How to Get & Install Britbox On Firestick (Quick Solution In 2022)

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ITV plc and BBC Studios made a subscription platform known as Britbox, which is digital over the air video. Please read carefully every line to get Britbox on Firestick and enjoy live streaming.

This digital video stream supports all British movies and TV shows, which now reach out to Canada and the United States.

For enjoying the Tv series related to the British films industry, Britbox is the preferable one for the subscription. But it is a sad issue for Firestick users because they won’t enjoy it. After all, the Britbox app has no existence in Firestick.

So, for getting this app in Firestick, you need to do some initial setup, which we will discuss in today’s article.

What is Britbox?

Britbox is a live streaming platform where you will get all videos related to British films. One will enjoy all the original series along with classic series of TV and long films that contain lots of small episodes.

Those who are BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub subscribers will get access to the Britbox service. Now, the channels like Channel 4, NBCUniversal want to make a deal with the Britbox service.

What is Britbox

Starting from various dramas to the end of laughter episodes of comedy channels, Britbox has included all the genres that won’t leave your attention from it.

There are famous shows like Inspector Morse, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Shetland, etc., which you will enjoy seeing using Britbox.

Besides, many of you like documentary types of Films like A History of Ancient Britain, Coast, 24 Hours in Police Custody, etc., which are also included in Britbox. The BBC’s Classic Doctor’s season lover can enjoy full episodes through Britbox.

You can find Britbox widely on, Fire Television from Amazon, Television of Apple brand, and Chromecast of Google. Moreover, it has also extended its network in smart Tv like Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc., for the Britbox fans.

They will be supporting YouView and another Freeview Play Smart Tv thinking of another user for their benefit.

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Britbox Service Provider

This application works as the largest service provider of British Content, where you can watch all the most acceptable British Content, movies, documentaries, news that we sometimes watch on different channels.

The series and movies like Downton Abbey, Cold Feet, Only Fools, and Horses, etc., are top hit films that you always like to watch over and over again are available in the Britbox application.

It also provides the playlist of every film and series that enables a user to know the name of the favorite actor or actresses through which an eagerness will grow in them to research in detail about the celebrities by web, smartphones, or tablets.

You can not even think that all the famous British series and movies are at your hand. With a simple subscription, you will be able to enjoy all the trending videos.

This service provider allows you to enjoy all the famous British characters through their marvelous acting skills. Time will go away while you start watching this British film but you won’t miss a single look from your big screen.

The British people do all the famous comedy media, drama channels, and documentary series because they love acting, and their accent is most unusual to hear.

How Can You Access Britbox Firestick On Your TV?

You will not find any official app on the firestick device. However, there is a complicated process where you will be able to get the Britbox app.

The way is to load the Android App on your Firestick and download the Britbox from there. But for accessing in that way you have to make a deal with DRM keys and services.

Now, the Firestick users are not going to sit down for that. Trying different ways of accessing the Content of Britbox may lead you to mental frustration.

So, you can get the Amazon Prime Video platform to enjoy British films in Britbox. The Amazon Prime Video Platform had made a deal long ago with the Britbox team for getting the British Content from them.

For the subscription to Britbox, you need to be a Prime member of Amazon Prime Video. To be the Prime members, join by signing up for the Prime membership form.

The Amazon Prime Video will allow you to access all the British Channels and collections that you can find in Britbox. The subscription for the monthly rate of the Prime Membership card is $12.99, and for the Britbox membership subscription, you need to pay $6.99.

You will enjoy the Prime Membership as a trial of 30 days for first signing up and a shot of 7 days trial for Britbox. Moreover, you can also cancel both trial services and click the sign up for a paid account.

The fact is that the Prime subscription is necessary for getting access to Britbox channels. The subscription to Britbox is useless until you subscribe to Amazon Prime Video.

How To Install Britbox On Firestick?

As we have discussed, installing Britbox is not possible through Firestick. There is a way to install the Britbox channel through another application.

There are two methods of installing a Britbox on Firestick. The plans are discussed below in detail.

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Way 1 is for those who already have an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Step 1: Get the Amazon Prime Channel by downloading on your Firestick smart TV.

Get the Amazon Prime Channel by downloading on your Firestick smart TV

Step 2: Open the Application, and you will observe the details for signing up. Complete the process inside the application.

Step 3: After that, inside the application, search for Prime Video Channels of Amazon by going downwards.

After that, inside the application, search for Prime Video Channels of Amazon by going downwards.

Step 4: There, on the right side, you will see Britbox Channel. Click it for launching the channel. Here you will get all the Britbox contents on the Screen.

There, on the right side, you will see Britbox Channel

Step 5: So, you can select any channel on Britbox to enjoy the live streaming video. You will find a series of British movies.

