Best Learning Spanish Apps For Android and iPhone Like a Boss 2023

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If you are planning to be bilingual or multilingual by learning Spanish, then you are in the right place. Here, you are going to come across 10 best learning Spanish apps for android that you need to try at least once in your learning process, and you’ll love to learn this new language. 

With any of these learn Spanish android app, you can learn without spending a wad of money on Spanish courses. You can control your learning pace and learn in your free time. This is the benefit of technology which you will enjoy learning Spanish.

10 Learning Spanish Apps For Android Reviews 2021

What more would you want when you have these free Spanish learning apps in just a few taps? Learning will be more fun and simpler than you can think. The only thing you would require now to do is read the reviews of 10 learn Spanish android app free to know details about them.  


1. Busuu: Language Learning – Spanish & French

Busuu is a complete guide in not only learning Spanish but 11 other languages too. The course module is not an artificial intelligence generated but is created by native language experts. For your understanding, they have the modules as easy as possible. 

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1 Busuu

Using this app, you can call and talk to other native speakers of the language you are learning. In this way, you can implement your learning practically. It will be a good tool to learn faster and better. You can test your aptitude after each module through a short test. Moreover, you will get a McGraw Hill language certificate after completion of the course.  

Why Do You Use this App?

  • Earn high-quality certificate
  • Learn from the experts
  • Practice your learning with 100 million+ native speakers

2. Duolingo: Learn English Free

Want to make learning fun? Then there is no doubt that Duolingo won’t do that for you. You can learn through sorts of games and quizzes. You won’t be burdened with topics, as the size of each topic is extremely tiny. You can hear the pronunciation of any difficult word from its hearing feature.

2 Duolingo

With this app, you can access 30+ different language courses for free! The cute bird theme interface will lift your mood automatically. You can track your lessons too. This is among the best Spanish learning apps for androids in the app store.

Why Do You Use this App?

  • You can learn 30+ languages
  • Lessons are short and specific.
  • You can learn through hearing as well.

3. Learn Languages for Free with Memrise

Speed up your Spanish learning with Memrise’s innovative learning features. Memrise offers you to hear live speeches of native speakers so that you can boost your practice and improve your hearing skills. Also, you can speak with a native speaker in the live chat to practice.

3 Learn Languages with Memrise

You can select an effective phrase of the day, and keep it in your diary. Set your everyday learning goals and plan your lessons by yourself. The more you do better with your learning, the higher your rank will get.

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Why Do You Use this App?

  • You can compare your learning with similar other learners
  • You can improve your listening 
  • You can do live chat sessions

4. Drops: Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish

This app is an excellent Spanish learning tool made specifically for this purpose. You can learn through images and illustrations to get everything quickly into your head. All the lessons are no more than five minutes only! So if you spare five minutes of your day to learn Spanish, you will become a fluent Spanish speaker in a span of a few months.

4 Drops

This app also shows your accuracy rate of mini-tests. Less accuracy means you need to practice more from before. You can track your learning records too.

Why Do You Use this App?

  • Just five minutes of learning every day
  • Learn through visual presentation
  • Take notes of your mistakes through accuracy tests

5. Learn languages Free – Mondly

How interesting does it sound to download one app and learn 33 languages free throughout your life! Mondly makes you learn effectively through related pictures and illustrations. You can practice your lessons with other speakers and get fluent faster than usual. You will get 3000+ phrases used in daily life for each language on Mondly.

5 Learn 33 Languages Free

You’ll achieve fluency fast if you practice talking and chatting with your fellow learners. You can also see your rank in learning. The better you learn, the higher your rank will be. Hence, this will keep you motivated to keep going.  

Why Do You Use this App?

  • Talk with artificial voice for practical learning
  • Track your lessons and rank
  • Learn effectively with amazing visuals for better understanding

6. Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

Learn Spanish with fun games, grammar, and gossip in SpeakTribe. The test yourself self out after completing every step of the module. There are three kinds of tests. One is a basic questionnaire, then comes a quiz form, and then you have to chat with the app for a conversation test. 

