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For some people, broadcasting live is like a daily hobby. They just want people to catch up with what is happening with them daily. But for others, it’s more than a hobby; it is a business, as their online presence might pay them.

Whichever one it is for you, CameraFi Live can help you out. It is an app that lets users stream live. It also has video editing options and helps users broadcast their videos with high quality. However, it’s an android app, but you can still get CameraFi Live for PC using an emulator.

Read to learn more about the CameraFi Live app and its features. Also, to learn how to download and use the CameraFi Live app for Mac and Windows PCs.

Can You Use Camerafi Live on Your Windows and Mac PC?

You can use CameraFi Live for Windows 7, 8, 10, or Mac PC. The seamless download and usage of any Android on your PC is possible with the use of an emulator. An emulator is an app that lets you download and use an android application on your PC. The process is the same for Windows and Mac PCs.

CameraFi for PC

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Name CameraFi Live
Size 44M
Current version
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Installs 10,000,000+
Developer Vault Micro, Inc.
Updated January 6, 2022
Content rating Rated for 3+

Why Choose CameraFi Live for PC?

CameraFi Live app is a live streaming android app. Streamers can broadcast high-quality videos. The app supports several camera connections of camera. It also has real-time features for video editing. The app lets you choose whether to live stream your device screen or whatever your camera is showing.

Why Choose CameraFi Live for PC

There are several features of the CameraFi Live app. They all work together to give you the exceptional experience you get with the app.

Features of CameraFi Live for PC

Features of CameraFi Live for PC

  • Text, Image, video, and audio overlay: This feature enables users to add images, videos, text, and audio files during a live stream.
  • Video filter: This feature offers filters like a mosaic, toon, mono, emboss, and other filters to give your video a better look.
  • Motion effect: With this feature, you can apply various motion effects on your screen to suit what you are live streaming on.
  • Save a live video: When you live stream, you can save the video to your phone memory to view later or for highlights of how the live session when.
  • Screen capture: Live stream whatever activity you are performing on your screen. Also, stream your game live, your music list, or anything you want to show off. This feature helps you do that smoothly.

There are many more features this app has. The app offers interesting features that promote easy and effective use.

How to Install CameraFi Live for PC (Windows and Mac)

To install CameraFi Live for PC, you need to have an android emulator first. Without an emulator, there is no other way you can install the CameraFi Live app on your PC. For this download, we recommend the BlueStacks emulator and Nox App Player. The process is simple and free.

How to Install CameraFi Live for PC

1. Download using BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks Emulator is one popular emulator you can download and install any android app on your PC. One benefit it has is that it is easy to find online. A lot of websites have a link that leads to its download.

Download using BlueStacks Emulator

  • When you want to download the BlueStacks emulator, open your PC browser and then their official website and download the emulator.
  • After downloading, find the Exe file on your PC’s download folder, open it, follow the directions it displays on your screen, and then install the emulator.
  • Next, the emulator’s picture representation will automatically appear on your desktop. Double-tap to open it, accept its license agreement, and do other required registrations. Now you use the emulator.
  • Open Google Play Store and search the CameraFi Live app. If you don’t see the icon on the home page, search for it. Open it and link your email address to it.
  • For this process, you need your email ID and password. After the linking, click on the search bar and type ‘CameraFi Live, then tap ‘Enter’ to search.
  • Download and install the CameraFi Live app. The speed of the process depends on the speed of your PC’s processor.
  • After downloading the app, it will be among your downloaded apps list. You can now use the app on your PC just like you use it on your smartphone.

There is a subsequent way to make the CameraFi Live app for PC download. It is the APK download method. For this method, you still need the BlueStacks emulator.

  • Search for CameraFi Live app on your PC browser. Select its APK file, then download it. Select the download folder as the location you want to save in, then download it.
  • Open BlueStacks and then the menu. Select ‘Upload,’ select the APK file from your download folder, then upload it. Allow it to download to the emulator.
  • The app will be on the list of downloaded apps in BlueStacks. Open My Apps and open the CameraFi Live app.

2. Download using Nox App Player

The Nox App Player is another emulator that is easy to find and use. The App Player has existed long, and many people trust it for android app downloads.

Download using Nox App Player

  • Visit their official website for the emulator download or search for the App Player on your browser. Click on download and do not interrupt the download process.
  • After a successful installation, the icon of the App Player will display on your desktop. To open the emulator, double-tap the icon.
  • Open your Nox App Player and click on the pre-installed Google Play Store. When it opens, register with your Google Account ID and password.
  • After the registration, open the Google Play Store and search CameraFi Live. Click on download to start the download process of the app.
  • When the download and installation process is complete, open the emulator and click on the ‘My Apps’ tab. Select and open the CameraFi Live app and use it.

There is another way to make the CameraFi Live app for PC download. It is the APK download method. For this method, you still need the Nox App Player.

  • After downloading Nox App Player, open your browser and search for CameraFi Live app. Download the APK file and ensure you save it in the download folder on your PC.
  • Open the Nox App Player. Click on the Menu tab at the top of the App Player’s homepage and select ‘Upload.’ Upload the APK file from the location you downloaded and save it.
  • Next, the game will download and save on your downloaded app list in the Nox App Player. Open the app list in your App Player. Select and launch the CameraFi Live app.

Other Related Apps to CameraFi Live

1. CamON Live Streaming

The CamON Live Streaming app turns your Android device into a wireless IP camera. If you have an old phone you do not use anymore; this app provides a good use for it. You can use Wi-Fi and also use a mobile data connection for the app. It lets you stream videos with audio from any camera.

CamON Live Streaming

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2. Mobizen Live for YouTube

The Mobizen Live for YouTube is an Android app you can use to start your YouTube live stream. With the app, you can live to stream your phone screen and with your phone camera. There is real-time chatting on the app, and it supports Facecam too.

Mobizen Live for YouTube

3. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is a free live streaming app. It is mostly for creators. You can stream your screen when you play games or do other things you want to show off. You can broadcast your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and many more with the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is CameraFi Live free?

The CameraFi Live app is free to a level. You can download and use the app for free. But you will pay for subscriptions. The subscriptions offer you many features of the app.

How do I stream CameraFi Live?

To stream, choose an account for CameraFi Live. Press allow allowing the app to use your information. Next, insert the broadcast title and tap on creating. Then, enable YouTube live streaming. Then you can start live streaming.


CameraFi Live is an app that provides top service for the live streaming experience. The app allows you to live stream with your device camera. It also allows you to live-stream your device screen when playing games or doing anything.

The app is for android devices, but you can still download and use CameraFi Live for PC with an emulator. Download your preferred emulator and start enjoying an extraordinary live streaming experience.

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