Chegg App For PC – Free Download In Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac

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Looking for an app to help you learn and assist you in your assignments and exams, Chegg study is here for you. This renowned online study app allows you to get access to tons of materials for your assessments right on your phone. Now, you might ask ‘is it possible to use ‘Chegg App for Pc.’

The Chegg app is not available for PCs (Mac and Windows computers). Computer operating systems don’t support Android games and applications. These operating systems function differently. So the only way to run these Android apps on Windows and macOS computers is by using an Android emulator.

In this article, we are going to look at the Chegg app for PC and how possible it is to use the Chegg app on your computer. Also, we’ll consider the specifications of the Chegg Study app. Join us as we proceed.

About Chegg App for PC/App Preview

The Chegg app is an online study app that provides you personalized assistance for every course you’re studying, including homework and exams. Chegg Study is used by millions of researchers and students monthly. It enables you to study your courses inside-out. It provides you access to tons of resources for your studies, such as a detailed textbook solution for business, Mathematics, Engineering, and chemistry courses.

Chegg App for PC

Can You Use the Chegg App for PC?

You can’t open the Chegg app on your computer directly, as Android applications are not available for Windows laptops and desktop computers, as well as macOS computers. But with an emulator, you can use it.

Android emulators are advanced software programs that enable users to run Android apps and games on their computers. Some high-end Android emulators include BlueStacks and Nox Player emulators.

Let’s consider the specifications of the Chegg app below.


Name Chegg Study – Homework Help
Category Education
File Size 38M
Updated March 6, 2022
Installations 1,000,000 +
Developed By Chegg Inc.
Requires Android 7.0 and above
Current Version 12.9.4

Chegg App For PC Main Key Features

Can You Use the Chegg App for PC

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  • Using the Chegg study app, you get constant access to professional support. Explanations
  • Live professionals give you expert solutions to your homework and tasks that you don’t understand about a course.
  • The library contains more than 60 million completely solved assignment questions.
  • Chegg Study doesn’t come free; you’d be charged for the services using your iTunes account or credit card.
  • Also, just in case you don’t work well with written teachings, the app contains video tutorials, which you can work with.

How to Install Chegg App For Pc (Windows 7, 8, 10, And Mac)

Two of the ideal Android Emulators we’d talk about in this section are the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators. They’re both lightweight, high-efficient, and easy to understand and use for beginners. That said, let’s consider how to download and install the Chegg App on your computer using BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators.

How to Install Chegg App For Pc (Windows 7, 8, 10, And Mac)

1. How To Use And Download Chegg Using BlueStacks

Follow these steps below to download and install the Chegg Study app on your computer using the BlueStacks emulator.

How To Use And Download Chegg Using BlueStacks 

  • Go to BlueStacks’ official site and download the raw file to your computer. Install the app into your computer when it successfully downloads into your PC.
  • After installation, open the installed emulator software on your PC. To do this, locate the software icon, then double-tap on it to open the Android emulator.
  • As the BlueStacks emulator launches for the first time, it will display an Android interface. Locate any Google app and sign in to your Google email account.
  • Open Google Play Store and search for the Chegg Study app. Then download it to your computer.
  • When you’re done downloading the Chegg Study app on your BlueStacks emulator, you can use it as much as you want.

2. How to Use And Download Chegg Using NoxPlayer

Here are the steps to download and install the Chegg Study app on your computer using NoxPlayer.

How to Use And Download Chegg Using NoxPlayer

  • Similar to the BlueStacks emulator, visit the NoxPlayer emulator official site at and click on the download button to get started with the download session.
  • After downloading, install the emulator on your PC. Follow the installation procedures to install it into your computer.
  • Navigate the software icon and double-tap on it when you’ve successfully installed the NoxPlayer Android emulator on your computer.
  • The emulator will open, and you’d need to log into your Google email account to be able to use other applications in your emulator.
  • Open the Google Play Store app and search for the Chegg Study app. When you’ve seen it, click on the “install” button to start installing the app on your computer.

Related Applications of Chegg App

1. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is another amazing e-study application that helps out in your courses. It enables you to prepare for the semester ahead. It also allows you to learn offline and study a broad library of resources.

Khan Academy

2. Gauthmath–Powerful Calculator

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This math solving application helps you solve all kinds of Math problems. Whatever the problem is, you’d get your answers within a few seconds on the Gauthmath app. If you have tedious math problems, the Gauthmath calculator is there for you.

Gauthmath–Powerful Calculator

3. StudySmarter – The Study Tool

Today’s last on our list is the StudySmart study tool that helps out in your assignments and day-to-day life activities. It comes with tons of features that you can work with to get a productive day.

StudySmarter - The Study Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chegg send you free stuff?

Occasionally, the Chegg study app sends free resources to users. However, for you to access these free resources, you’d need to download the Chegg Study app on your smartphone or PC using an Android emulator.

Is there a way to see Chegg answers for free?

Chegg is a famous app that provides millions of users with tons of academic support from online resources and expert assistance. It typically offers these services with paid subscriptions and discounts. However, if you want to access the free resource materials, that will be much more difficult.

Does Chegg give all answers?

As newer educational content is being added to the application’s database daily, users get access to a large array of solutions. However, the app hasn’t covered all the topics to the tee. There are still some newer topics that aren’t covered in the Chegg Study app.


Is it possible to download the Chegg App for PC? Users can’t download and install the Chegg app on their computers without using an Android emulator. Android emulators are the software programs that enable your computer to run Android apps and games on your computer.

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