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We face many problems every day. Some of the moment, we can’t solve all the issues, and the mathematical equation is one of them. On the other hand, many of us are not good at math. If technology can discover anything which can solve all the mathematical equations! If so, we all will be highly benefited. Fortunately, we are not far away from the thing, and the application “Photomath” is created for the purposes.

We can use the application photomath on computer. Windows and Mac both users can use the application for the solution of any mathematical issue. We would like to thank the technology to create such kind of application.

What Is Photomath on Computer  and How It Works?

In a word, photomath is an application which has the calculatory capacity, and the application is capable of solving different types of mathematical problems. You can also think that the application is your math teacher. I’m not joking; this is the reality. We say this because of its functional capability.

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The application has an option to open your computer’s camera. Just open the camera and scan the question paper and wait to see what will come on the screen. After a while, you will see the answer to the mathematical question on the screen. You will see the answer is organized step by step so that you can understand easily.

Highlighted Features Provided by Photomath

  • Fast-focusing care is used to read the question.
  • Mighty math keyboard on the camera helps to capture the question quickly.
  • The application calculates all the equations with 100% accuracy.
  • The answer will come shortly after scanning the question.
  • You can get step by step solution on the answer sheet for better understanding.

How to Download Photomath on Computer using BlueStacks

To download the app photomath on the computer, you need to take help of an android emulator. You may use BlueStacks. If you don’t have the app on your PC, you need to install it first, and you are ready to install photomath.

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How to Install Photomath on Computer

  • Download and install BlueStacks app first.
  • Launch the BlueStacks app and type “Photomath” in the search bar.
  • Then find out the Photomath app from the result.
  • Install Photomath and enjoy.


Sometimes we waste hours to hours to find out the correct answer to many mathematical issues. But we can solve any mathematical equation within a few seconds with the help of photomath. You should know that the application may not be able to solve very advance level math completely, but it can give you many clues which help you a lot. After all, photomath is a very useful app for the student, especially who are not expert in math.

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