Does Firestick Keep Rebooting? Know the Possible Solutions (2022)

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Firestick is a portable device that allows you to watch streaming content, and like any other application, it can suffer from glitches. Have you had problems, and Firestick keeps restarting? It is normal for these devices to restart or have problems when you are watching your program.

This is one of the most sought after gadgets today because it is easy to use and allows you to watch whatever TV program you want. Below you will find the information you need on the subject so that you can troubleshoot your Firestick.

Why Does The Firestick Keep Rebooting?

Firestick is a player that can break down like any hardware. But generally, some faults can be easily fixed, and you can do it yourself. This Amazon Stick allows you to make your dream come true by turning your traditional TV into a smart TV.

Does Firestick Keep Rebooting

It does not matter if you have experience with this or not; you should know that this can happen for many reasons, ranging from the simplest problem to a more serious problem. One of the reasons may be an erratic power supply failure. It can also be due to heat problems; if you have a heater near your TV that produces a lot of heat, it can work incorrectly.

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Another factor that can affect the proper functioning of the device is the secondary power block. This can cause your Firestick to fail because it is not receiving the watts required for proper operation. When these streaming devices start to reboot, they become annoying because you will not view your TV shows properly.

Other main reasons are the device’s incorrect ejection; if you remove the device incorrectly, it can cause problems. If Amazon Fire Stick keeps rebooting, it may also be due to core file system corruption. If these files do not work correctly, they can cause errors.

What To Do When Your Firestick Keeps Restarting?

If you have problems and your Amazon TV device keeps restarting, you can try the following basic solutions:

You can take the following steps:

Step 01: Remove the device. The first thing to do is to remove the Firestick from your television.

Step 02: Then you need to restart your internet and TV router.

Does Firestick Keep Rebooting

Step 03: Insert the TV device again and wait a few minutes for the device to connect again.

Step 04: Power on when done. You can then try restarting your Amazon TV device.

How Do You Reboot A Firestick?

Follow the steps below to restart your Firestick with the remote control, also known as a soft restart:

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Step 01: You must press down and hold down the SELECT button and the PLAY button simultaneously.

Step 02: You must hold them down until a message appears on the screen.

If you want to do a hard reset, you must follow these steps:

Step 01: You must press and hold the RIGHT button, SELECT button, and BACK button with the rewind button (REVERSE button).

Step 02: You must wait for Firestick to display the reboot message.

The Best Ways To Fix Firestick Keeps Restarting

If you are using the fire TV stick to watch your favorite show, you must know what to do when the stick reboots. Follow the next steps:

You Should Verify That You Are Using Good Quality Accessories

The best ways to fix firestick keeps restarting

You should make sure to use a USB cable that is official for Firestick devices and not use just any power cord. This is because this device requires an amount of power that another brand cannot provide. If you don’t have enough power, it won’t be able to stay on for long.

You Can Change Your Power Adapter To A 2 Amp One

The best ways to fix firestick keeps restarting 2

You can change your adapter from this amp, but you must be careful to use the correct power because using too much power can damage the device. Usually, this player comes with a 1 amp adapter, but if you notice that your Firestick restarts, you should use a 2 amp adapter.

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Delete The Apps

If you have too many apps and games that you don’t use, it can slow down your TV and device. You should always keep only the installed apps that are important and remove the ones you don’t use.

If you want to uninstall, you must go to the option of your TV settings menu and search for uninstall the application, and they will be removed.

You Can Plug The Firestick Tv Into An Electrical Outlet

The best ways to fix firestick keeps restarting 3

If your amazon fire stick keeps restarting, you can remove the USB port from the TV and connect it to a power outlet with your adapter. Not all USB ports have enough power to operate these streaming devices effectively.

Software Update

You can try updating the software on your Amazon TV device. These updates can generally improve any flaws with these types of streaming devices.

To update your device, you must connect it and go to settings. You need to look for any new update available and download it.

Remove Any Heating Elements

If your streaming device is on top of very hot equipment, the firestick may not work properly. It is recommended that you always keep your Firestick in places away from heating devices. If you notice your TV getting hot, you can use an extender to move your streaming device away.

Replace the HDMI Cable

Many times this cable can be damaged, some experts recommend it be replaced every year, so it works properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fire TV Stick can be faulty, like any other software or hardware. Here we answer the most common questions among users.

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Can a firestick reset itself?

The answer is yes; as mentioned above, many factors can affect your device’s operation, and it can be reset. You need to check the USB cable and try the above solutions to fix your device’s failure.

Is there a reset button on Firestick?

If your Firestick keeps restarting, you should know that, unfortunately, the Firestick does not have a reset button. There are only two ways to reset it: through the remote control and the system menu.

As mentioned above, if you want to restart it, you must do a combination of buttons, press and hold the right button, the back button on the remote control until the message appears on the screen.

You can also do this by navigating the system menu until you get to settings.

How do I stop my Firestick from going to sleep?

If you notice your Amazon Firestick device falls asleep after a period of inactivity and closes your applications, you can follow the tips below to resolve the problem:

Step 01: You can use adblink so that you can change to an invisible setting that can disable your screen timeout.

Step 02: You can also install a screen-alive app that will prevent your Amazon device from falling asleep.

Either of these options will allow your screen time to be longer, and you will not have to start the application again. Remember that before choosing any of the two options, you must install adblink and enable ADB debugging


If you notice that your firestick keeps restarting itself, you should not worry as this often happens. You need to try the tips above, and you will see that your device will work properly again. Many times the failure is solved by simply unplugging the streaming device from the power cord. When you plug it back in, you will see that the fault is fixed.

It can also be a more serious problem where you need to do a hard reset. Whatever the problem is, you need to check certain details to rule out bigger problems. With these tips, you will eliminate some errors that your Firestick may have easily and quickly.

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