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Kiwi Browser For Windows
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By installing Kiwi browser on your pc you can get a lite, fast and quiet experience. The laptop or pc needs to have a lot of features when it comes to browser choosing. Kiwi browser is one of the best browsers in the app store to use. You can also get kiwi browser for mac. Are you bored and disappointed with your pc version browser? Does it take much storage of your device? If yes, then this article will guide you to the right path.

Here I have gathered information and guidance to install Kiwi browser apk on your pc. By reading this article, you will be able to know about the kiwi browser apk, downloading and using the process in detail with your device compatibility.

Kiwi Browser For PC Main Key Features

 Getting stuck and facing difficulties while browsing can have an easy solution. You can get so many features by installing the kiwi browser apk. You choose an emulator for your pc, install the Kiwi browser and you are ready to go.  Here I am sharing some of the key features of kiwi browser on your pc.

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Kiwi Browser For PC

  • It Has different modes and themes
  • Easy night mode option
  • Supports most of the chrome extensions
  • Incognito mode option
  • Accessibility in the bottom address bar
  • Crypto-jacking protection
  • Built-in pop up and ad blocker
  • Easy tab switcher swipe option
  • Notification managing and customization
  • Enable or disable AMP
  • Chromium interface with customization option
  • Easy import and export bookmark facilities
  • Supports more than 60 languages
  • For better privacy it blocks site trackers
  • Custom download path selection option

How to Install Kiwi Browser For Pc – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac (Free Download)

You may search kiwi browser app download for pc. But the windows version of the kiwi browser isn’t there yet. But it comes with kiwi browser apk form. It can be made portable like .exe application for windows uses. As it is an android form factor based there are no x64 or x86 options. Thus you can easily install it on your pc. No other requirements or hassle is there about device compatibility. The download and install of the browser are quite easy in this regard.

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Kiwi Browser For Mac

For this, at first, you need to have an APK installer or called an emulator. The installer will run the browser in Windows 7, 8, and 10. For mac, you can find it in the mac store

Here is two easy way you can install kiwi browser in windows pc or laptop.

You will need an emulator or installer named as

  1. Bluestacks
  2. NoxPlaye

1. How To Use And Download Kiwi Browser Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator application for pc. It allows you to download and use all the android application. The paid android application can also be experienced. You need to follow the Gmail and google payment procedure. By installing this app, you can use the kiwi browser apk on your pc as kiwi browser for windows and mac.

Download Kiwi Browser Using Bluestacks

  • First of all, you need to have the application named bluestacks on your pc.
  • After downloading the installer, double click on the .exe file with your mouse. The file name will be Bluestacks android emulator.exe
  • You will get a pop-up installation wizard on your moitor. Follow the instructions and mark the user agreement. Make sure to read all the manuals before proceeding further.
  • The installation will be finished within two to three minutes.
  • After installing the application, double click on the Bluestacks icon lunch button on your desktop. For the first time setting up massages may appear. Deal with that.
  • Now, open the google play store and search for KIWI BROWSER. (Here you need to login with your Gmail account)
  • Find the kiwi browser and install it. It may require some permission to install; proceed with that.
  • Based on your internet speed, it will take some time to download and install bluestacks on your PC/MAC.
  • After the successful installation, you will find the browser in your app list.
  • Open the kiwi browser and start to use it on your pc or mac.

2. How To Use And Download Kiwi Browser Using NoxPlayer

Noxplayer is another free emulator you can use on your pc and mac especially when you search for free kiwi browser download option. It will enable the kiwi browser android version to pc version easily. Follow the steps to install the NoxPlayer first, and then you can run the Kiwi browser for pc. (windows/mac)

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Download Kiwi Browser Using NoxPlayer

  • Noxplayer is a free application to install. You need to download the free installer from the link below.
  • Double click on the downloaded installer file to go for the setup wizard.
  • Setup the application by following the steps shown on your desktop monitor.
  • After successfully installing the application, go to your desktop and double click on the Noxplayer icon to open it.
  • After opening the NoxPlayer, it will require some permissions, allow all.
  • Go to the play store app inside NoxPlayer and search for Kiwi Browser. You need to log in here with your Gmail account.
  • After finding the right one, click on download and install.
  • Based on your internet speed, it will be downloaded and installed automatically. ( it take some time to install any app from noxplayer, but that is quite normal)
  • Find the Kiwi app and start browsing by clicking the icon shown

Kiwi Browser alternatives for Windows and Mac

To install kiwi browser on your pc you can get others emulator apart from Bluestacks and noxplayer. These are also similar with features and compabilities as I have mentioned above. Here I am sharing some of the prominent and popular software that allows you to download kiwi browser for pc.

 1. Brave Private Browser – Secure, fast web browser

Based on the chromium model, the brave private browser is a convenient and useful app. it is open-source software, and you can use it as like as Kiwi browser on your Windows pc or mac. Download link belo

2. Yandex Browser

Yandex browser is also an open-source browser based on the Chromium project. This means it will work like the Kiwi browser, and you can import and export bookmarks by syncing your account. It will also take less ram and space for working smoothly. Download link below

3. CM Browser

Like the previous ones’s this is also based on the chromium project and works exactly as same as Yandex, Brave, and Kiwi browsers. Using the same emulator, you can install this also and get ready to go for a smooth browsing experience. Download link is given below,

Frequently Asked Questions

By this time you surely know how to download kiwi browser for pc. People asked several questions about the software. Here I have attached some of the most common queries with answers about kiwi browser app download and features with security concerns.

Is the Kiwi browser safe?

Of course, it is safe. The information data it needs will seek permission like location, microphone, storage, etc. it is safe, lite, and never leak your personal information.

Is Kiwi browser Chinese?

No, it is not a Chinese-based web browser. It was founded in 2012 in the Czech Republic, and its previous name was Its current headquarter is situated in Brno.

What is Kiwi browser?

Kiwi browser is a free android based web browser. It can also be installed on Windows pc or mac via emulator.

How do I use Kiwi browser?

You need to install the apk file from the google play store. to use the kiwi browser for windows you use an emulator like NoxPlayer. Simply install it and open it to see its features and user experiences

What is the Kiwi app used for?

Well, kiwi browser app is used for browsing, surfing, downloading contents from the internet. It is a free android apk application for smartphones and tablets. But it can be used in Pc and Mac also


Kiwi browser for pc and mac is an easy solution for lite and featureful browsing experience. You can browse, download and stream easily and smoothly, fast and quiet. You get a customization option and bookmark sync facilities. The dark mode will be helpful to browse for a longer period

Check out the amazing features and user experiences with a lite, accessible and user-friendly interface. Share your thoughts with others about Kiwi browser for pc and mac.

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