features

The only downside is that it has a lot of ads that will just pop-up at any time. But they won’t annoy when you are streaming. It’ll be only when you are in the app interface. Let’s see how to install Live NetTV on different platforms.

  • For Android: Live NetTV is not available on the Google Play Store where you could find most of the apps. So you have to download the APK File and install it manually. Here is the link to get the APK File.
  • Just download the file and tap on it to install it.
  • For iOS: Fortunately for iOS users, the app is available on the Apple App Store, otherwise it would’ve been hard to install a third party on iOS. You just have to open the App Store, search for the App and then Install it from there.
  • For Windows and MacOS: Live NetTV is not officially available for these two platforms. But you can use an emulator to run Android Apps on Windows and MacOS.
  • Go to the official website of Bluestacks from here and then download and install the respective version for your PC. After that, download the APK file right click on it, and select “Open with Bluestacks”. Bluestacks will install Live NetTV for PC and then you can use it just the way you use it on your smartphone.

These were the ways you can install the app on your different devices like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. If you have a Smart TV, then also you can install the app and surf channels on the TV too.

Download Live Net TV for PC

Below, I will show you how to run the Live Net TV for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Following step by step is easy.

Step One: Download The Live Net TV APK

First of all, to run the Live Net TV for PC Windows, we will need the APK file. Here is their official website. Upon opening it, navigate to the downloads tab and download the APK file. All you have to do is tap on “Download for Android.” Clicking the download bar will begin a download.

Once the APK has downloaded, make sure you scan it for viruses. Remember the directory.

Step Two: Download BlueStacks

Now, to run the APK file and to install it, you will need Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an emulator which emulates an Android device onto your computer. In essence, it creates a virtual Android device. You can run compatible applications on it and use them on your PC directly.

Emulation is an ideal method to start the Live Net TV for PC Windows. For this, head on over to their official website. Bluestacks is available for free. So just tap on “Download Bluestacks 3” on their homepage. This download might take some time since it is an important file. Let it download.

Step Three: Install BlueStacks

Once it has finished downloading, you need to double click the .exe and begin the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions. Once done, you will need to put in your Google ID and log in as usual.

Step Four: Install The APK

  • Now it is time to install the APK inside Bluestacks. Installing the APK is a natural process. Click on “My apps” in the top left corner.
  • Then, click on “Install APK” in the bottom right corner. When you do that, you will be able to find your APK and open it.
  • That will install it on your Bluestacks. That is all; now you can open and use the Live Net TV for PC with ease.



Live Net TV application is especially designed for those people who want to enjoy their favorite television shows and movies on the go. The content can be streamed in standard definition as well as high definition with the application. If you want to download the APK file of the application, then you need to visit the official website of the app developer as the application is not available on Google Play Store as of now. Below, we have described the downloading and installation procedure for all the users who are looking forward to download the app and stream