Step 6: You can start watching seven days of the free trial, but for long time purposes, you need to login into the Britbox application.

Way 2 is for the one who wants for lifetime Britbox channel to enjoy British films.

Step 1: At first, go to the Downloader app and in the URL box, type

At first, go to the Downloader app and in the URL box

Step 2: Press the button Go, and a page of a third-party website will appear on your screen.

Choose the button Download APK a little downward of the page.

Step 3: Make sure the downloading file starts because if the download does not start, you need to press the button click here.

Step 4: Now, Britbox will show you the Apk files on your firestick screen. Proceed forward by clicking the Next option after the download is finished.

Step 5: Install the Apk and run it to enjoy all the British Content you like to watch.

Besides, there are lots of videos for the guide of installing Britbox on a Firestick device that may help you to manage it quickly and more clearly.

Those who are Amazon Firestick users can also use the Britbox channel by subscribing. It’s a thrilling moment to get access to the Britbox channel because every media in it will always give you a pleasure to watch.

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How Can You Watch Channels From Britbox On Firestick?

Britbox is like a container full of the British Film industry and the top hit content in different media. Most of the users of Firestick want to get access to the Britbox channel.

After installing the Britbox in your Firestick device by applying different sideways, you can then easily enjoy the live stream of videos through any media.

Step 1: In your Firestick home screen, select the Prime Video App to form the Your Apps & Channels section.

Step 2: Now, search for the Prime Video channel by scrolling the page up and down.

Step 3: After selecting the Prime Video Channel, move rightward, and search for the Britbox channel to open it.

Thus, you will see different Contents that are serially put in different media topic-wise. Choose whatever you like to see and enjoy the Britbox channel on your Firestick device.

Update the Application

After a certain period, you will observe that there will be some error or problem in your application. This may happen due to the lack of updating the application on your respective devices.

You must ensure that every application of your device is updated or not. Due to the lack of pf updating a single app, the full device can get slow, and even sometimes, the other apps might not work correctly.

The same case is for the Firestick user to update the Britbox application to the latest version. It’s not that much hard to update an application.

From the home screen, go to the Your Apps & Games and go to the Britbox image. Press the menu button from your remote, which will show an option named More Info.

Press the button on the remote for checking the update available or not in your device. If it’s available, then an update button will be there. Otherwise, your application is up-to-date.

Auto-Update The Application

The manual update may waste your valuable time because you need to go for a search for all the time whenever you are free. So, it’s better to make an Auto-update of all the Applications on a single device.

To do this:

Step 1: Select the setting, which you can find in the right upper corner of the Screen.

Step 2: Choose Britbox from the App Store Available on the right side.

Step 3: Please move to the Automatic Option updates and keep it on.

Thus, no need to worry about the Britbox application update on your device because after that, it will update whenever you open your smart Tv. You can perform this process for all the applications on your device.

Make sure to keep the auto-update on by activating it following the above steps. It will make your software free from malfunctioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some details about the common question that many of you might have in your mind about the Britbox application. We have given our best answer to removing your confusion.

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Can You Obtain Britbox For Your Amazon Fire Tv?

Yes, Britbox is now in your hand on Amazon’s firestick. With the prime membership card of Amazon, you can embark on your journey with BritBox on your fire television.

How Do You Activate Britbox On Firestick?

To get BritBox activated on firestick, you have to install the Amazon Prime channel. For purchasing Britbox, you need to enter your  Prime account of Amazon. After launching the Prime app, you can select the Britbox channel option from the “prime video channel option.

Is BritBox Free For The Fire Tv Owner?

BritBox app can be downloaded at free cost if you have a Firestick television. You also get free trial access to streaming on Britbox for seven days. For the trial period, you can get relief from paying. When your mind was watching the programs of BritBox for a long, you have to purchase it.

Is There Any Monthly Fee For Britbox On Firestick?

Yes. You can pay both monthly and annually for purchasing Britbox. You have to pay 6.99$ per month to watch the most amazing videos in the world. To get two months off from the total you can pay annually for watching BritBox.

What Are The Programs Provided By Britbox?

BBC and ITV collaborate to produce Britbox as a streaming service. It will provide the most popular British tv shows like Pride and Prejudice, Doctor Who, Downtown Abby, Love Island. In short, it is the total mixture of generation taste.


Britbox on Firestick is a fantastic app that is now trending all over Northern America. Most of the live stream users like British Films and documentaries. Their acting, action, performance is at the top level in any drama series.

Their media industry develops this Britbox Application where lots of British Content and full series are available. But to access their application, you need to subscribe to their channels.

Firestick users need to subscribe to the Amazon Video prime at first for getting the Prime Membership card. Only through this card can you access the Britbox channel; otherwise, you will be blocked.

We hope that after reading this article, you will get Britbox and enjoy every trending channel with pleasure.

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