6 Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

SpeakTribe starts with the very basics of Spanish as if you are a preschool kid. It teaches you words and phrases for daily use through visual illustrations and many more.  

Why Do You Use this App?

  • Teaches Spanish practically
  • Teaches from the roots of Spanish
  • Applies visual images to teach

7. Learn Spanish with MosaLingua

It is a scientifically backed-up app for learning Spanish. Sounds interesting, right? MosaLingua is your Spanish teacher which will deliver instant feedback on your progress. You can create your library where you pick and put your favorite words or phrases to practice it regularly. You’ll get 3000+ Spanish phrases with their pronunciation in this app.

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7 Learn Spanish with MosaLingua

You can learn in a category and segregate your lessons. MosaLingua takes notes of your personal queries and problems and helps you in that way. 

Why Do You Use this App?

  • Learn words and phrases with the original pronunciation
  • Learn words and sentences categorically matching with your daily life
  • Get 3000+ phrases and words

8. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Learn 24 types of languages in just one app, including Spanish! You can plan your learning schedule accordingly in this app and set goals. This app also gives you quick reports of your learnings through some bite-size tests. You can hear pronouncing the words and learn to speak it fluently.

8 Rosetta Stone

There are images related to words for effective learning. Also, the app holds a clean and user-friendly interface for easy access to your modules.

Why You Use this App?

  • Learn quickly with pictures
  • Test yourself and get instant feedback
  • Easy to use application

9. Spanish Conversation

The better way to learn is when you implement your lessons practically. Spanish conversation understands that so it features learning through speaking. Their lesson plans and modules are expert-approved, rich, and resourceful to make your time worth it.

9 Spanish Conversation

Don’t have an internet connection? No worries, you can save your next lessons or download it to study it offline. Also, their audio is loud and crisp that eases up your learning.

Why Do You Use this App?

  • Implement audio learning with this app
  • You can learn offline too
  • Has A very clear and loud voice

10. Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

This app makes sure that you master whatever you learn. It has a rich vocabulary list, grammar, and pronunciation, everything in a package. Make friends with your fellow learners and exchange conversation for faster learning.

10 Tandem Language Exchange

You can also chat with native speakers live to get in-depth knowledge about your confusion. Tandem believes in ‘growing together’ that is why they motivate you to help others in learning, in that way you also learn.

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Why You Use this App?

  • Get connected with many friends to practice
  • Get high-quality vocabularies and grammar notes
  • Learn from the native speakers as well.

How can I learn Spanish language from apps for free?

Learning something, especially a language, for free might sound like you are getting deprived of the original. But not with the Spanish language learning apps we have shown. These apps are totally free to download on your phone. Just download, start learning, and be a fluent Spanish speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn Spanish with an app?

This can be called the magic of technology that you are using an app to learn languages. You have to click the links we have given any app of your choice, then download and install the app. 

Then you will find quality lesson plans, modules, and self-testers are there in every app to make you learn Spanish. Yes, it is possible to learn Spanish with an app. 

Can you learn Spanish language by listening to it from apps?

You will learn even faster if you hear audios to learn. The speeches will get into your head and will come out automatically after a few practices. Some of those best Spanish learning app for android offer you with that facility.

Can you really learn Spanish language when you are in your sleep?

For learning new things, you need to be physically and  mentally present to that place. And in sleep, it’s not possible to learn Spanish if you are a beginner. Even if you know some Spanish, still learning in sleep is impossible. 

Final Thought

Who thought learning new languages in apps will be this effortless and free of cost! You don’t need to carry books or notes, just take out your mobile and learn anywhere whenever you want.

These learn Spanish android apps are your personal pocket teachers in other words! Learning one of the most demanded languages is at your fingertips.  

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