Freetone For PC – Guide To Free Download For Windows And Mac

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Usually, making calls or sending text messages to US or Canada phone lines from other countries attracts high charges. However, with the FreeTone app, performing this action has become free, cutting down the high cost. But can you use the FreeTone app on Mac or Windows pc? The good news is you can install and run the FreeTone for pc using an Android emulator.

Using the FreeTone app on Mac / Windows operating systems used to be impossible because it’s an Android application. But using an Android emulator, you can easily install and run the FreeTone for pc operating systems. As you continue in this article, you discover the simple procedure you can use to install and run FreeTone on your pc through BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators.

Can You Use the Freetone App for Your PC/Windows & Mac?

Using the FreeTone application for pc is workable using an android emulator. Although the FreeTone app is originally an Android and iOS-based app, an Android emulator creates a platform that enables the app to run smoothly.

Freetone For PC

Android emulator simulates the Android operating system on your Windows or Mac pc. This simulation enables Android applications and games to run smoothly on your pc.


App Name FreeTone
File Size Differs with devices
Required Android Version Differs with devices
Grouping Social
Installation 10, 000,000+
Developer TextMe
App Rating 4.3
Updated December 21, 2021
Version 3.29.8

Why Choose FreeTone for PC?

The major reason you might want to consider choosing FreeTone for pc is that it comes with several different exciting features to benefit from. The most notable one is, it allows users to connect with friends and families in the US and Canada at no cost.

Why Choose FreeTone for PC

FreeTone app is a social/messaging platform that enables its users to send limitless voice, video, text, and picture messages to US and Canadian phone lines. In addition, with the FreeTone application, users can also call these special numbers free of charge.

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The app functions as a VoIP solution that uses your mobile data to facilitate this activity in place of your regular service charges. This means that with the FreeTone application, you make video and voice calls and send text messages, provided you have an adequate data balance.

FreeTone for PC APK & Features

FreeTone comes with many great features, including unlimited free calls and text messaging to US and Canadian numbers. Also, it provides free voicemail and a new number with no hidden charges or trial fees. The following are some other features of the FreeTone application.

FreeTone for PC APK & Features

  • Choose your preferred area code upon signing up.
  • Make and receive calls from the US and Canada at no cost
  • Use new voicemail and number to save cell minutes
  • Send text (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) free of charge
  • Distribute images, group text, and stickers to everyone
  • Send text messages at no cost to contacts in Brazil, Mexico, Dominica, and 40 more others
  • Benefit from the free WiFi, and use your tablet as a regular phone
  • Make calls and send text messages to other international numbers
  • The app also allows users to unlock HD chat and more when they invite friends and families

Downloading and Installing FreeTone on PC/Laptop/Windows & Mac

The FreeTone for pc download process is quite easy. However, just as we have cited above, you will need an android emulator to achieve the download process. There are several android emulators you can employ for this operation. But for the sake of this article, we will be focusing on the two most renowned ones, which are BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators.

Downloading and Installing FreeTone on PC

Below is the step-by-step process to install and run the FreeTone for pc using the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer android emulators:

1. Downloading and Installing FreeTone on PC Using BlueStacks

Downloading and Installing FreeTone on PC Using BlueStacks

  • Step 1: The first thing you would want to do is download the BlueStacks Emulator from the BlueStacks official site or simply search for the app’s raw file manually on your browser.
  • Step 2: Once the downloading process is done, the next step is to install the downloaded exe file. To achieve this, locate the exe file in the Download folder of the pc and follow the installation instructions.
  • Step 3: Locate the Google PlayStore app on the home page of the emulator. Once that is done, select it to open its contents. But note that you will have to input your Google Account details to sign in.
  • Step 4: Search for the FreeTone for pc in the search bar. You can do this manually by typing out the app name. From the search results, select FreeTone to install the app on your pc.
  • Step 5: Once the installation process is complete, click on the app for pc on the main page of the emulator to start using it.

2. Downloading and Installing FreeTone on PC Using NoxPlayer

Downloading and Installing FreeTone on PC Using NoxPlayer

Step 1: Search for the raw file on your browser or simply follow this link to download it from the NoxPlayer official website.

Step 2: Go to the Download folder on your pc to install the exe file. Do this by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: On the homepage of the NoxPlayer, search for FreeTone. For easy search, manually type out the name in the search bar. As usual, you have to log in with your Google Account to access the app’s content.

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Step 4: Once you have access to the app, simply install it and launch the app when the installation process is complete.

Top Alternative Apps of FreeTone for PC App

1. TextMe Up App

The TextMe Up app provides users with a platform that makes their phone services work as a common email address. The TextMe Up app users can make free calls and send text messages to anyone across the globe, whether or not they are TextMe Up users. In addition, they have the leverage to set up multiple numbers and control them using the TextMe Up application.

TextMe Up App

2. TextMe App

The following alternative to the FreeTone app is the TextMe app. The features of this application are pretty much like FreeTone. It is an Android or iOS-based app that allows users to send a limitless number of video, text, picture, and voice messages to phone lines in the US, Canada, and over 40 other countries at no cost. In addition, the new version allows you to make direct calls to US and Canadian numbers with no fee attached.

TextMe App

3. TextPlus App

Lastly, the TextPlus app. This is another similar application that allows users to send and receive different forms of messages without spending a dime. The app does not only enable users to send different forms of messages, but it also gives them the leverage to send group messages. Several apps exist that allow individuals to receive and send text messages for free aside from the iPhone SMS.

TextPlus App

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FreeTone really free?

The FreeTone app is free, but there is a limit to its free offering. With the app, you can make outbound calls to the US and Canada for cell phones and landlines for free. However, if you exhaust the free 500 minutes and wish to take incoming calls, then you will have to pay some fees for an upgrade.

Is FreeTone a good app?

The FreeTone is a good application but yet cannot replace your regular SMS or calling application. However, if you do not mind the ads, FreeTone can be a perfect alternative to your regular calling app to make and receive calls and send text messages. This is particularly for those who do not want to share your phone number or real contact information with their recipients.

Is FreeTone the same as TextMe?

The applications are somewhat similar but are not the same per se. For example, TextMe would allow users to call and text anyone worldwide using their smartphones, computers, or tablets. And TextMe Up permits generating new numbers for free texting and calls. FreeTone, on the other hand, allows users to benefit from free calls and texts to US and Canadian phone numbers.

Final Words

The FreeTone for pc app can only function on your Mac or Windows pc via an Android emulator. Likewise, android apps and games only work on Windows and Mac OS via the Android emulators’ platform. This is what is responsible for the successful interaction between the pc operating system and the Android applications and games.

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