How to Install HBO GO on Firestick (Step By Step Guide)

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The HBO Go app is one of the most favorable live-streaming apps that enables you to stream high-quality content on your devices. You can access movies, sports, news, TV shows, etc., on the app and watch them on your television, smartphone, laptop, etc. Using HBO Go, you can watch all your favorite channels on the go. That said, it’s good you’ve come to this article to see how you can use the HBO Go on Fire Stick.

Now, if you want to gain access to the myriad of intriguing video contents on your Amazon Fire Stick, you’d need to install HBO on your device. First, however, it’s important to highlight that the HBO Go isn’t on Amazon App Store, but you can still use it on your Fire Stick device. Let’s see the following possible methods.

What Is HBO Go?

HBO Go is one of the largest and most widely-adopted television and live-streaming platforms. HBO Go offers users the best TV series, live sports and news stations, and even amazing movies. It’s worthy to note that HBO Go is a subsidiary of the larger HBO (Home Box Office) TV streaming platform that comprises four branches. HBO is a U.S-based premium TV network, and its sub-bodies include HBO, HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max.

In addition, individuals have to pay to access and watch the large library of useful and interesting content. HBO Go is an international Television streaming platform that provides users the required video streaming access. One other thing to note about HBO Go is that it is now updated and refurbished as the HBO Max. So, if you want to use the HBO Go app and can’t find it, search for the HBO Max app.

Features of HBO Go

  • With the HBO Go app, you can access all kinds of new blockbusters that are consistently added weekly to your Fire Stick device.
  • You can access every popular premiere while they’re being aired using the HBO Go TV live streaming service.
  • HBO Go comes in seven distinct languages, and you can watch all desired content from anywhere in the world.
  • Provides you access to stream provocative stimulating talk shows, events, documentaries, comedies, etc., for of charge.
  • Also, you can create a playlist ( or watch list), add titles to them, and stream live from any device.

What Can You Watch on HBO?

You can’t download and install the HBO Go app on your Amazon Fire Stick, as it is no longer available on the Amazon App Store. Also, it will soon be taken down from Google Play Store. In addition, even though you try installing the older versions of the app on your Fire Stick, it won’t work because the HBO Go and HBO Max services have now been merged.

HBO GO on Firestick

However, it’s still possible for you to access and stream HBO Go videos on your Fire Stick devices. How is this possible? A large amount, if not all, of HBO Go services has been integrated with the HBO Max video library.

Why is HBO Go Not Working on Fire Stick?

In 2020, HBO announced the termination of the HBO Go app, while all its video contents will be transferred to the HBO Max app. The company did this transitioning partially to spur the recent HBO Max to live streaming service. Also, it’s important to note that this streaming service allows existing HBO users to access virtually all the HBO content without needing to switch devices or apps.

Furthermore, after the HBO Go app was discontinued from all platforms, including Android, iPhones, and Amazon Fire Stick, users could no longer access the app from any App Store.

Can You Get HBO Go on Firestick?

Sadly, you can’t get the HBO Go app on your Amazon Fire Stick device currently. The app and its services have been taken down by HBO and replaced by the HBO Max app, which provides all its features. Alternatively, you can use the Downloader option, which provides you with the required access to download and install a non-native app into your Fire Stick.

How to Download HBO Go on Firestick?

As we’ve stated earlier, it’s not possible to download and access the HBO Go on the Amazon App Store. However, since it has been integrated with the HBO Max app, in this section, we’re going to show you how to download and install the HBO Max on your Fire Stick. That said, let’s consider the following steps to install the HBO Go on your Fire Stick device.

How to Download HBO Go on Firestick

A. Download and Install HBO Max on your Fire Stick.

Step 1: When you’ve powered your Fire Stick device, go to the Home section.

Step 2: Click on the search icon at the top left part of the screen and search for HBO Max.

Step 3: You’d find the HBO Max app in the search results. Click on it and select the “Download” section to download the app in your Fire Stick.

Step 4: After downloading the HBO Max app on your Fire Stick, its shortcut will be created on the home page. Navigate there and open it.

If you can’t download the app on your Fire Stick because of insufficient space, then you’d need to delete any unnecessary apps.

B. Cast Your HBO Max from Your Smartphone

Casting HBO from your smartphone provides you with an effective way to access the app and its features right from your phone and view it on your Firestick. The casting process is not a tedious or complicated one, so sit back and enjoy—after trying these following steps.

Step 1: First of all, you need to download the HBO Max application on your smartphone, iOS, or Android.

Step 2: When you’re done downloading it, go ahead and install the app on your phone.

Step 3: After that, connect your smartphone and your Fire Stick device to the same wireless network.

Step 4: Press and hold the Home button on your Fire Stick device. This will bring out the Quick menu.

Step 5: Click on the Cast option.

Step 6: You’d see the display mirror screen once this happens.

Step 7: After that, open the HBO Max app on your smartphone and select the Cast icon. There, you’d see your Fire Stick device. Click on it.

Step 8: Now that you’ve connected both devices (your smartphone and Fire Stick), whatever movie you play on your phone will display on your Amazon Fire Stick.

C. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources in Fire Stick

In this process, you’d need to download the HBO Max app onto your Fire Stick device. Therefore, to do this, you need to download a third-party app, which you’d enable in the settings. So, let’s proceed to how to do this.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources in the Fire Stick Device

Step 1: First of all, power your Fire Stick and navigate to the Settings folder.

Step 2: When in Settings, choose the “My Fire TV” from the list of options.

Step 3: Scroll over to the Developer Option from the list of options there.

Step 4: Choose the “Applications from unknown sources” option.

Step 5: In the dialogue asking whether to activate it, choose to turn on the feature.

After doing this, your Fire Stick device can now download external applications from third-party locations. Note, use this option if you’re downloading the HBO app via the Downloader application on FireStick device. Now, let’s consider downloading HBO Max on Fire Stick using Downloader.

Download and Install HBO Max on your Fire Stick via Downloader

Step 1: The first thing you need to do here is to download the Downloader app on your Fire Stick device. So, navigate to the Search and search for Downloader. Then, choose the Downloader app and select Get. This will download the Downloader app into your Fire Stick device.

Step 2: When you’re done downloading, open the Downloader app on the Home page.

Step 3: In the Downloader app, search for in the search bar.

Step 4: This will begin to download the HBO Max apk raw file on your Fire Stick device

Step 5: After downloading the file, it will display an installation menu. Choose the Install button from the dialogue button.

Step 6: Once you’ve finished installing the HBO Max app, you can now open it. So, click on the icon to run the HBP Max app on your Fire Stick device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get HBO GO on Amazon Fire Stick?

No. You can’t get HBO Go on Amazon Fire Stick anymore, as it was taken down in July 2020 by HBO. However, all HBO Go services are merged with HBO Max. So, if you have an account registered with HBO Go and still want to access it, you can use the HBO Max platform to log in to your details.

Is HBO GO free with Amazon Prime?

No. Amazon Prime provides users premium access to on-demand video content. So, you have to pay to use its services.

How do I activate HBO Go on Fire Stick?

When you open the HBO Now/Max app, click on the Sign-in option in the welcome screen. You will then see a six-digit code on the screen. Next, in your web browser (smartphone or PC), search for and provide the six-digit code on your TV screen. Then, click NEXT.


Can you use HBO Go on Fire Stick? No, you can’t use HBO Go on your Fire Stick devices. HBO had shut down HBO Go and replaced it with HBO Max. So, you can use that as an effective alternative.

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