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Kinemaster for PC
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When it comes to editing videos on the mobile phone or tablet, few compete with KineMaster as it’s one of the best given the high number of features it comes with. The problem is that you cant directly install it on your Mac or PC. With an android emulator, you can easily do that as shown below.

To install KineMaster on your Mac or PC, download and install an android emulator on your PC. Log into your Google Play Store then download the KineMaster app. Use it as you would on your phone or tablet.

In this blog post, I will give you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to install Kinemaster on your PC or Mac. Kinemaster is one of the top video editing software for both professionals and amateurs. Kinemaster is also very affordable with a monthly subscription starting at just $4 per month. If you’re interested in learning more about Kinemaster, keep reading below.

How To Install Kinemaster On Your Pc Or Mac With Bluestacks And Nox Player

The steps to install KineMaster for PC are as follows:

Kinemaster for windows

1. Install an Android emulator

First, install an Android emulator on your PC or Mac. (We’re using the BlueStacks Emulator for this article, but you can install other emulators if you prefer.)

An android emulator is a software that will install an Android OS on your PC or Mac. Some good emulators are BlueStacks, Genymotion and Andy.

2. Log into your Google Play Store

Secondly, log into your Google Play Store in the Android emulator using your Google account ID and password. If you don’t have one, create one right away.

3. Install KineMaster

When you’re logged in, search for KineMaster and tap install to open the installation page.

Tap Install again if prompted, this will start installing the app onto your PC/Mac (depending).

The installation process can take up to five minutes so please be patient while it downloads and installs. When finished you should find KineMaster under All Apps.

You’ve now successfully set up Kinemaster on PC/Mac by following these steps. Enjoy making videos with our free video editor.

How to Uninstall KineMaster for PC

If you’re done using the KineMaster app, you can uninstall it as follows:

  1. Star the BlueStacks android emulator and navigate to the ‘My Games’ button.
  2. Find the KineMaster logo then right click it.
  3. Click on the ‘Uninstall’ option.

The app will be removed from your computer.

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Features of KineMaster

Some of the features that come with the KineMaster app include the following:

Kinemaster for PC

Provides a user guide

The app comes with a comprehensive user guide, which is available for you to download from the KineMaster site. The guide provides detailed information on how to use all the features of the app as well as how to edit your videos.

Provides a variety of video modes

The app allows you to work with a number of video modes including filter effects, transition effects and background music effects besides providing settings that allow you to customize your videos according to your preferences – such as resolution, bit rate and time length.

Provides audio playback capabilities

The KineMaster app can play both video and audio files while you are editing them. You can choose between playing an audio track or adding music to your video clips from the large library provided by the developers at KineMaster.

Provides automatic video creation

You can choose to have the app automatically create a slideshow of photos in a video format or select files from within the KineMaster app file explorer that you want to include in the video. The auto-creation feature is available for free on KineMaster Lite and Pro versions with all themes unlocked whereas it comes at an additional price on paid versions.

Provides added features through purchase

This is not so much as a ‘feature’ but rather something that should be included in every quality app. With the free version of the KineMaster app, you can only get to work with a limited set of features but you can unlock more and add more features through app purchase.

Provides transfer via cloud storage links

The lite or pro versions of KineMaster allow you to choose from a number of cloud storage sites as well as media servers when sharing your videos on social media. This allows you to access your edited videos wherever there is an internet connection, which in today’s world should be almost everywhere.

Provides multi-themed interface

Besides looking cool, the different themes available for the KineMaster app include a variety of options that allow users to customize their editing experience according to their preferences. The developers have also provided a user guide, which is available on the KineMaster site, to help people use all features of the app.

Provides video sharing options

KineMaster allows you to upload your videos online using YouTube and Facebook. You can also save them directly onto your device for offline viewing. In addition, you can choose to download them from within the app file explorer; either to store on cloud storage sites such as Dropbox or other locations depending on how you want to access the video later.

This is an added bonus feature of this editing software since editing requires patience and time – so it’s always nice when you have options that allow you to work without having to invest more hours into watching videos.

Provides various export options

The KineMaster app allows users to choose the format in which they want to save their videos and you have a wide range of preset formats that you can choose from. You also have the option of saving your video clips as an image sequence (where each frame is saved separately) or as a movie file.

Provides customizable customization options

You can change everything about your video including transition effects, background music, themes and more. The only thing you will need to do is download accessorize files online but this is simple since it only requires dragging and dropping these files into appropriate folders on your device. In addition to downloading add-ons from within the app explorer, you can also set things up manually by creating sub-folders for each feature of the app storage directories.

