What Are The Limitations Of Computer In 2023

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Think about the 1st computer ENIAC occupied 1800 sq ft along with 30 tons of weight (cost $487,000 same as $7,195,000 in 2019).

If it exists now, could you take an attempt to get one?

I think 99.99% answer “No, without hesitation”. But, nowadays we see 49.7% (according to 2019 Statistics), people have a pc at home. This could be possible due to making the computer handy as well as flexible to use.

But, a natural question is “Can a computer overcome all of its limitations?”. To know the limitations of computer, you need to dive into this article.

Limitations of computer

Computer device has become an indispensable device in our modern life because of its extraordinary tasks. Likewise other devices, a computer has some limitations in its system, let’s figure out them.

Limitations Of Computer

Absence of common-sense

Common sense helps to perceive, understand, and judge a matter practically. People could take an effective decision due to holding common-sense ability.

When we come to a computer device, it can’t take a proper decision until a user gives some command.

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Recently, you may hear about AI(Artificial Intelligence), but, it is also programmed by the user. Users need to input physical knowledge, social knowledge, sensory knowledge and psychological knowledge in a computer’s database then the computer can analyze and make a decision.

So, you may see when a computer faces a new problem then it can’t proceed.

Lack of IQ

IQ (Intelligence Quotient)  is a measurement of intelligence used for educational placement, find out intellectual disability, and assess the job applicants. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) helps a person to effectively use information and logic to make a prediction and answer questions.

A computer has limitations to use its own logic and take action according to a particular situation. That’s why a computer needs to wait until a user input program to tackle the situation.

No Decision-making Ability

We know that decision making is a complicated process and involves knowledge, intelligence, common sense, IQ, etc. That’s why you don’t find a computer to perform the decision making role.

But, when a user input logic, algorithms then computer find hints and output decision by analyzing them.

Unable to Express Ideas

When you try to do something like start a business or make a new dish then your brain visualizes many processes naturally to do that.

This natural outcome is called the idea and helps you can do a creative task.

You may hear a sentence “An Idea can change your life”.

The computer itself can’t provide you any idea. Whereas, a computer can only analyze its inputted data and predict some possible both sides of the idea.

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Unable to Implement

Whenever someone takes a decision but can’t implement it then it becomes unfruitful.

A computer helps you to storge and analyze billions of data but can’t help you to execute the result until a user give a hand.

No imagination power

A person can visit the whole world or go beyond the earth in his/her imagination.

Imagination provides someone the enthusiasm to perform risky jobs. So that you can see people reach on the moon’s surface.

But, the computer is leg behind in this arena, so it only depends on the user’s input.


✅ What is the main limitation of the computer?

When you want to work on your computer like a human without giving instruction there you may find difficulties because a computer has no IQ, own decision-making power, imagination power, etc.

✅ What are the disadvantages of computers?

A computer has no IQ, imagination power, implement anything without help, express idea, etc. A computer always depend on input data by a user.

✅ What do you mean by limitations?

The limitation is known as a weakness as well as unable to operate some tasks. If you think about a computer, it has no IQ, imagination power, decision making, etc.

✅ Why Charles Babbage called the father of the computer?

Charles Babbage 1st  gives the idea of  Analytical Engine in 1837 and it contains the Arithmetic Logic Unit, basic flow control, and integrated memory. That’s why Charles Babbage called the father of the computer.

✅ Which operation is not performed by the computer?

A computer has no power to generate an idea, make a decision, implement its output, etc. A computer always depends on input data from a user.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, this advanced world stands on a modern sophisticated invention which we knew as the computer.

Today we can store huge amounts of data for a long time, increase our productivity, keep us connected and so on by a computer. Despite those advantages, we also face many limitations of computers. Hopefully, you can understand those limitations from this article and if anything remains unclear, notify us to clear.

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