How to Download Keepsafe for Pc – Windows (7,8,10) and Mac

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Many Keepsafe Photo Vault users have been asking how they can use Keepsafe Photo Vault on their PC or Mac. Keepsafe has listened to these requests and developed an app that you can install on your Windows, Mac OS X, Linux operating systems using the Android emulator BlueStacks. Keep reading this blog post to find out more about Keepsafe Photo Vault for PC.

To use Keepsafe Photo Vault on your PC or Mac, download an Android emulator such as BlueStakcs or Nox Player on your PC or Mac, install it and launch it. Launch and log into the Google Play Store then search for the Keepsafe Photo Vault app. Download and install it on your PC then run it like you would on a smartphone.

An emulator is an app which allows Keepsafe Photo Vault or another android app to run on your PC or Mac. Keep in mind that Keepsafe’s Android app is not fully compatible with computers, but this emulator makes it possible for you to use Keepsafe Photo Vault on your computer like any other applications installed from the App Store.

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How to Install Keepsafe Photo Vault on PC and Mac

To install the Keepsafe Photo Vault on your PC or Mac, follow these steps:

  1. First, download the emulator for your computer. We recommend installing BlueStacks or Nox Player since they’re two of the most reliable android emulators.
  2. Download either one from its respective site. Join it with number one since it’s just one point.
  3. After installation, open up the program and download Keepsafe Photo Vault from the Google Play Store. At the top corner of the emulator and within the Google Play Store is a search box from which you can search for the “Keepsafe Photo Vault” app. It’s the one with a ‘K’-like logo.
  4. Open the app on your PC and log in to use the app as you would on your mobile device.

You need a Google Play Store account to sign in on the Android emulator and use android apps on your PC. The same procedure works on your Mac.

Benefits of Using Keepsafe Photo Vault

Some of the reasons why you need to use this app include the following:

  • You can lock your photos using a PIN code, fingerprint or pattern on your phone. On the PC or Mac, a PIN code will to the trick.
  • Keepsafe syncs your encrypted photos, albums and videos across devices using its Private Cloud feature.
  • It has a face-down lock feature which locks the app the moment you cover the face of the phone such as when you place it facing down. This makes it secure as fast as possible when you’re in a tight situation.
  • Keepsafe Photo Vault is the perfect way to keep your valuable memories safe and easily accessible since it backs up both videos and photos. In the case that you lose your phone, your photos and videos will be ready for download once you get another one.
  • It also has the Safe Send photo sharing feature which allows for private photo sharing where you control how long the recipient see your picture. You can have the picture disappear after 20 seconds after sending the picture.
  • Another very clever feature is that Keepsafe doesn’t show up in your list of the most recently used apps. This means that someone checking your phone to see your activity won’t see this app to have been used.

These are free features anyone using this app will have right away.

Keepsafe Photo Vault also has a premium version which has the following features:

  • Lock individual albums with a PIN Code. You can lock individual albums from being viewed using a PIN code for each album. This way, you can an album with private pictures and videos just for you.
  • The Fake Pin feature creates a fake Keepsafe app with another PIN code. As such, someone finding out your Keepsafe PIN code will be going to the fake account. You can even offer the PIN code to the fake account to divert attention elsewhere.
  • The app also alerts you when there is a break-in attempt by taking photos of intruders so that you know who tried to get into your app while you were away.
  • It even has a trash where deleted photos can be retrieved from.
  • The Space Saver feature also saves on storage space since the app compresses the pictures and stores the originals on the cloud.
  • The app has a private cloud which stores up to 10,000 photos.
  • Custom album art covers hide contents on albums which are saved as originals on the cloud (over time) so they don’t get seen by snooping eyes.
  • The premium version of the app is also ad-free. This prevents ads from messing up the look of your photos and videos.

With this app, you can not only protect your photos but also the videos you took. The app even has a video vault that allows for encrypted storage of all your favorite memories.

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