How to Install HBO GO on Firestick (Step By Step Guide)

Write down the requirements and select Create Account.
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HBO is the latest live streaming service that is different from other proceeding HBO apps. HBO update has now become HBO max on Firestick. HBO provides video content in various categories like series, movies, originals, and much more.

You can enjoy HBO on both Fire TV and Amazon Firestick. You should not skip any article point if you want to know how HBO goes on Firestick. Those are various and also special than others. The various features will make you astonished.

HBO GO, especially for binge-watchers, is one of the great options for watching video content on FireStick.

Also, up to five user profiles are supported by the application, in which you

can have a customized streaming experience. Also, it has a good selection of movies on demand, which allows you to watch them everywhere you go.

What is HBO?

HBO means Home box office, mainly an American paid Television network owned by media, web, and studios. HBO consists of many programs like theoretically motion pictures and other television programs and made or documentaries, stories, comedies, etc.HBO GO on Firestick

It was the first cable television that was provided to individuals. There is a premium channel, and the subscribers pay a monthly fee for television services. HBO is the first world television service that is transmitting by satellite. By satellite, HBO television services expand throughout the world.

HBO’s flagship channel consists of blockbuster feature films, cable movies, documentaries, and comedy.

The HBO Go Features

It offers HBO, HBO Family, HBO Hits and HBO Signature Live TV channels, etc.

The HBO GO app offers customization options to make your watchlist quickly access your favorite content. It provides almost 1800 hours of programs that contain HBO Original and Blockbuster movies.

You can use devices such as Desktop, phones, laptops, Android, and iOS. You can run HBO GO at any moment, from anywhere.

It is ideal for Airplay and Chromecast. To get away from any unwanted content, it

includes parental control choices. It has some other features too.

What Channels Are On HBO?

In Firestick, HBO is a television service that provides many channels to watch live streaming videos. The first channel is HBO Max, which is premium based and requires a subscription to reach content. Apple TV channels are also included in HBO. These are discovered before HBO max, and these TV channels contain no charge to watch videos.

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Some Amazon video channels are also included in HBO; they also need a subscription to reach content. Some available feeds in these video channels are HBO2, HBO(East/West), HBO(family), etc. The Ruko channel in HBO is over a top TV channel and needs a subscription to reach content. Their available feeds are HBO (East) and HBO (West).

HBO Max on Amazon Firestick

You can get HBO Max on Amazon Firestick quickly with the help of the Amazon App Store. The Firestick App Store provides the app to download. But activating an account for your computer is necessary. So make sure to build a version of your own.

You don’t need any provider of pay-TV services to stream the content. Even this service contains not only HBO contents but also HBO now contents in it. You can make an account on HBO Max. It can be like Netflix or other arrangements. But a subscription is a must to enjoy it all time.

What About The Cost Of HBO GO?

HBO Max is a premium entertainment network offering different content from HBO programs and Video On Demand. It just depends on so many factors. The service is based on a subscription, including a 7-day free trial costing $14.99/month.

Initially, only selected smart TVs and gadgets had the service available. Amazon Firestick has got its version of the HBO Max app after six solid months. Now let’s see how to watch Amazon Firestick, HBO Max.

Amazon prime is available at $99.99. You can subscribe to it. Prime video is the best service with some original series like Fleabag. It is beneficial for the users because the HBO Max apk for fire tv was available on Amazon Firestick.

How to Get HBO on FireStick Out Of Cost?

Normally you can watch the shows or contents by your paid accounts. But what if you can enjoy them free of cost? That would be so great we all know.

So here you may come to know about this method. But you have to do some additional tasks to do so. You must download Live NetTV to watch free movies and series on HBO.

After downloading  Live NetTV, open the app. Go to the movie’s choice, and then select HBO. From the pop-up message, pick link 2.

Since HBO has many ties, there is an option to choose a specific connection. Free HBO Go only provides free streaming services for those individual titles without a subscription or sign-up option.

It broadcasts some of the HBO shows those are famous, such as The Case against Adnan Syed. The Sopranos and Barry and hundreds of other films. And this includes making the viewers happy, especially people trapped in this pandemic problem of Coronavirus at home. It is only for April to supply free content.

Installed Devices

Most people use HBO Max on Firestick, Android, Roku, and so on. Even each generation of Amazon Fire TV provides this app. Without these devices, Apple TVs, iPhones,iPad, Samsung, Pc, and Mac computers also have this feature.

Even you can use it on your Tablets.

Some HBO subscriptions:

Here are some subscription methods people often ask.

HBO Promotional Price:

This HBO Premier package starts from $104.99 per month.

HBO normal Price:

This normally starts at $15.00 per month.

Consulted Package:

This Digital Premier Package starts at $104.99 per month now.

Why Do You Need A Firestick VPN?

A lot of people use FireStick apps. They are lovely among the users. For FireStick, there are a lot of apps available, but one can only access some exclusive apps through sideloading.

