How to install MX Player on Firestick (Step By Step Guide)

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Have you any Firestick devices? Are you satisfied watching the contents on it? If not, then launch the MX Player on Firestick! It’s an adjustable video player. You can download the MX player application free of cost with the help of the google play store.

The most popular media player created for Android devices is the MX Player app. The Player has such a distinctive GUI and playback options that all MX Player users love and enjoy.

Then the Amazon Firestick or Fire TV comes here.

So you can install an Android app on these computers. It means that if you’re using Firestick, you don’t have a Play Shop by default.

The issue is that hundreds of streaming apps of this quality need MX Player to run. That is how much accessibility the MX Player can give you. So, here are some guidelines so that you can install the Firestick MX Player.

Mx Player for Firestick

MX Player is an external media player that allows you to play content from other apps through it. MX Player will develop your streaming experience. Sometimes it reduces buffering. Many players are built into apps already. MX Player is a more significant player than the others. It’s easy to link other apps through the MX Player app. Going to the app settings, change the default player. Thus you can enjoy your desired apps on this Player.

This device is the exclusive device of Amazon running on the stripped-down and updated Android edition.MX Player on Firestick

Fire Stick is another world-famous device. The hearth stick comes with attractive features on your devices. That’s what makes it more various and multiple feature-oriented.

Support for your firestick device. Mx participant has subtitle arrangements when users enjoy music or movies on it. Besides, it can download or launch firestick devices.

While playing local media files, MX Player also provides some Impressive features. I will recommend VLC while playing local media files. You can have it by the Amazon app store. You can again try Cinema APK or Titanium TV etc.

Why Choose MX Player?

Now, why would you set up the Firestick MXPlayer? For diversity! Also, if you do not have the MX Player enabled, a large number of these streaming apps will fail to work on your device.

MX Player also offers users the ability to stream movies & TV shows with no buffering. MX Player is helpful for users of Firestick. However, it is the simplicity of functions and modern user interface.

It supports video acceleration, and even the hardware decoder comes with it to give you the best audio quality.

File support is another excellent reason for choosing MX Player as your default media player because many players do not support some files.

However, this allows us to play several types of media, such as 3GP, AVI, DivX, FLV, M3U, MP4, MPEG, MOV, WMV, VOB, Xvid,

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Some of the significant features that make MX Player a hot favorite among streaming enthusiasts are adding subtitles and advanced hardware acceleration.

MX Player for FireStick Features

We already know that Mx Player has so many features that easily attract users. Even those features made this app so popular. So here are some great features with MX Player! Because of the HW+ decoders, hardware acceleration is improved. So you can play videos smoothly. You can use other apps with this Player.

  • Up to 200 percent audio boost and enjoy the clear audio output while playing the video.
  • If you want to decode, you can quickly get the job done by clicking an icon.
  • It supports various types of audio tracks and can alter the way during playback.
  • This app can let you watch shows in various languages. It supports a significant number of languages and subtitle formats.

Why Need A Vpn For Firestick?

MX Player is mainly used for watching your files. The help of this app. But sometimes those streams only allow watching people living in some particular country. That’s why you can hide your location to bypass that geo-blocking. Virtual Private Network(VPN) works for this.

If you want to cover the place you are now, you have to show a different location.  So This is how VPN does its job. Here, you can do another thing. That is, you can change your internet covered area and change the route to another server.

It increases the security of encrypting traffic. Such apps may have some

proprietary content, which is dangerous. Also, your IP address can be monitored by your ISP easily, so there is a greater risk of losing your online privacy.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO are some apps, and it makes them open blocked contents. Kodi users can hide their contents and the location of their internet from the people who give services. Some people or VPN workers create applications that are only for Amazon Firestick devices.

Even it’s so simple to install them on your device. Look for it from your device and launch the app. One can use ExpressVPN as it is a fast and secure VPN that can give you protection while streaming and lessen the risk of ISP throttling.

MX Player installation Preconditions

The android version of Firestick is not as usual. Then you can install the application. But you have to maintain some conditions. They are required because without them, and you can’t download the desired application. These settings will help you to download any app from other sources. And It will take permission from you to access your other apps or photo, video, and music.

So Boot Firestick on your TV and wait to appear on the screen.

1. Going to the “settings” panel, look for “Device” or “My Fire TV” option

Going to the settings panel, look for Device or My Fire TV option

2. Go to the “Developer Option” and check the features to activate “App from unknown source.”

3. Press the icon turn on just like the yellow one in the picture

Press the icon turn on just like the yellow one in the picture

Installation Of Mx Player On Firestick Using Downloader App:

We understand that the MX Player is a must-have application for both online streaming and local media; this is another way to download an app from third-party sources.

However, we need to jailbreak or computer to use the Downloader or install

applications downloaded from other websites.

Instead of this, we still need to install an unknown source; this function is the same, just like the Android Unknown Source installation. So here’s the step by step commands to install the MX Player through the Downloader.

