Install Geeni App For PC, Mac and Windows 7, 8, 10

Install Geeni App For PC, Manage and control all Geeni smart home devices by using this app on your Mac and Windows 7, 8, 10.

Then here you can download and use the geeni app on your Windows 10 laptop or computer.

We share two working methods with you which help to get more ideas and the process of installation.

Before we start how we can install this app on our pc, let’s discuss what is this app?

Geeni app helps you to control all your geeni smart home devices like color bulbs, fans, and others.

Even in geeni color bulbs you can change the color of light with this app and make dim or full light.

Also, this app directly connects with your home wifi and you can access camera output on your phone.

Now same as that app, this one is also available for android and iOS. But we need geeni for windows and mac pc,

What we will do here is first install the good android emulator on our windows or mac pc.

Then in that emulator, we will install the geeni app and that’s how we can use it on our pc.

This is the only way to get our job done and don’t worry it will work like the charms.

Also, we concern about the security issue with this app because when it comes to our home, we have to more mature.

But in our both method you can trust and we have tested with more than 50 devices so no need to worry.

We have seen other smart home apps like Wyze App, XMEye, and ICSee and this one is almost the same as that one.

Let’s see the complete installation process.

Geeni App For Windows PC (Latest Method)

As we know that this app is not available on the mac or windows store. So, we can directly download it on our pc.

For now, check out some more details of the geeni app:

Now follow the below step-by-step process to download and install the geeni app on windows 10 pc. The size of this app is not that big so you don’t have to worry if your pc has low configurations.

  • First, we need two files to get our job done and you can download both from the above download button.
  • Once you downloaded that file unzips it and double-click on the LDPlayer installer.
  • Next, install the LDPlayer and sign in with your Gmail account it is necessary to start the play store.
  • Now click start the play store app by clicking on the icon and search geeni for pc in the search bar.
  • You will see the official app of it and just click on the install button to start the installation process of it.
  • It will take some time to install and once geeni installed on your windows pc then you can see the open button there.

Done! This is the complete installation process of this app and I hope you got it.

Here you can start the app on your pc by clicking on that open button. Also, you can start by clicking on the dashboard app icon.

Geeni PC App Features

Here we share some best features of this app so check these out also.

  • The first feature of this app is you can control all bulbs with your fingertips.
  • You can control what other members can access the devices available on your smart home.
  • If you forget to turn off the device while living then you can also schedule with this geeni pc app.
  • With the help of a cloud-based system, you can access these devices with the help of the user id and pass on any devices.

So, these are some best features of this and I hope you like these. There are many features more available there.

App FAQs

We include some frequently asked question by our visitors so take a look at those:

How do I get Geeni app on my PC?

Ans. To install this app on your pc you need an emulator. First, install the emulator on pc and then install this app on the emulator. We cover the complete installation process here in this article.

What devices work with the Geeni app?

Ans. You can control the light of bulbs with this app and also schedule the app timing. Also, it supports amazon echo so that is an additional feature.

What are Geeni smart scenes?

Ans. With these smart scenes, you can configure the lights to automatically blink in all colors. This one is all available on the geeni for pc app.

Is Geeni App available for Windows PC?

Ans. No there is not an official app of this app available on the windows store but we can use it with help of the LDPlayer android emulator.

So, these are some best FAQs and if you still have any questions let us know in the comment box.

You can access those by installing the geeni on your windows or mac devices.


Here we share a single method to download and use this app on your pc. You are not restricted with the LDPlayer emulator.

You can use any other emulator of your choice but make sure it is secure enough.

So, this is its installation process of the Geeni App on PC and hopes you are now able to use this app.

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