Fastest Way To Run BitLife For PC (Windows and Mac)

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Have you ever wondered how life would be if you had the power to control the circumstances surrounding your birth? It doesn’t have to remain pure speculation. Bitlife for pc is an online simulator that mimics real life.

Originally a mobile app, there are ways to use Bitlife for pc. This is done with the use of emulators. Read this article carefully to see how.

Can You Use Bitlife for PC?

Even though this simulator was created for mobile devices, it is possible to download and install on pcs. ‘How do we do that? All you need is to download and install an emulator and then get Bitlife for PC via the emulator.

BitLife for PC


App Developer Candy Writer, LLC
App Updated January 30, 2022
Apk Version 2.8.2
Apk Size 119 MB
Installs 10,000,000+
Android Version Required 4.4 and up
Content Rating Rated for 16+
Category Simulation

What is Bitlife for PC

Bitlife is an online simulation that lets you live any life you want. You could choose to be an upstanding citizen of the society or live a life of crime. The choice is entirely yours. With over 10 million+ downloads and a 4.4-star rating on Google Play, it’s safe to say it’s a good simulator.

What is Bitlife for PC

We don’t choose where we are born or who our parents are in real life. But you can with Bitlife; what’s even better is the choices you make determine the outcome of your life. For example, choosing to be born in war-torn countries naturally will affect the estimated lifespan of your character. The same goes with choosing developed countries with sound medical amenities; you have a better success rate.

So dive into this simulation and create your life story. Do you want to be a billionaire? Or perhaps you’ve wondered what events might lead to one becoming an astronaut. It never gets boring because, once you’re done with one life story, you can start over and do something else.

Features of Bitlife for PC

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  • You can choose the exact location we wish to be born in Bitlife.
  • In Bitlife it is possible to edit the physical characteristics of our parents, the type of environment we would be born into, and even time.
  • When starting a life, you can also choose the wealth you wish to be born into.
  • The best part of this simulation is seeing how your choices determine where your life goes bit by bit.
  • Each choice made can affect the player’s fulfillment level; head over to stats to check this out.
  • There is free will in Bitlife; you can choose to play by the rules or be a wild card; the choice is yours.
  • You witness the consequence of each action in real-time; choosing to drink and drive can cause an accident.
  • If you choose to rob a bank, you can get shot in the process and die. This simulation captures the reality of life.
  • The stat bar tells you how you feel at any point in the simulation.
  • Losing a loved one will decrease your happiness bar
  • Doing a good deed can increase the player’s karma.
  • You can also access the player’s wealth levels in the stat bar.

How to Download and Install Bitlife for PC

Downloading Bitlife for pc doesn’t take time; all you need to do is decide on an emulator the app would run on. Remember to keep your system capability in mind when selecting, as some emulators are more performance-intensive than others.

How to Download and Install Bitlife for PC

1. How to download and install Bitlife using Bluestacks

How to download and install Bitlife using Bluestacks

  • To begin, open your browser of choice, visit the BluesStacks official page and download Bluestacks.
  • After Bluestacks is done downloading, we install it and launch it.
  • We need to log into our Google play account before we proceed.
  • Once that is done, click “MY Apps” within the emulator
  • Here you can search for “Bitlife”
  • Then download the app; it will install automatically once done.

There we go; we have downloaded Bitlife for pc using Bluestacks, launch, and play.

2. How to download and install Bitlife using Memu

How to download and install Bitlife using Memu

  • We need to download our emulator before we begin; head over to the official download
  • Once the program is done downloading, install and launch it.
  • There is a Google play store icon on the home screen; click that and sign in.
  • Search for “Bitlife” within the Google play store and download it.
  • Bitlife would show on the home screen once the download is finished.

This is how we download Bitlife for pc using Memu.

3. How to download and install Bitlife for Nox player

How to download and install Bitlife for Nox player

  • The first step is we go to the official Nox player site and download
  • Once it is done downloading, we can install and launch it.
  • On the home screen, we would see two options. App center and Google play store
  • We would use Google play store, so head over there and log in.
  • Search for “Bitlife” within the Google Play app
  • Bitlife will automatically install after downloading and appear on the home screen.

There you have it; Bitlife has been successfully installed on Nox player, launch, and play.

Top Alternative Softwares of BitLife

1. Doglife- Bitlife Dog Game

In this immersive dog simulation, choose the type of dog you will be. Will you be a stray ruffian living on the streets and surviving on scraps? Will you be born in a posh Victorian estate and be pampered every day, living a life of pleasure?

Doglife- Bitlife Dog Game

There is no end to the different storylines we can create with Dog life. Your actions determine the legacy you leave behind.

2. Catlife- Bitlife Cat Game

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Our feline lovers would love this simulation; cats are well known for their unique bossy carriage. In this simulation, you have the choice to be a stray cat living on the streets fighting for scraps. Or you can be an adorable cutie pie, loved by a well-to-do family who makes sure you remain plump. The choice is still yours, explore this reality and leave your legacy in catlife.

Catlife- Bitlife Cat Game

3. Nirvana- Game of life

Unlike the other simulations, which are mostly text-based, Nirvana offers a swipe to interact interface. Here you can choose to be an assassin, superstar, gangsta, mob boss, and so much more. Every action you take determines the outcome of your story, so choose wisely.

Nirvana- Game of life

Don’t forget to maintain harmony between your needs (money, time, exercise, food) as they would all affect overall happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my character die in Bitlife?

Yes, all characters can die in Bitlife. Your experience in life will determine your character’s fulfillment levels after death. At the end of each character’s life, you’re shown a list of all that was achieved before death.

What if I want to become a dog in bitlife?

Bitlife is for human simulation only. If you want to explore life choices as an animal, you can checkout simulators such as Catlife and doglife. These two animal simulators are made by the same developer responsible for bitlife.

Is Bitlife free?

You don’t need to pay to use Bitlife. Simply head over to the play store, download, and enjoy.


It is possible to play Bitlife on pc. All we need to do is download an emulator on whatever system we use and download Bitlife on it. Many emulators are in the market, but Nox, Memu, and Bluestack make the process seamless.

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