How to Find Mac Address on Firestick on Your Devices? [2022]

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If you want to know how to find mac address on Firestick you have to stay with the best guide with some simple steps. Find out which you the mac address in Firestick to have hacks from other applications. If you know what your IP is, you can have alternate loads of other streaming applications having a choice to watch series and movies.

If you have your Mac computer linked to Firestick, you should know all the tricks to use your IP address at ease. Learn how you can find the IP in Firestick following three simple steps and also how you can change it on the spot. Finally, you must solve all the questions regarding the IP address to know what its uses are.

Where to Find Mac Address on Firestick?

When you have a computer, you will think that it is not easy to find your firestick IP address in its settings. The entire search process on IP is simple, opening the way to use third-party applications, optimizing your browsing experience. You can look up the mac address on your IOS or Android mobile devices just like Windows or MAC computers.

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With this number or code that shows the IP address, you will have space to use third party applications. With the IP, you should also be careful because you are also prone to receiving a hack when you expose it online. The best thing you can do to protect your IP address on Mac or other devices is to set up a private network.

What Is A Mac Address About?

The mac address is the one that gives you access to different removable media or hardware that is assigned by its original manufacturers. Technically this mac address is the identification that the device has as the Amazon plugs. You must know your device’s mac address to protect it or associate it with other available apps.

You can find the mac address quickly on your device and thus be able to link it to other networks without problems. There is another more complex solution for you to have this address, and it is by contacting the device’s support. If you want to save time, you have to find the mac address and link it to the device.

How to Find Mac Address on Firestick?

If you want to know how to find mac address on Firestick you have to follow these steps:

Step 01: Access the startup of your MAC computer that you can easily find by the apple icon. You have to select the option of “preferences” in the system.

How to Find Mac Address on Firestick

Step 02: When the “preferences” window opens, you have to locate and select the “network” option. The network option is between “app store” and “Bluetooth” in the 3rd section in the preferences.

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How to Find Mac Address on Firestick 2

Step 03: Being in the “network” option, you have to verify that your Wi-Fi connection is activated. Now go to the Advanced button and click it.

How to Find Mac Address on Firestick 3

Step 04: You have to find a string with numeric and alphabetic characters that means your IP address. You have to go to the bottom of the network advantage-advanced options and take “Wi-Fi Address”.

How to Find Mac Address on Firestick 4

Step 05: With these steps, you can get mac address on Firestick. You have to follow them correctly.

How To Find Firestick’S IP Address?

You have to learn how to find Firestick’s IP address with a few steps taken by two fairly efficient methods. The first method to find this address is for Software version and earlier versions. The steps are as follows.

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Step 01: You have to navigate to the advantage of the setting on your computer and move to the “system” and “more options”.

How to find Firestick's IP address

Step 02: Being in the options, you have to take the option “about,” where you will see extra information about the device.

Step 03: You have to go to the “network” option to locate your IP address for Firestick quickly. This unique address is available in the first option.

If you have a version for Firestick with software or later, you have to follow these steps:

Step 01: You have to go to Firestick’s settings by clicking on the system configuration located at the start of your computer.

Step 02: You have to move your cursor to the right so that you can see the device options and click on “more options.” You have to press the “about” option that is at a glance.

How to find Firestick's IP address 2

Step 03: You have to go to the “network” option to see your IP address located on the right side of the system. You have to copy the address of numbers and letters to place it in any App that needs it.

How to find Firestick's IP address 3

How Do I Change The Mac Address On My Amazon Fire Stick?

Now that you know how find mac address for Firestick, you have to be more daring and locate it on your Amazon Fire Stick. You have to follow these quick steps on your computer:

Step 01: You have to go to the start of your device and press the “menu” option at the bottom of the session.

Step 02: You must select the settings, and in that session, you will easily see the “information of your device”.

How do I change the MAC address on my Amazon Fire Stick

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that you may have to find your firestick IP on mac or Windows may be the following:

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What does the MAC address look like?

In structure, the MAC address can be seen as 00-10-A3-3H-76-5D, located in the complete information of the system. It is very easy to locate this address. You have to go to system start-preferences-system information, and that’s it.

Do Amazon smart plugs have a MAC address?

Yes, Amazon’s smart plugs have a different MAC address that is difficult to find in the system.

Is the Mac address the same as the IP address?

No, the Mac address is a string only given by the chip vendor, and a web vendor gives the IP address. Although both directions are similar in their pattern, this does not mean that they are used in the same way.

Final Thought

It is very easy to get mac address on Firestick. You have to pay attention to the device. With these simple steps, you will not only know how to find mac address on Firestick but you will also use it correctly. You can save a lot of time by contacting a professional on this topic and doing it yourself on your computer.

When you have the mac address of your amazon plug, you will only have to link it to the device you want at the moment. You don’t have to confuse a mac address with an IP because they have different purposes, although they have alphanumeric patterns. Knowing the mac address, you can also take measures for its protection using a premium VPN network.

Everything you have to do to connect your hardware to streaming services or other applications is easy with help. You do not hesitate to look for extra information if you have some problems or failures in the system. Everything you have in mind to detect your mac and IP address works; you have to apply it, taking less than 2 minutes.

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