Provides high-end video editing quality

The KineMaster app has many different features that allow users to create a wide range of video formats and customize all aspects of these videos including fonts, color correction, animation effects among other things. Furthermore, users can also select between several themes including one which allows them to create animated music videos.

The only downside is that this option comes at an added cost after you purchase the pro versions of the software through in-app purchases. This means you have to spend more money if you want to use its full potential. Still, with its variety of free features as well as those available via additional payment plans, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Provides support for several types of files

The KineMaster app is compatible with a wide array of file formats including the popular AVI, MP4 and MOV formats but you will need to install an additional media player on your device to be able to play videos that are in OGG format. These additional add-ons can also help you playback other video formats such as MKV or FLV.

Provides detailed settings for each feature

This editing software was designed by experts who have fully understood what video editors want from their apps so they have provided a selection of advanced options that allow users to customize everything about them including transition effects, background music, font preferences and more.

There is an option available which allows those without experience to use the default settings of each feature. However, there are also presets available for those who want to use exactly what their favorite YouTubers have used in their videos.

Provides an intuitive user interface

As mentioned earlier, this app was developed by professionals so you will notice that it has been created with simplicity and usability in mind. The developers have done a really good job at making sure that even novice users will be able to utilize the main features while experts can play around with advanced features without hassle.

There is a slight learning curve but once you get started using it, you won’t ever need to refer to the manual – everything is easy enough to find on your own.

Kinemaster System Requirements

For the KineMaster app to run on your PC or Mac, the computer should have the following features:

Feature Requirements
Operating system (OS) Windows 7 or higher
RAM (memory) At least 1.5 GB
Video type OpenGL 2.0 or higher
Processor type AMD or Dual Core Intel
Storage At least 1GB disk space

5 KineMaster alternatives

If for some reason you choose to go with another app other than KineMaster, the options you have are as follows:

1. Lightworks

Lightworks for pc

Lightworks is a professional level video editor that supports most modern operating systems, including macOS and Windows. Lightworks is very comparable to KineMaster in quality and price, plus Lightworks makes up for its lack of effects by having superior chroma key features. Lightworks also comes with unlimited storage on the cloud for only $9/month. Lightworks costs around $10/month when not subscribing to their yearly plan.

2. NCH Software

Another option is NCH Software. NCH software is very similar to KineMaster, but it has a smaller user base and NCH does not provide quite as many tutorials or guides.

Like most other video editors for mobile devices, NCH Software will only process videos shot on your phone. NCH also allows you to export high-resolution footage from their app, which means that you can shoot your videos in 1080p then drop it into KineMaster or any of the previously mentioned editors.

3. Power director video

Power director video offers a whole host of great features and effects, including filters which can be used to enhance the look of your video. Power director has been designed with ease of use in mind, making it very user friendly if you’re not looking for too many advanced features to play around with.

Power Director Video is similar to PowerDirector in that it’s primarily aimed at home users who are simply looking to produce high quality videos by themselves without any fuss or bother. The app offers some more serious tools such as multiple audio tracks and cut editing but it’s also about creating professional looking videos quickly without getting bogged down in too many options.

4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another great KineMaster alternative app that you can grab for free. FilmoraGo is a free video editor and it offers everything from basic video editing to more advanced options like adding music, filters, effects and transitions. FilmoraGo also allows you to upload directly to YouTube as well as export in popular formats like MP4, AVI or MOV.

5. Viva video

The last alternative to KineMaster is Viva video. Viva enables you to combine photos and video clips into a slideshow, add transitions and music with 6 professional themes. Viva’s interface is quite similar to that of KineMaster, so moving around the application will just feel like second nature if you’re already familiar with its competitor.

Viva video for pc

This app differs from KineMaster as Viva is more focused on creating slideshows, whereas KineMaster has more features related to video editing overall, such as it can edit videos at different speeds or trim them for specific parts (KineMaster doesn’t do well for making slideshows).

With so many amazing features and customizable options, there is no wonder why KineMaster has been such a popular app for animators since its launch in 2014. It’s one of the most used apps on the android operating system and now can be used on the larger canvas of your PC or Mac screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KineMaster for PC free?

KineMaster for PC is free although there is a paid version with premium features. If you use the free version, the videos will have a watermark.

What is an android emulator?

An android emulator is a piece of software that allows you to run the android operating system on a desktop operating system such as Windows or macOS.

Is KineMaster safe?

KineMaster is safe and will not harm your computer or mobile device. Some antivirus software might flag it off as unsafe but it’s only because it’s supported by ads.

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