How To See Deleted Messages on Discord ( Easy Method )

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When you are a professional gamer, you may have listened about Discord. It is the most popular chatting software to communicate with each other. It is a real time chat bot that enables voice, video and text chatting  from one gamer to another. But while using it is a common question, how to see deleted messages on discord?

We will check the common and most easy way to check recovering deleted messages. The most comfortable tips will be shared with you and we will make things easy to access. So, why are we waiting? Come on, we see the matters explained as easy possible. Can You View Deleted Messages On Discord

According to the official statement of Discord app, the deleted message cannot be retrieved. The developers of this app have made this thing clear through a twitter message that, keeping deleted messages is not according to the quality standard and they have not put the thing available any more.

The method is not easy at all. You can get Dyno Bot that will enable you to see your deleted messages. So, you can use this as an attachment. It will both help you getting message and be on the safe side.

How To See Deleted Messages on Discord ( Easy Method )

As there are various ways to get the things done. You can report to get your message or screenshot. So, how to report a discord server? You can go to the report option from  Discordapp and file a report as soon possible. It may help you instantly.

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How To See Deleted Messages on Discord ( Easy Method )

The method is only active when there is data on discord cache! They can recover the data and can replace it for you. If  there is no data in cache, then it is not possible at all. We need to better use other options to get things done.

Logger bot is another excellent easy method to use with the server to keep the records of all discussions. It comes with great reviews and it can get all log whenever needed. So, you can use this bot with your discord app, to.  You can add it very easily. You can use the Get and Invite option and then complete the verification steps to get things done.

When it is active, you get all data from the server browser according to its settings. It is an excellent solution to recover the deleted message and become the easiest way, too. Additionally, a few more basic things will help you like how to delete discord messages and how to report people on discord.

How Turn on Developer Mode on discord

Turning on Developer Mode will give you some additional features to work on. So, activating it is very important. To, enable the Developer mode, go to the Discord setting. It is just next to your name on the bottom left. Then click on Appearance and then toggle the Developer Mode to enable it. In this way, you can activate it.

How to Copy Link Abusing Message on Discord Server

It is a common thing in Discord to get abusive messages and harassment from other gamers. So, you need to protect yourself from the issues. To stop these harmful activities, you need to know the methods how to do it and then alert the administration about it. The process is:

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How to Copy Link Abusing Message on Discord Server

  • Check any message sent to you is abusive or against Discord violation guide. If it is then you need to report it.
  • Basically you cannot hit the report button on the app. Basically there is none. You need to enable developer mode then check the messages. You click on the gear button near your name. Then go to the appearance tab and then click on the Advanced section. Then you enable the developer mode. Just turn it on.
  • Then you can get the ID codes. Check on the message, right click on the user name and select the Copy ID, then paste it and label that as User ID. If the user changes the name, the ID remains the same.
  • Then right click on the message and get the Copy ID, there you will get a ID number that you can mark as Message ID.
  • Finally you click on the server icon on the left side and then select the Copy ID again and paste with the other two. Make this one as Server ID.
  • Then you can send the report to the TRUST & SAFETY REQUEST CENTER. There you give your email address, select the type of report and then enter a subject. Then in description give all the details. Or you can send attachments too. After sending the report you will get necessary support from the administration side.

Are You able to Report a Deleted Message On Discord Server?

Yes, you can report a deleted post message too. But for that, you need to have a chat bot that will enable you to recover the deleted message. As an example if you use logger bot then you can recover the deleted message from there.

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Then you will have to follow the above mentioned method to get the message ID and other information to report it. If the process is done, then you can submit the report to Discord Server.


how to see deleted messages on discord server?

You need to have an additional chat bot for that. As an example, you can use Logger Chat bot that will have access to all messages and information. When you want to get any deleted message, then you can have that recovered from Logger Chat bot.

how to see past messages on discord after deleted message

You can easily see deleted previous messages with another chatbot that is linked with discord. As an example you can use the logger bot.

how to see messages that were deleted on discord

If you use a chatbot like logger, then you can see the deleted messages. You can access the previous messages and then get the necessary information with that.

how to see messages on discord the other person deleted

With the help of attached chatbot, the messages from discord inbox can be seen and recovered. If anyone deletes any message, the chatbot will keep the history that keeps the record of it.

Final Word

We started the discussion with the common question of how to see deleted messages on discord but we have given all possible methods to solve the issues. It is not very difficult, but with some tactics, we can get this thing done. So, you can also follow the methods and get things done.

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