Gv Aview For PC | How to Install (Free Download Windows & Mac)

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GV-Aview is a multiple camera holder on your device. Through this app, your device can capture every camera live by securing their domain IP address. Thus, making you able to see live video from every part of the world on your device. GV-Aview works in any kind of device, there is GV Aview for PC, and mobile both.

This GV-Aview app is used mostly with security cameras, where there are multiples of them at one site. For this app to be installed and work, your device needs to have a stable and strong internet connection. This is a very useful app if you stay out of the house most of the time, and want to keep it under security check.

Why Use GV aview for pc?

Using GV-AVIEW on your PC can make your surveillance easier and simpler. On a pc, you can have a wider view of the cameras, and the screen of the PC can hold more camera live view than that of mobiles’. You will get instant notification when there is usual motion going on in the scene on the PC.

gv aview For PC

The benefit of GV-AVIEW on PC

Whether it is GV-AVIEW for windows or GV-AVIEW for mac, downloading and installing in both are more beneficial than a mobile device. Let us know what those benefits are of GV-AVIEW on PC

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  • Gives you the benefit of watching multiple cams in one screen without having to slide
  • Camera videos can be recorded for future use
  • Can view the videos in zoom mode on PC s
  • Screenshots can be taken from the screen, and those snaps will be clear
  • Can view the live videos clearly in different camera modes on PC, such as landscape or portrait.  

Download & Install GV aview for PC (Windows and Mac)

Downloading GV-AVIEW on your PC significantly varies than downloading on your mobile device. You need emulators for downloading on your pc, both Windows and Mac. This guide is compatible with GV-AVIEW for windows 10 the most, but if your operator is below 10 still you can give it a shot!gv aview For mac

Below we have provided a complete step by step guide separately on how to download GV-AVIEW for PC.  

How to Download GV-AVIEW in PC (With Bluestack Emulator) – 

For windows operator follow these six simple steps:

  • Search and download ‘Bluestack Emulator’ on your windows
  • The install Bluestack that will take some few minutes
  • Post installing the emulator, a blue icon will appear on your home screen, which you need to double click.
  • Now bluestack is open to download GV-AVIEW APK file
  • Click on the ‘download’ button and it will open via bluestack
  • Finally, on Blustack’s file, you will see a bar *my apps* where you will see GV-AVIEW.

Walla! You have GV-AVIEW ready to be used on your PC.  

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How to Download gv aview in Mac (With Nox Emulator)

There are several android emulators to be used on Mac. But nothing can match the power of Nox on Mac. Nox’s latest update works super smoothly on any Mac device. So, we will tell you how you can download GV-AVIEW on a Mac within a span of a few minutes with the NOX emulator.


The first step is to download Nox in your device and install it just like you would install other software. After installing the emulator, log into your apple store with your details.  

Then search for GV-AVIEW there, download and install it. It will open through the Nox player on your Mac that you downloaded previously. 

See how easy it was? Now enjoy your live cam videos with GV-AVIEW on your Mac.

Frequently Asked Question

There is a common query about a problem that a new GV-AVIEW user comes up with. If you face the same problem, then do the following as we have said:

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Why are live cam videos not accessible on my PC?

If your live videos are not working, then in the first place you need to check your internet connection. Because GV-AVIEW is highly dependable on a stable internet network. 

What if the app is still not accessed?

If internet is okay, check whether the IP address of the cameras, password, and Port ID is correctly typed. Finally, your webcam server should work properly to access GV-AVIEW. Hence, you are good to go with your GV-AVIEW.

Final Thought

That was all for downloading GV-AVIEW on your PC, both for windows users and mac users. Now you can relish live videos from anywhere smoothly if you download GV-AVIEW via emulators.

After downloading on any PC start operating by providing details for configuration. We have kept the guide as simple as possible to help the beginners to understand it easily. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and install GV-AVIEW on your pc and keep an eye over everything sitting at any place. 

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