4 Best iOS Emulator For Android & Windows PC (100% Working)

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Are you not an iPhone user? But want to run the ios apps on Android mobile or tablets? Yes, you can run iOS apps on android by using iOS emulators for Android. Here in the review, we will show you some iOS apps for android smartphones. Don’t hesitate to choose and use one of them.

iOS emulator for Android helps to run iOS apps on Android. Emulators have unbelievable features that can impress the users quickly. You can get it from the web. You need to check all the features, advantages, and disadvantages to find the best one. Moreover, you will find this review very useful for you.

4 iOS Emulators for Android Devices reviews 2021

We have shortlisted four best iOS emulators for Android phones or tablets. We will share the features, likes, and dislikes of these emulators. You need to check all of these and pick up one for your device. So, we hope you will like the reviews and move on to get the perfect one.


1. Appetize iOS Emulator

Appetize emulator is a browser-based emulator. It suits HTML5 and JavaScript. For PC or Mac, there is no such option available for iOS emulators. Appetize can be a great solution to upload the visualized application on a website.

Appetize iOS Emulator

You can stream it efficiently. You can upload apps through the website. It allows users to run iOS and Android apps with a web browser. It’s a solution based on software.

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Appetize iOS Features:

  • Users can upload their app through the website or API.
  • It embeds any HTML with an iFrame.
  • It runs iOS & Android apps with a web browser on any device.
  • It allows users to select any choice of equipment, app version, and operating system.
  • Agents use to track and audit, control of fine-tune access.
  • User friendly, one can manage fully, and it is always up to date.
  • It is a software-based solution and very easy to maintain and operate.
  • It is available to stream fast and obviously through any browser.
  • Agents use to track and audit, and control fine-tunes access and permission.

2. iEmu Emulator

IEMU is a handy iOS emulator with fantastic features. You can find it available on the website. With this tremendous emulator, you can use iPhone apps in your android device. You should check all the features, pros, and cons of this emulator to know more.

iEMU iOS Emulator

Here we have given some useful features, the advantages and disadvantages of it. If you want to run iOS applications on your phone, you need to utilize this information.

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iEmu Emulator Features:

  • Allows downloading and installing iOS applications on android tablet or mobile.
  • Gives a chance to access the features of iOS applications on Android.
  • It also saves users from game data out of running.
  • It supports the gaming apps on Android and in iOS iPhone.
  • It provides the installation of any iOS App on Android mobile or tablet.
  • It is a free Emulator to run the iOS app
  • It works excellent in rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • Here the option of Zip File Upload is available.
  • Unreleased pc version and unavailable on Play Store.


All in one emulator is one of the best emulators, and it has all the fantastic features of other emulators. Besides, this tremendous emulator supports all the most popular iOS apps. Such as safari, iOS music, iOS camera, and so on.


This is not enough. One can run iOS games with the help of this emulator. Have you heard of Siri? This emulator is the only one that supports Siri. This emulator can provide you with all the fantastic advantages of it.

ALL IN ONE Feature:

  • It gives regular updates.
  • It gives a chance to enjoy the paid apps for free.
  • Live support features for inbuilt Siri.
  • It is a Malware and virus free version.
  • It is an emulator with lightweight features.
  • Keep the users with regular updates, and it is free from viruses.
  • It provides live support for Inbuilt Siri and a lightweight emulator.
  • This iOS emulator is free from the premium version.
  • Ads are available, and it has Average UI & Dashboard.

4. IOSEmus

IOSEmus is a trending and popular emulator. It is one of the amazing iOS emulators for running iOS apps. Its impressive features are the reason why people love it. It provides excellent premium features.

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High standard features are delightful for the users. There is hardly any emulator like this iOS emulator. Users don’t need to spend any single penny to run apps. And this is the best and fantastic part of IOSEmus.

IOSEmus Features:

  • Gives the opportunity to customize as users’ requirements.
  • It works in rooted devices and also in non-rooted devices.
  • It also runs iOS apps and games beautifully.
  • It gives a chance to enjoy free features.
  • It’s required Android version is 4.0+.
  • It provides no premium version.
  • It works amazingly in a tiny RAM.
  • It runs iOS games and applications significantly.
  • It provides ads that annoy users and unavailable on the play store.


Can I install the Cider app on a tablet?

Yes, you can download the Cider app and install it on the tablet by sideloading. After installing it, you can run iOS games and apps on your tablet. Though CIDER doesn’t work on all android devices, you need to check your device.

Can I install an iOS emulator without root?

Yes, you can easily install an iOS emulator, and you won’t have to root your Android device. You can’t download some emulators from the play store. So you need to change a few settings on your device.

Aren’t iOS emulators for Android devices compatible with all the apple apps? Is it hit and miss?

Most of the iOS emulators for Android devices are compatible with all the apple apps. These will keep your device safe without any root access.

Ending Word

We hope we were able to give you a clear description of the iOS emulator for android. We tried to show you four best iOS emulators for Android apk. These emulators are very useful for users who don’t have an iPhone. These emulators help to run iOS apps on android devices. It provides a free service.

Therefore, users can run iOS apps on android without any extra charge. In the review above, we have shown you various amazing features. You need to check all the features. Besides, there are also some advantages and also some disadvantages to emulators. So the decision is yours, what will you choose.

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