How To Install Fire TV Guru on Firestick [Know the Steps to Follow 2023]

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Fire TV Guru is one of the best Kodi add-ons. It can be installed at a fast pace. If you want to know how to install fire TV guru on Firestick, you are in the right place. You currently have a wide variety of streaming devices that allow you to watch your favorite shows on conventional televisions.

If you want to enter the entertainment world, you can use the Fire TV Guru, since it has a very clean and attractive interface. Below you can learn a little more about this wonderful streaming device and how to install it.

What Is The Fire TV Guru?

As mentioned above, it is one of the most popular Kodi add-ons on the market. It has a very attractive and clean interface; its installation is very simple and will not take much time. It is compatible with your Firestick, and you can feel that you are really in your Amazon Fire TV.

How to Get Fire TV Guru on Firestick

Among the categories or compilations they have available for Firestick is:

  • TV shows.
  • Live television from the United Kingdom and the United States with free coverage.
  • Movies (in various genres).
  • You can enjoy the best UK and US broadcasts with a beautiful interface.
  • An ideal category for all sports lovers where you can enjoy the best moments and sporting events from around the world.
  • Section for girls. You will find popular shows, TV series, romance, and all the programming girls want to see.
  • Corner for children. You will enjoy the best content for children where they offer animated movies, comics, and much more.

Fire TV Guru Features

Fire TV Guru has some add-ons that are very attractive and cool. Some of these video plugins are Specto, Elysium, Covenant, BoB Unleashed, and TinklePad. Additionally, it has a tab called “All in One” to get movies, live broadcasts, and television shows.

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You should know that it has three different servers if you want to install or download it. Experts always recommend using a different server and trying the installation again if you have trouble downloading it. The installation process is very different from all the others because you have to download it with FireDL.

It has 13 elements that are very easy to use and navigate; you do not need to be an expert in using it without a problem. You can find tabs like His Place to Sports Center, all for you to have a while of entertainment.

You can also find a maintenance category so you can enjoy a video and speed tester. It features an FTG Buid Live Streams section that offers you a large number of available IPTV links. You should know that some work better than others, such as The Players Klub or Set TV.

Any of these will allow you to watch live TV reliably. Another feature that this Fire TV Guru compilation highlights is its Music section with thousands of options with different audio categories. TuneIn Radio, Now Music, and YouTube are available.

On the other hand, it has a tab called Miscellaneous that offers you many fitness exercises. You will likely have to request a separate Kodi add-on installation for you to use it. You’ll find quick and easy daily routines and workouts so you can do your exercises at home.

If you want to use Kodi, you should use this compilation of Fire TV Guru as it is a good place for all fans of these programs and more if you are a beginner. Fire TV Guru development is Kodi Build for Amazon streaming devices. It is a file that installs quickly, and its size is small compared to other Kodi builds on the market.

The full version of this file is 300 MB and will have the best programming and multimedia content on the market available.

How to Get Fire TV Guru on Firestick?

The main goal of Fire TV Guru is to offer an excellent Kodi build that is attractive and dynamic that can be used with more modest hardware. You can use it on your Firestick without a problem, and the file is only 300MB and can be expanded to 600MB if you unzip it.

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How to Get Fire TV Guru on Firestick

It works correctly, and its interface is good. It will allow you to watch your TV shows, movies, sports and much more without a problem. Each section has its background image where you can see its content.

How To Install Fire TV Guru On Firestick?

If you want to install this file in Firestick, you must follow the following steps:

Step 01: You must turn on your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 02: You need to find and install the FireDL application. This can be done from the Amazon app store.

Step 03: When you have FireDL installed, you must open the application and write in the URL box 941172.

How To Install Fire TV Guru On Firestick

Step 04: FireDL will start downloading the Fire MC APK. You must wait for the process to finish.

How To Install Fire TV Guru On Firestick 2

Step 05: Once the download is complete, click on the Install option.

Step 06: When finished and installed, you must click Open.

Step 07: You must wait a few seconds, and then the instructions will appear on the screen, and you must click on the Discard option.

Step 08: It is time to select your favorite settings, and then you must click Continue.

Step 09: You must open the compilation menu and select the compilation that you want to install.

Step 10: You will see two options, which are: install new or install standard. If you want to leave the old data, you must press standard install; if you want something new, you must press the new installation.

Step 11: You must click Yes and then Install.

How To Install Fire TV Guru On Firestick 3

Step 12: Must make Force Close chic.

Step 13: Then you need to go to Firestick and on the home page go to Settings> Applications> then Manage Installed Applications. At this point, you should see Fire MC, and you should open it.

How To Install Fire TV Guru On Firestick 4

Step 14: With these steps, you will have Fire TV Guru installed on your Firestick

How Do You Use A Fire Television Guru?

It’s very simple, follow these steps:

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Step 01: Open Kodi.

Step 02: Click on the settings icon.

How Do You Use A Fire Television Guru

Step 03: You must click on system settings.

How Do You Use A Fire Television Guru 2

Step 04: You must go to the add-ons menu and activate unknown sources.

How Do You Use A Fire Television Guru 3

Step 05: You must click return with the remote control to go to the system page.

Step 06: Click on the File Manager tab.

Step 07: Click add source.

Step 08: Then you must click on Nunguno and must enter the following URL: and then you must click OK.

Step 09: After returning to the Kodi home screen.

Step 10: Then Click on add-ons.

Step 11: Select the plugin browser icon that looks like an open box.

Step 12: You must click install zip file.

Step 13: Then you need to click on Fire TV Guru and find the file

Step 14: You should wait for a message to appear on the screen when the repository has been successfully installed.

Step 15: Then click on Fire TV Guru and then click on program plugins.

Step 16: Then you must click on FTGWizard and then on install.

Step 17: You will see an installation message that you should discard.

Step 18: You must enable the settings you want in the build and click continue.

Step 19: You must click on the create menu and then on Fire TV Guru compilation.

Step 20: Then click on a standard installation.

Step 21: You must select a server to download.

Step 22: You must wait for the compilation download to finish.

Step 23: When the download is finished, click on force close and then accept.

Step 24: Your compilation will already be installed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Fire TV guru still work?

There are reports that Fire TV Guru no longer works. They claim that the FTG developer is no longer working on it, and that is why all the links on the server are down.

Can you use a fire stick on a non-smart TV?

The answer is yes. You can use your Firestick on conventional television, only what you need in an HDMI port on your television. This device turns any TV into a smart TV.


How to install fire TV guru on Firestick is very simple, you have to follow the steps correctly, and you can enjoy the best compilation on the market. It has a large number of categories so you can enjoy the best training. This file is designed for Firestick and is ideal for all Kodi streaming equipment.

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