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LandGlide for Windows
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LandGlide for PC provides you with the exact property location and locates your current location by GPS. Sometimes, you may need to identify a property for your business. Most of the time, you cannot accomplish your work only because you don’t know the exact area of a property. 

This application lets you find out any land or property information from any place. You can access from any location about the parcel boundaries and get an idea about whether Island is a private property on national property. It is so easy to yours that you can instantly access any properties information boundary and every other characteristic. 

Why should you use LandGlide for PC?

Are you searching for a home? Looking for information about a property of an island? Or need data for the office task or deal? Then, this is the best place for you and you don’t have to go to the land to do the survey. You can just access your device like phone, tablet, or pc and your device connects with the map to find the property you are searching for.

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LandGlide for PC It’s a must-have for the people who have an interest in hiking and farmers who have to keep a better idea about the boundaries. This app is mostly accurate, and a must-have for any agent who sells raw land and for a buyer of the property. You may not find the corner pins of property manually but you can locate everything by this application.

Benefits of using LandGlide for PC

There are thousands of advantages of using LandGlide app and let’s have a look at some of these:

  • Shifting your house but don’t know much about the area? Then this application will work as a blessing for you. You can find data about everything around your future home. 
  • Employees of a company can work together on this application because of multiple login policy.
  • The borderlines of every area are clearly visible with accurate information.
  • No more spending time behind visiting the sites or raw lands.
  • Offline mode works great to find locations of the lands.
  • Real Estate professionals search for vacant houses and they drop a pin on the locations they are interested in. In this way, they can mark all the houses and properties of a full area. 

Features of LandGlide for PC

Accessibility: This feature is really laudable because sometimes you may not have a net connection or WiFi but need to find a location Then you can access by using the Offline Mode of this application.

GPS Interaction: It connects with GPS and you can fix your present location at the center and it displays all the parcel boundaries of your desired location. It is used for personal reasons for professional tasks.

Find Parcel Property: In this application, you can find all the required information about land by clicking the blue button of the right corner of the application. This app provides this service on about 600 countries and you can access directly to that country’s recorded data for a specific parcel. 

Multiple logins: Most of the land developers with many employees are assigned with many urgent works. They have to search for the mainlands for professional development. They can work together because multiple pins are allowed to log in to this application.

Single search box: Its single search box feature is very helpful for the users and you can search for any location you want.ou will not only find the location but also the necessary information.

Visual presentation: This application has come up with a new design and the logo has also changed. The new impression of this application is really laudable.

How to download LandGlide for PC on Windows

Now, you can use LandGlide app not only on your phone but also on any device. Yes! It’s possible to download this application on your laptop or desktop, you need to follow these steps: 

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LandGlide for mac

  • You must have to download an emulator for that go for any of the emulators like BlueStacks, NOX app player,  Jar of Beans, or AMD app player. 
  • Then you have to click on the ‘My Apps’ option and you have to search for the LandGlide app from the search bar.
  • You must do it with your Gmail account because without a Gmail account you can’t log in to download this application.
  • You will get to see an overview like play store and you have to click on install. Your app will be ready in a few seconds to run on your laptop or desktop. 

Response from a User: 

I am a Geocacher and this is an excellent tool for me when I am looking for a new hiding place. This allows me to see if a particular property is owned by a private individual or if it is public property. It beats the heck out of looking up GIS maps on the computer!

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How to download on Mac from App store

Downloading LandGlide on Mac is easier than Windows and here’s no need for an emulator. You have to use the Apple device and log into your Gmail account. Now, you just have to go to the App Store and search for LandGlide application and now, just follow the normal procedure for downloading. 

Otherwise, you can download LandGlide directly from the website of this app, and there you will find the install option for Mac and you have to just install it by maintaining a normal way. These are the two procedures, you can use to download LandGlide on Mac.



✅ Is LandGlide app free?

LandGlide is a free parcel data application and you can download this application on Android and Windows. 

✅ How much does LandGlide cost?

You can use land glide for 7 days without any cost and if you want to continue using this you have to pay $99.99per year

✅ How accurate is LandGlide?

LandGlide is quite accurate but it’s better not to use for legal purpose. Though, it gives approximate result but sometimes it may show the difference of 3-4 feet then the real one. 

Final Thought

LandGlide for PC is a great application for everyone out there. This application is used in all sectors and you can get this app only at 99 US dollars for a full year. 

If you are facing issues while finding proper information about the properties of a location, then this will be the best application you will ever find among all the applications out there.

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