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Duck Duck Go Browser for PC provides the safest and easiest browsing ever in history. The very moment it comes to us we surprisingly accept it and the essence of it is ever increasing as well. The app Duck Duck Go Browser generally used for Mobile users, and it is not designed for the computer. Interestingly, you can still use Duck Duck Go Browser on your PC using some simple tips.

In this article, we reveal the tips on how to use this browser on your pc. To know the hacks make sure you are going to read between the lines of the whole article.

The overview of Duck Duck Go Browser For PC

Duck Duck Go search engine is a popular choice that allows you without being hacked by the 3rd parties. This originates from Linux and ensures the safest browsing ever. Good to know is you are going to have this within Duck Duck Go Browser for pc free!

Duck Duck Go Browser For PC

This app has been released for a few years before and now become a popular online surfing browser for mobile platforms and PC. Many people now believe the Duck Duck Go Browser for PC dedicated to the people who don’t want to get hacked by any means. Here you can able to block even the source which might be misleading to you.

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Why do you choose of Duck Duck Go Browser for PC

There are so many reasons to use Duck Duck Go on Pc. The app would be the dedicated platform where your browsing data all would be safe and sound. Hence you don’t need to go to any other browser which you won’t trust.

Apart from your regular secret browsing, it also allows you to get access to various articles and topics which are in the hype now. Once you are going to open the program, you will able to surf in different pages which you will find interesting. By the way, you can also change the settings so that you can track the archived pages.

You may find another website useful, but keep in mind those search engines come with clutters which may not be useful for you. Whereas the Duck Duck GO Browser for Windows OS will avoid such clutters and provide fresh content. This is why this browser is so useful and when you get this within the app then this will be a plus for you. The app will become a dedicated place to continue all of your search quarries.

Duck Duck Go Browser for PC PC APK & Features

This Browser comes with astonishing features that will blow your mind. Want to know which are they? Then have a look at below:

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  • It ensures avoiding the advertising tracker networks
  • It forces any site to use the encrypted connection and bring more safety
  • One can have a private searching experience and keep the data safe
  • It does not score the terms and condition and decodes the privacy policy
  • This app is user-friendly to use
  • It has a customized theme management system


  • It doesn’t record any personal information
  • One won’t get tracked in the middle of browsing or searching any intent
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • It helps to find out the fresh content


  • It indexes the exact same site and contents as Google does
  • Search results often come as random basis

What are the features for the upcoming 2020

Duck Duck Go Browser for Mac or Windows OS is a great choice for the users as it keeps you updated for ensuring more safety. Hence, it announces updates every year and in 2020, it will bring some of the groundbreaking updates as well. Let’s see what are they:

  • It will be more geared up with the quality pings
  • This app will have fewer bugs in the coming year
  • Dark mode would be enabled with a new release

How to download and install text now for PC (Windows & Mac)

If you love this app and keep it on your computer then you need to know some tips. The easiest process is to have an emulator either BlueStacks or the Nox player and then follow the instructions here:

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Duck Duck Go Browser For Windows

  • So when you have downloaded either the BlueStacks or Nox player then double click on the icon
  • The emulator appears on the screen and you will find a search box at the top corner of it
  • Now sign up with a new Gmail ID for PlayStore or sign in if you have so
  • Type “Duck Duck Go Browser” on the emulator search box
  • Once you can see it comes to the search box then click on “install:”
  • The installation will begin and the app will automatically store in your desktop
  • Now, you can use the app through the emulator whenever you want


Final words

Now you have accomplished the downloading task of Duck Duck Go Browser for PC. Hopefully, we introduce the latest and easiest process to get it on your computer. The app was on everyone’s reach and now it is going to be yours. If you think, you stuck in between any of the processes we mentioned, let us know.

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