1. Tap on the search bar on the screen of Firestick

tap on the search bar on the screen of Firestick

2. Look for Downloader

Look for Downloader

3. Then click the download button.

Then click the download button

4. After downloading, click open to launch.

After downloading, click open to launch

5. Click allows giving permissions to access photos, apps.

Click allows giving permissions to access photos, apps

6. Select OK to the new notification

7. Type in the box and click the Go button

Type in the box and click the Go button

type and go

8. Select the install button

Select the install button

9. After installing, click open.

After installing, click open.

I have already downloaded it to play with MX Player now.

Installing MX player on Firestick through ES File Explorer

The downloader app is not always accessible from everywhere. So you have to maintain the following instructions to do so.

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If you want to sideload apps from ES FileExplorer, you need to use the $9.99 a month premium subscription for the app.

It’s just the second way of downloading your desired one. So we can jump to the next steps of it. It is the second method to download MX Player on Firestick.

Few Initial steps are just like the first one.

1. Look for the search option. Look at the picture below, type ES File Explorer.Look for the search option. Look at the picture below, type ES File Explorer

Then click the Download, open, and allow button as the first one.

2. ES File Explorer will be open. Search the downloader icon

ES File Explorer will be open. Search the downloader icon

3. Click ‘add’.

Click add

4. Now type and type MX in the name box and Download Now.

Now type MX in the name box and Download Now

5. Open the file after downloading.Open the file after downloading

6. Could you install it?

Could you install it

7. Open or click done after installing.

After installing, click open.

Now enjoy your show with MX Player!

Configuring MX Player

If MX Player finds any videos, it’ll make you notice it because it will provide those videos on the home page. You can see three circles at the right upside. That’s the network stream selection icon.

Configuring MX Player

MX Player provides robust customization for a free game. Only click on the three dots

again to select Settings this time around. One can change the overall appearance of the app from here. Change the resume playback settings, remove error messages while

Configuring MX Player 2

playing, and even change the playback’s color, scale, or positioning.

Setting Mx Player As Default Player

After installing MX Player on Firestick, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable with the app. While playing content, it’s easy to play from the default player. So if you want to set the MX Player as the default app, the following guide is for you!

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After the following set up, you can play any videos directly with MX Player. You don’t need any third-party player. So make sure to follow the s carefully; otherwise, you will fail to do so.

  • From the home screen, click Settings.
  • Then select preference
  • Then go to the default media player.
  • There can be a list of apps; select MX Player.
  • Select positive confirmation

So thus, you can set the MX Player as your default player. Therefore, it will automatically play in the MX Player instead of the stock if you play a song or video.

The Lawfulness Of Mx Player

MX Player usually plays the mp3 and mp4 files. But mainly, it depends on you to ensure the contents you access are licensed or not. This Player functions like other players.

If you download content by paying for a service, then it’s alright. Or paying monthly, if you access a list of IPTV stream addresses, then you’re doing great.

So if any of the sites give free access to the latest TV shows, movies, sports, etc., it’s possibly unlicensed. This kind of stream is not reliable. Even they are often low quality in nature. Sometimes you. You can notice that their contents are taken offline even before you find out about them.

How To Uninstall Mx Player

Though it was slightly different from putting MX Player on Firestick, you can easily uninstall the app.

If you want to delete any other downloader apps, you must follow the same steps. It’s like nothing but deleting any app from the app store of Amazon. If you don’t find the ‘Apps and channels’ Until you reach Your Apps and Channels

  • select the lower
  • Click on the See Everything button.
  • Finally, on the next tab, find your MX Player.
  • One more time, click the menu button and choose Uninstall.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have any confusion or any questions in your mind. We tried to cover most, but we also added some questions here. It may guide you or solve any most arisen problems. Here are the questions:

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Is Firestick MX Player pro free?

Yeah, you can download the free APK version of the MX Player from Firestick.

Why doesn’t the MX Player mount it?

Uninstall the program. Then reinstalling it and then going to the app settings to clear the app data and caches if the situation does not change.

Does the MX Player on Firestick 2021 still work?

For several years, the developers have been updating the MX player with new cool features with the latest updates.

Through which app can we download MXPlayer for Firestick?

You can do it from an app named Downloader on your Firestick. Or you can also do this job by ES File Explorer if you can’t find the downloader app.

What type of streams does MX Player approve?

There are no unique lists, but the standard codes and extensions are 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, DivX, etc.

What is Firestick’s best media player? 

The best media player for Firestick is the MX Player. It has many advantages and runs very smoothly.

Does Amazon Firestick support the APK file?

That is whether you are correctly following the instructions. Amazon Firestick devices not only run on Amazon devices but also Android devices.


MX Player is a favorite app among all android users nowadays. Besides, it’s also highly recommended for Firestick users. MX Player is a great app to play local saved video and audio files on Firestick.

This app includes many formats so that you can play almost all types of content through it. It can play not only online content but also offline files smoothly. It offers excellent options for playing content through it.

MX Player minimizes buffering and latency on your Firestick. While playing, it lessens the number of ads. Moreover, on third-party applications, this will provide you an excellent viewing experience.

I hope you understand the full method of installing MX Player on Firestick. After reading this guide, as I have covered every possible way with complete steps.

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