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Jio Browser For windows
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We are using several browsers for net browsing and other important PC based tasks. As a mobile app, Jio Browser for PC can open new potential for us too. A browser with more possibilities and new features can make you tasks more enjoyable and smoother. 

Mobile app browsers are faster, light, easy to use and with more features. If we start to use this on PC, then we will be able to enjoy more features and have better experience. So, we will show you how to install the Jio Browser on your PC and what are the benefits you are going to enjoy. 

About Jio Browser For PC

Jio browser is a popular mobile app that has been downloaded more than 10 million times. It comes with some excellent features that are not available on PC based browsers. So, if we can use this browser on PC, we can enjoy the features.

Jio Browser For PCSo, come on we share these features and benefits with you as you can start enjoying them. We will make the Jio Browser for PC installation and user method in detail here. 

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Features of Jio Browser on pc

Jio browser is a specially modified app that is superbly updated and advanced for regular use. Check the features below:

Ad Block Plus: It has an inbuilt Ad blocker that stops all pop up and unwanted ad from your browsing.  It is mostly needs to be installed in PC browsers. 

Regional Language Support: It has an automatic language support function that will enable you to change language according to your need and benefit. 

Landscape Mode: It has an automated landscape mode that is really nice in mobile outlook. And mostly this feature is suitable for PC use too. 

Breaking News: The app has news update options and it also works with regular news channel info to your home page! Is not that amazing? 

Quick access top sites: There is a chosen site list that can be saved and accessed later. It is a very prompt feature to have in the browser. 

 Incognito Mode: It comes with Incognito mode that will allow you to surf online undetected. This is also an attractive and intensive feature.

Scheduled Downloads: Download scheduling is a very useful one that will help you to download any specific file at first and schedule other files later. 

Jio Browser for PC (Windows & Mac) Free Download

Installing the Jio browser on PC is not a complicated task to do. It is free to download but due to some technical issues we need to use another software to get the features in PC as mobile. Using apps in windows 10 is easier, such as if you want to install the Jio Browser for PC in windows 10 then it will be much easier to use and enjoy.

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Jio Browser For mac

We will see how to install and run the Jio browser on windows and Mac Pc in the later portion. Come on, we will guide you to the process. 

How to do the download and installing jio Browser for PC?

When you are looking for installing it to a PC, then you need to download Jio Browser for PC and then you can use it. This is not that much simple, we need to get an emulator to get things done. 

We need an android emulator, that is a platform that will make an App to work on PC instantly and smoothly. There are different types of emulators named Nox Player, MeMuPlay, Bluestacks and many more. Most of them act the same. We are showing how to install an android emulator and use Jio browser. 

  • Just go to the website of Nox Player, download the latest version of the software. 
  • After downloading, install it to PC. It will take a few minutes to extract and finalize the download. 
  • Nox player installation will need some extra time to create the app platform. 
  • Go to the google play store icon on Nox Player screen and search for Jio Browser. 
  • Click on the Jio Browser and install it on PC. 
  • After installation it will perform as a general browser on the PC.
  • Most of the android emulator installations are similar for Bluestacks, MemuPlay and others. 

After installation of Jio browser, the PC will act as a general PC browser and you will enjoy the advanced benefits. 

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How to download and install jio Browser for Mac?

If you are looking to install the Jio Browser in Mac PC the process is mostly similar. You will have to install an Android Emulator on your PC. The process will be as below:

  • Install an android emulator compatible with Mac PC and download it from the official site. 
  • Download and install it on your PC, that may take a while. 
  • Install Jio Browser in your PC through the emulator and run as a common browser. 
  • Enjoy all features in PC. 



How can I check the version of JioBrowser?

You will be able to check the Version of Jio Browser from Google Play store, as which version is available now. There is an about button on the browser, that will also tell you which version you are using. 

How can I change the language of JioBrowser?

You will be able to change the language in the Jio Browser easily. You can go to the settings and then language button to change language. It is easy to access in the browser from the settings menu. 

How can I Open multiple Tabs in JioBrowser?

There is a plus sign beside  the running tab of the Jio Browser, you can click on that button to add a new tab and use multiple pages for browsing. 

How can I share pages from JioBrowser?

If I need to share my page from the Jio Browser then there are three dots on the right corner of the page, that you click and from there you can share the page by messenger, email and other ways. 

Final Word

We have shown each and every step of installing the Jio Browser for PC  and some other useful information that will help you to get any kind of guideline and tips.

You will find it easy to your fingertips to install and use this browser from now on. If any issues arrive you can check above for the solution. Good Luck. 

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