What Are The Types Of Classification Of Computer 2022

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If I told you to tell or write five life-changing devices, definitely you put a computer on the top list. This happens because we need to acknowledge the computer’s blessings. The computer is considered as one of the blessings of this advanced world because of its amazing problem-solving capability.

Nowadays wherever you look, you will see the computer’s use like in space exploration or even in our wristwatch.

Classification Of Computer

A computer is classified according to size, data handling, and also function and our article will familiarize you with this classification of the computer.

What Are The Types Of Classification Of Computer

Computers can be classified according to size, data handling, and functionality, and let’s figure out those classifications of the computer below:

Size based Classification

Super Computer

Consider the highest performing system, a supercomputer is used to perform some specialized applications like intense numerical calculations such as weather forecasting, theoretical astrophysics, petroleum exploration, and complex scientific computations.

Moreover, a supercomputer is more expensive than other classes of computers because of its computational capability, memory size, and speed, and sophisticated I/O technology.

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Mainframe computers

A mainframe computer (also known as “big iron”) is capable of doing critical applications like bulk data processing for example census, industry and consumer statistics, enterprise resource planning, and so on. A mainframe computer comes to provide huge capacity-driven data. It is compared to the better than servers, minicomputers, and personal ones.


Invented in the mid-1960s, a minicomputer is used for scientific and engineering computations, business-transaction processing, database management, and often use as small or midsize servers. Moreover, a minicomputer is less powerful, less expensive and also small than the mainframe or supercomputer, on the other hand, more powerful, more expensive and also big size than the personal computers.


A small, as well as relatively inexpensive than other classes of computer, a microcomputer is used to perform our general computing activities like word processing, accounting, internet browsing, watching a video, and many more. Besides while dealing with any microcomputer then we get to see it holds a microprocessor, input & output unit, memory and other single printed board.

Function-based Classification


As a computer program, a server can perform various functionalities, for example, sharing data or resources among multiple clients or performing computation for a client. Moreover, a single client can use multiple servers, on the other hand, multiple clients can also use a single server. That kind of computer program lies on the quality of services from database servers, mail servers, file servers, application process servers, and game servers.

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A workstation is used to perform technical or scientific applications. engineering applications (CAD/CAM), desktop publishing, software development, 3D mechanical design, and so on.

Workstation is a bit of a good pick for the mainstream personal computers in regards to the CPU, Graphics, Memory capacity, and other multitasking abilities.

Information Appliances

An information appliance (IA) is used to perform a limited set of functions such as playing music, calculations, photography, or editing text for example smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

On the Basis of Data handling

Analog Computer

An analog computer is used to compute the continuously-changeable aspects of physical fact for example voltage, pressure, current, speedometer, temperature, etc. An analog computer shows the output result by analog signals like mechanical movement, the rotation of gears instead of showing the number.
Digital Computer

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One of the most common as well as a popular form of computer is known as the digital computer. A digital computer works on a digital signal and solving problems by processing information expressed in discrete form. A digital computer converts your input data, for example, letters, symbols, etc then this data is converted into a digital format called binary code (0,1).

Hybrid Computer

A hybrid computer is a combination of both analog and digital computers which accepts analog signals then converts those to digital and processes them in digital form


✅ What are the 4 classifications of computer?

Supercomputer, mainframe computer, minicomputer, and microcomputer are the four types of computers.

✅ What are the 5 classifications of the computer?

Supercomputer, mainframe computer, minicomputer, workstation, and microcomputer are the five types of computers.

✅ What are the 7 major components of a computer?

Motherboard, CPU, power supply, hard disk drive, ROM, RAM, peripherals equipment are the 7 major components of a computer.

✅ What is ROM in computer?

ROM(Read-only memory) is a non-volatile storage medium where data is stored even power gone.

✅ What are the components of computer?

A computer consists of some parts like Motherboard, CPU, power supply, hard disk drive, ROM, RAM, peripherals equipment. This seems to be an indispensable part of computer.

Final Words

I hope, acquiring knowledge in the computer will not finish because every day many new things included in the computer for our own purpose. As a student, employee, businessman, or programmer, we need to hold some basic knowledge of computers to smoothly run this device. Hopefully, from our article on the classification of computer will enrich your computer-related knowledge.

Last but not least, if you can’t understand anything from this article, make a comment in the comment box so that we can clarify that.

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