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Your ISP can easily monitor your IP address with these third-party applications, so there’s a greater risk of losing your online privacy. You have to use a VPN to prevent these problems and to solve the geographically

dependent restrictions. We suggest that you use ExpressVPN, the fastest and most reliable VPN service that offers you excellent security when streaming. There are many VPN providers out there.

Registering Process For HBO Max

You have to continue with an account if you want to enjoy the HBO Max on your device. They give seven days free trial for new users, which is the most significant opportunity for new ones.

Carefully read the following steps to sign up for an HBO max account.

Step 1: Go to the HBO Max website, select here Start Your Free Trial.

Step 2: After that, you have to initiate an account. Press ‘Create Your Account’ page.

After that, you have to initiate an account. Press ‘Create Your Account’ page

Step 3: Write down the requirements and select Create Account.

Write down the requirements and select Create Account.

Download it first and then pass it on to the installation.

Step 4: Now, fill out all required information related to billing and click on Start Your Free Trial.

Yes! So, you have successfully registered on the HBO account. Downloading HBO Max in Firestick You need a downloader that can directly download HBO Max from the website and install the HBO Max app on your Firestick. To do that, you should follow these tutorials to install the firestick downloader.

If the downloader is already in the Firestick device, you see the following instructions. Although this can also be used as a web browser, only go to the left panel of the Browser menu. This software is officially available on the Amazon Website, suggesting that we have to

1. On your Amazon Firestick computer, go to the Settings Option

2. Click on the choice for My Fire TV

Click on the choice for My Fire TV

3. Find Developer Choices and choose the same option

Find Developer Choices and choose the same

4. From unknown sources, select Allow Applications. and The choice needs to be turned on

From unknown sources, select Allow Applications.

5. Open Software Downloader.

Open Software Downloader.

6. Enter URL write down the required URL. In the picture the given URL is just for instance.

Enter URL

7. The third party where apk is available. It will automatically download the HBO Max apk.

Using Es File Explorer to install HBO Max on the FireTV Stick

Since we described earlier, the second comes with the first form using Download now. We will use The popular application ES File Explorer of this

section. It is awe-inspiring, as it can also be used as a download manager instead of a file manager.

Step 1: At the bottom of the app, click the + New Display button in the picture.

Step 2: In the path sector, enter the source URL:

In the path sector, enter the source URL

Click the button for OK.

Step 3: Click the Download APK button on the downloading tab. Then the application will start to download.

Click the Download APK button on the downloading tab

Step 4: Click Open File, then press the Install button.

Step 5: Select Install again, and, once installed, select Open.

Installation Guide of HBO Max On Firestick

Here you can get the valuable instructions that will help you to launch HBO on your device. You will also come to learn the installation process of HBO Max on Firestick Tv.

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1. Your Amazon Firestick system will download the HBO Max apk from the Firestick Downloader program.

Your Amazon Firestick system will download the HBO Max apk from the Firestick Downloader program.

2. Select Next, and then Install the HBO Max with Firestick

Select Next, and then Install the HBO Max with Firestick

3. The HBO Max framework can mount. To open the Window, press.


Updating And Supporting Version Error Messages

Some HBO Max applications have stopped functioning today, even sideloaded versions since a new version of their software has just been launched by HBO. The app is now showing the message “Unsupported Version” seen above.

Updating and supporting version error messages

HBO App Downside

Everything has pros and cons. HBO on Firestick has no exception. The app is not available in the Amazon Store because there are some conflicts between Amazon and AT&T’s WarnerMedia. Roku also does not allow the app to be downloaded by its users on their computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, you have successfully installed this app, but do you still doubt your mind or some confusion?

If yes, you should read the below FAQ list to help you quickly get the correct answer and solve all your confusion.

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Why doesn’t the HBO Max app work on the Firestick? 

The HBO Max app update can be troublesome. You uninstall the application. Then again, install it to get out of the problem.

Does HBO Max have a firestick? 

Firestick doesn’t have the HBO Max app by chance. You may follow some steps to download the required one.

Is Sideload HBO Max on Amazon Firestick Safe? 

Yes, sideloading HBO max on a Firestick computer is fully secure and secured, as the

the software you are installing is not a mod version or anything else.

Outside the US, is HBO GO available? 

Oh, no. HBO Go is only a US service as of now and can not be accessed outside the

country. If you can install  VPN on your Firestick, then select a US server

to install and start streaming HBO GO quickly.

What is the firestick speed requirement? 

While the Fire Stick does not have any unique speed specifications, some general guidelines are based on the type of video you want to stream. If you wish to SD (standard definition) streaming, you need a minimum Internet bandwidth of 3 megabits per second.


One of the great outlets for watching the new films and TV shows is HBO go on Firestick. The app provides you with loads and tons of high-quality, on-demand material.

You can have a customized streaming experience because the app

gives several profiles. We hope you’ve helped install HBO Max on FireTV with this post.

All enjoy Warner Media movies like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and several other

blockbusters. However, they still lack it in FireTV Stick because they have finally launched the official app like Disney+ for different platforms.

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