8 Best Dreamcast Emulator For PC, Android, Windows 2022

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Dreamcast was first released in 1998 by Sega. It is a console used to play most of the popular games of the late twentieth century. Sega designed the console such that it had most of its concerns channeled into online gaming.

Two years later, the console was officially terminated. This discontinuation was followed by the release of some popular consoles that you’ve probably heard of, including PS2. However, you can still play all the games available on this console by downloading a Dreamcast emulator for pc. Read on. Let’s show you how to go about it.

Dreamcast Emulator for PC

Also known as Sega’s Dreamcast, Dreamcast was released in 1998. The console was home to many video games that cut across many different genres. Some notable games that graced this console include Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, House of the dead 2, and seaman.

Dreamcast Emulator for PC

However, this console was short-lived as it lost the competition to more improved consoles like the PlayStation 2 in the market. But if you still want to enjoy what it feels like to play the games supported on Dreamcast, we have good news for you. With the help of a Dreamcast emulator for pc, you can download those games and play them.

What Are Emulators?

Simply put, an emulator is a computer program built to simulate the environment of another kind of device. Emulators are very useful when you cannot run software meant for a Mac on certain windows or Linux.

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What Are Emulators

Some emulators like Bluestacks, Memu player, and Nox player are other emulators that help you run a smartphone application on your Windows or Mac operating system. Also, other kinds of emulators allow you to run older windows version software such as Windows XP on recent windows like Windows 10.

8 Best Dreamcast Emulators for PC

You can use many emulators to bring the Dreamcast experience back to life. Let’s consider some of the best Dreamcast emulators available below.

1. Redream

Redream is one of the new additions to Sega Dreamcast emulators. It works perfectly with different operating systems, including Windows Redream can run on your PC without you having to make any modifications to your Bios.


The developer of the game claim that you can play 85% of all the games in the Dreamcast library using this emulator. Interestingly, the app is a small size – below 4 MB, and it also offers an adequate performance of 60 Hertz.

2. NullDC

Null DC is another app whose developers claim to have the capacity to run any Dreamcast game. In addition to the games on Dreamcast, users of this emulator can also play commercial games using this emulator. A unique feature of this emulator is that it allows users to enjoy amazing sound by using a plug-in design.


This feature is a big plus when compared to other competing emulators you can find in the market. However, the developers discontinued creating updates to the emulator. However, there haven’t been any reported complaints from its users.

3. Lxdream

Lxdream is a free emulator that allows you to play most of the Dreamcast games and run several demos. Nathan Keynes developed the app. It has a lot of amazing features and also has regular updates from its developers.


However, the setback is that it doesn’t work on Windows operating system, although there are rumors that a Windows version is still in development. That notwithstanding, you can use the emulator on your Linux and macOS.

4. Demul

Demul is one of the widely known emulators for Dreamcast. Some of the developers of this emulator include Wind, ajax16394, and DreamZzz. The Demul emulator supports Dreamcast games like Atomiwave, Hikari, Naomi, etc. The emulator functions perfectly on the Windows operating system, including Windows 10.


Demul offers its users a satisfactory experience with its plug-in system for audio and video output. Also, this emulator supports the use of memory cards, allowing you to save your game progress. You can later come back to continue your game from where you stopped.

Unfortunately, the developer has withdrawn support from the app. However, the app now has support from a Russian firm, which means that you can still use it.

5. Reicast

Reicast is one of the most popular Dreamcast emulators and has received notable recommendations as the best in the category. In addition, it has versions that work in perfect conditions for both Windows and Android operating systems.

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When compared to other emulators in its category, Reicast is relatively stable and has regular updates to help improve your experience. Moreover, this emulator has a user-friendly interface with nice features. Furthermore, some notable sources have it that there’ll soon be an updated version that is compatible with Windows 10.

6. Chankast

The first Dreamcast emulator that runs commercial games is the Chancast emulator. Initially built for Windows XP/2003, it is still compatible with newer Windows versions, including Windows 10.


To run this emulator on your PC, your PC needs to have at least 256 MB RAM and Pentium 4 with a 1.6 GHz processor speed minimum. Furthermore, it must have a graphics card such as Ati, DC Bios, or Nvidia. Moreover, it’s an emulator that will help you do your thing with minimum stress from its simple user interface.

7. Makaron

If you’re looking for another emulator that will allow you to play your favorite Dreamcast games, Makaron can serve you.


Makaron was developed by dknute, with its last update being Test 12/5. Sadly, the emulator was last updated in August 2010 and has no future updates. More so, the emulator only works on Windows operating system.

8. Retroarch

Retroarch is another great choice of Dreamcast emulator for pc. This emulator has wide versatility for a wide variety of video games. Its unique features include machine translation, shaders, blind accessibility, net-play, run-ahead, etc.


This emulator is compatible with most consoles and computers. Furthermore, Retroarch still gets updates that enable it to give you the best experience on your favorite video games. Interestingly, you can experiment with the emulator online on its official website before downloading it on your pc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Dreamcast emulator?

Popular opinion has it that DEmul tops the list when considering the best Dreamcast emulators for PC. However, some folks still prefer NullDC, Redream, and Reicast.

Can you emulate Dreamcast?

Several apps can enable you to emulate Dreamcast on your PC. Some of the available emulators include Demul, Redream, and Reicast.


If you love to have it the old-school way, then you should try playing some Dreamcast games. Despite Dreamcast being discontinued, you can still play all of the available games on the console, thanks to Emulators.

A Dreamcast emulator for PC will enable you to access any old game you wish to play on your PC. So, if you want to bring back those good old days, do well to check out some of the best Dreamcast emulators for PC we mentioned above.

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